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21Running Blind (Transformer Remix)

What were they thinking, when they released Julia singing 'eh-hoes' instead of 'echoes', in the original?

22Clowns (Can You See Me Now)
24How Soon Is Now?
25Perfect Enemy

I like this song, the Russian version too. Julia does sing pretty good on this one.

26Happy Birthday
27Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have)
28Don't Regret

For a long time it was impossible for me to hear this song without getting emotional... Knowing it could very well be their last song together... The end of an era. "Broken hearts are dry".

29Obezyanka Nol

Julia adores this Monkey Zero song. That's what she says before the performance tATu does of it on the April 2006 St. Petersburg Dangerous and Moving Concert... That whole Concert was/is awesome by the way.


Wow how can this be so low THIS IS THE BEST amazing music and vocals no one can reach

Julia puts it in high-gear when she sings this song, same as she does when she signs Obezyanka Nol. She leans back and just belts it out... magical.


Belochka is one of those "t.A.T.U. " songs sung only by Lena Katina. It is a beautiful song.

33Ty Soglasna

This song was one of the reasons I fell in love with tatu's music after all the things she said of course


Love this song. "I'll give up forever to be in your heart today. Watching as everyone else gets a piece of U.Knowing I'll love you much more than they ever do. I miss you"... To me, it's Lena singing for/to Julia.

35Time of the Moon
37Martian Eyes

Lena's echoing voice in this song is just hauntingly beautiful. I hope she can find the squirrel of her dreams... She deserves it.

38Ludi Invalidi
39Null & Void
40Not Last Song
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