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The Top Ten

I Love this song its for clubs, parties, and other stuff Thumps Up ;D
Taio rocks! I love dynamite & break your heart is pretty awesome 2 but dynamite is more awesome
This song is always great to play! I also think break your heart is great too.
[Newest]All taio cruz songs rock

2Break Your Heart
Break Your Heart is an awesome song and besides it has a meaning and a nice rapping part
Im only gonna break break your break break your heart
Awesome song! Definitely My Favourite! Personally, I liked the meaning of the song too! Taio Cruz Truly rocks! Really Fab!
[Newest]I loved this track... Just Rock Solid and Awesome.. Thumbs Up

"Dynamite" is a very solid dance track, yes, but I find "Higher" even better - especially the version with Travie McCoy. His light-hearted rapping works VERY well with Taio's singing on this.
Great beat, great singing, love both versions with Travie McCoy and Kylie Minogue. Keep it coming Taio.
this is the first taio cruz's song... that the reason for me to go on with this... ok let me check out the other songs too...
[Newest]It takes me higher

4Telling The World
Best Girl..
Best one of Taio Cruz..
It never came in limelight..
But its the best.. I would recommend everyone of you hear it.. Mind blowing Song..
Damn Awesome..!
This song is totally out of the world.!
Just the one I wanted to listen to.. Mann to good!
After lisning to this song.. I am in love with taio cruz.!
He's too good but I wonder why he's no so popular?!
By the way this song is a very calm song and a musst listen to.
[Newest]I can't resist myself playing it over and over again

Best Song Ever! Taio Cruz and flo rida rock! Definitely should be 1st on the list! I don't know why its down here!
This is an extremely good song with a brilliant beat. Its chorus is catchy, undeniably the best song of his, maybe even the best song of all time! Taio cruz is showing of his talents. This song plays to all his talents AWESOME!
Brilliant, that's all I can say about this party masterpiece, this guys just rock and keep rocking year after year
[Newest]My Top on List of all songs... Best Ever Rock Song

6Dirty Picture
Cuz Ke$ha is featured in this song and Kesha is totally awesome except for the meaning of the song.. it is a little weird, but other than that, Dirty Picture is awesome!
So take a dirty picture for me take a dirty picture!
I Like Taio Cruz But Love Kesha so I Especially Loved This Song!
[Newest]I love dis song

7There She Goes
This song is the latest of him... Fab. music, amazing featuring by pitbull & of course THE TAIO CRUZ
Awesome song by taio... Its gotta be the first in the list. Really bewildered why this song is not popular. The dynamic music and the awesome voice of taio is in perfect sync... Maybe its getting poplar now...
Very cute song...
[Newest]Awesome Song. Really Loved it. It should be number one

8She's Like a Star
She's like a star like a star a star
Awesome song... I heard this song about 50 times in a single day.. Still couldn't resist it...
Superb song.. I listen to this most of the time.. Still listening... Simply awesome
[Newest]Trust me one of the best songs ever, especially the beginning tune

9Little Bad Girl
16? No way! This, my friend, should be at number 1! You have to be kidding me.. Guys go listen to the song! Please!
Pretty cool because it has David gueeta and taio Cruz with Ludacris that is cool you know and it gets a party started
The best song of david guetta! Love it can't stop dancing this amazing song

10Take Me Back
Can you take me back eh? Can you take me back?
this song is like sick when I heard it I've got it on my ipod phone laptop mp3 and psp it is so cool
Heard it with Tinchy Stryder. The Version without Tinchy Stryder is much better. Go Taio!

The Contenders

Awesome beat.. Awesome song.. Awesome taio cruz! One of the best songs I've heard of him.. Keep rocking thumbx up
SEXY! It is. Though crashing 2 lambos was harsh. Otherwise great song to hear
Why this song is not in top 3 just tell a single reason
[Newest]What! This has to be in the top 5...

12Shine A Light
Must listen
Its amazing
Its 1 of my favourite songs

13No Other One
I don't need to ever exchange you know I i don't need to ever replace...
This Song is a bomb keep it up man nice work. thumbs up for youu

14Second Chance

15I Can Be
I can be bigger bigger stronger stronger harder harder because I can be

16Fast Car
What.. It should be on the top ten.. Please vote,. What a great music!.. Keep it going taio cruz
It is my favorite song by my favorite singer!
This is one of the best songs... Man... " girl yu really turn me on... You know you maky engine run... Wooh! The video... Super cool..! The best after dynamite and brek your heart! 1 vote for this and listen to thsi man!

17I'll Never Love Again
I'll never love again never never...
One of taios best way to under rated should be in top 10!

18I Just Wanna Know
If your leaving me baby I just wanna know...

19Come On Girl
Absulutely Fantastic Song It Shoud Be in The First Position Bravo Unbelieveable extraordinary Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Song I Have eVER hEARD
Come on girl come on girl come on girl Hey!

Great song I never stopped listening to it

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