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1 Nenjukkul Peidhidum - Vaaranam Aayiram Nenjukkul Peidhidum - Vaaranam Aayiram

Awesome song I have ever heard... Surya rocks...

I think this is the world's best song. When I here this song my mind starts to fly to the heaven and to search a bride there like my handsome SURYA

Harris Jayaraj is the best composer in the world! Amazing song, beautiful creation.

Fabulous song, pleasant feel, humming music...verdict is master piece of work by Harris Sir

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2 Munbe Vaa - Sillunu Oru Kaadhal

Awesome song. Great composition, great vocals. Nice visuals as well.

The most romantic song in the world. I wish to sing this song to my lovable ones.

I love to sing along in this song The female voice was so heart-touching and beautiful

Remembering my good old days. Smooth and soft voice

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3 Ennavale Adi Ennavale - Kadhalan

MSV, Raja Sir and Rahman Sir.. The greatest composers ever, of all times

I think a r Rahman songs are top most forever

It is a excellent, amazing song and dance

Awesome composition rahman sir raja sir and msv sir - THE LEGENDS..

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4 Vaseegara - Minnalae Vaseegara - Minnalae

My favorite and love song for my hubby and this song dedicated only for both of us. All the words are special meaningful to expose my love to my only and only one husband dear loving husband.

Sensual lyrics and beautiful music. Great song.

IT will take us to another world...

Totally addicted to this song & lyrics...My ever favourite..!

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5 Uyire Uyire - Bombay

Hearing this song I get tears in my eyes as well as my heart... It makes me feel the pain of real love... Ramesh, coimbatore..

Awesome song made for lovers.. ! :) Rahman rocks.. !

Dude! #1 as always.. How come to 4th..
Don't you feel its nuts..! :P

Still This song is such a wonderful love song

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6 Innum Konja Neram - Mariyaan

This song flows like a poetry. The most heavenly romantic song with out of the world vocals. Majestic

Love this song so much its awesome to hear

This song flows like a poetry. The most heavenly romantic song with out of the world vocals. Majestic Maestro

Love this song so much its awesome to hear every time

This song makes my heart flutter

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7 Nenjukkule - Shakthisree Gopalan Nenjukkule - Shakthisree Gopalan

Biased towards harris jayaraj's songs who is a total copycat... There are so many mind blowing songs in tamil films

I like this song... Ex ordinary voice and peaceful clearance

Love this of my favourite

Wow. This song is amazing. Her vocals are superb. I wish I could have a voice like her and the words have a true meaning. It should be first really out of all these songs but I think out of every Tamil song, Kaarthrunthai Anbe should be first
Varminee Ravindra xx

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8 Anbe En Anbe - Dham Dhoom

I spent many time for this song hearing

I like this song very much. It's so interesting to hear.

This song should get no1 anyway this song just mesmerizing man seriously it makes me cry thinking of my crush who I never spoke to her yet

Again a mind blowing song... composed by harris jayaraj

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9 En Kadhal Solla - Paiyaa En Kadhal Solla - Paiyaa

Mass hit love song in tamil film industry forever

I don't understand Tamil language but I love this song.. It's really romantic

Best song ever heard hats off yuvan!

The song remind me my sweet memories

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10 Narumugaye - Iruvar

What a song... great music... thank you Rahman sir...

Fantastic composition as well as wonderful singing by unni krishnan that is just soothing and simply outstanding!

I don't know how to express about this song. The lyrics in this song are amazing.

The song which force us to be in romance.

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11 Anjali Anjali - Duet Anjali Anjali - Duet

Awesome song never get bored no matter how many times I hear

Best song ever by ar rahman! Dis should have been on the 1st position! Sob magic

Awesome song never get bored no matter how many times I hear.
Hats off to Chitra and A R Rahman.

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12 Kanmani - Guna Kanmani - Guna

It explains the an eternal love of an innocent heart... :-)

This is not a song but its a one of life.

This is not a song but it's a one of life

Supposed to be 1st raja sir song and arr..does harris song could be 1st?

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13 Ennamo Edho - Ko

Best song ever I heard! Still my days dint go without hearing it...
It should be the number 1... Love you harris jayaraj!

I watch this video again and again!

A new dimension... A new stairway to heaven

Has a great beat and music-loved it!

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14 Kannazhaga - 3 Kannazhaga - 3

Fantastic music love 2 hear always

No one can beat this song very very romantic song

Beautiful song I heard many times I love this song

Such wonderful and romantic song

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15 Google Google - Thuppakki

My vijay and kajal so I love this song

Simple Voice, Grand composition,!

My favorite hero and heroine so I love this song

One of the best rocking song at the time of thuppakki movie release

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16 Unnai Kanathu Naan - Viswaroopam

No one can come close to this legend

Best song in this flim..
Best lines close to my heart..
Kamal sir expression is beautiful..

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17 Marudhani Marudhani - Sakkarakatti

Mind blowing song. Hats off 2 rahman sir

Love this song! Great masterpiece from Rahman sir!

Very feeling song. Music and hearing song is super.

It's my favourite song. Daily my strength of the song

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18 Engeyum Kadhal - Engeyum Kadhal Engeyum Kadhal - Engeyum Kadhal

An awesome song by an awesome music director..

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19 Vaanganna Vanakkanganna

Awesome vijay cute

Super song I love this song lyrics very much I never forget song

Amazing voice for my dear vijay anna it's lovely

I love this song I love vijay anna so much

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20 Minsara Poove - Padaiyappa

Such a wonderful song. I like very much this song. Thanks to ar rahman.

Composer AR rahman no one can touch his feet even

Excellent semi classical song from Rahman sir & what a rendition from "Nithyasree" & "Srinivas"

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