Top Ten Best Tax Software Programs

Anyone who has had to struggle through manually preparing their taxes once they get more complicated than the basic 1040 EZ knows what a lifesaver tax software programs can be. Having a guide steer you through the process of preparing your tax returns is so much easier when you don't have to wade through all the IRS jargon. With good tax software programs, all you need to do is have your documentation ready and be able to answer a few questions (did you get married last year?) and you are on your way.

This list contains the top 10 best tax preparation software programs.
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I love turbo tax,. It makes things really easy now that I'm married with children. The best type of tax software ever
I loved using Turbotax again this year! I have used it before I was married, and now that I am married with children it really makes things simple and easy for me to do our return! I would surely recommend Turbotax to friends and family!

The only free program in the top three that did not require me to upgrade just because I had one instance of 1099-Misc ( considered by IRS as self employment/business income). They also used my info from a pdf copy of previous year return to save some time.

I love filing my tax return with Tax Cut. It's very user friendly and takes very little time to do. I especially appreciate that I don't have to file on some form and triple check my math. Instead, I use TaxCut and it does all the math for me.
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IRS Free File Program
7IRS Free File Program
Free online service if you earned less than $56,000 last year. Uses software from TurboTax, TaxCut, and TaxACT plus it is provided by the IRS.


9OLT OnLine Taxes
Great software

Great Way To File Your Taxes at a third of the price

The Contenders

Used it 3 yrs, gets my taxes done in under an hour. Lets me see the forms as they would be filed with the IRS



MyTaxBack is an e-filing Solution that Delivers!

15SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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