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This song is very good and one of my favorites!

My 3rd best Switchfoot song, This song deserves way better than this. Come on guys! Vote!

42The Beautiful Letdown

The beautiful letdown is my lest favorite song by switchfoot but it's still Awesome

It was a beautiful letdown, the day I knew, that all the riches this world had to offer me, would never do!
Beautiful song, very meaningful lyrics! LOVE IT

You may not find it nice when you hear it the first time
But suddenly you realize that you wanna listen to it again and again

43Bullet Soul

How is this not in the top ten? Listen to it!


The only problem with this song seems to be that people haven't heard it

I'm surprised it's not even on the list! I love this song...

This song gives me chills over and over again.

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45Chem 6A

Great guitars! One of the best song in their classic albums!

46Needle and Haystack Life

"Its no accident we're here tonight, we are once in a life time. " This song gives me a sense of purpose and indescribable joy when I hear it... I can't exactly say what makes the song great, you just have to hear it for yourself. With a killer chorus and sick opening its just an amazing song.

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47Let It Out

Great song, very catchy and nice. Puts a smile on my face every time I hear it.

An altogether happy and joyful song! Makes you smile! Very underrated!

Amazingly happy and rhythmic song, catchy as a baseball

48New Way to Be Human

The first Switchfoot song I ever heard. - LarkwingFlight

49Fading West

This is the first Switchfoot song I have heard, and guess what, I fell in love with Switchfoot right then and there. Whenever you are feeling bummed out, this song will literally give you a sense of relief, I don't know why, but it will.

This song makes me think about all of the people I've forgotten, and it takes a special place in my heart. I feel like this song should be MUCH higher than this, at least on the top ten list.

51Red Eyes

This is a beautiful song and I don't know why no one has voted! It has such a pretty tune and even a hint of sadness in it. Truly beautiful and a work of art! Great job, Switchfoot!

52The World You Want

This is my favorite song by them, always has been! It's guitar sounds awesome! It definitely deserves some more attention.

How is this song not even on the list yet. I has the best guitar from any of their other songs and is so much fun to listen to.

I just really like this song, underrated for sure!

Great song, One of Switchfoot's best. Love it.

54The Original

This Song Rocks, The Original, The War Inside, and Selling the News should all be in the top 15 at least.

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55Hello Hurricane

Hello hurricane is not only awesome but it's the name of my favorite album it's so happy

Beautiful song, beautiful vocals should be among the top 10,
Best track of switchfoot so far

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Now listen.. This song is beautiful. It's no less than a masterpiece. Slow, soothing, superb. And the surprise rock at the end make it a an absolute beaut'.

Great SONG with altERNATive anD addicting Music! ITS SLOW IN THE STARTIN But gets rocking In the END!

This as an absolutely amazing song. truly a hidden masterpiece!

57The Blues

This song wasn't in the Top 75 when I added it. It's got to challenge the number 1 spot, surely!

This is definitely the best song of them. How the hell it's in 67th?

Amazing song should be at least top 10

58Concrete Girl

Concrete girl they rock your world good song second best in legend of chin

59Love Is the Movement
60Selling the News
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