Love Story

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Love Story


The song is so amazing with beautiful lyrics! What a love story it is. I really convey my regards to Taylor Swift by clicking like to every single song of hers! All the best taylor may you come up with very beautiful songs in future!

I love your love story to the core! I just can't express it on words!
I wish I would be the prince and you would be the princess!
Its a breath taking song. The Song always gets played in my mind though I really don't wanna hear it!
I love dis song...
its awesomee... its avery good song
i think its best in my opinionEven though I don't believe in love, I do wish I fall in love sometimes
I love this song and Taylor swift
She is a great singer and very beautiful
I heard this song a 100 times still iam not bored. I usually get bored hearing other songs after hearing few times. I heard it100 time
The line:

And I said,
"Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I'll be waiting, all that's left to do is run.
You be the prince, and I'll be the princess,
It's a love story, baby, just say, 'yes'. "

It is such an enchanting line I can't bear to stop listening to it. Even though I don't believe in love, I still love this song

This song is the best song of Taylor Swift... I usually get bored by those love stories bu these song makes me believe in love... I have fallen in love with this song... Its damn good.. I hear it at least 50 times a day but still don't get bored of it... The lyrics are damn good and I really love her voice... This song defines the feeling of a person deeply in love...
I can't describe in words how much this song means to me. I heard it first time in 2009 and since then it's been my absolute all time favourite song. I was in love with this guy who liked me back but he didn't dare to tell me and I didn't dare to tell him so I just wished that it would be like in love story all the time. But we never ended up together anyways sadly. But I absolutly love this song to death anyway and it brings back so many memories.
Man this is my most favorite song ever. My opinion this is best song of Taylor Swift ever. No matter how much old this song is I always listen this song. She is the best casual romantic singer ever! Whenever I listen her songs especially this song a current full of excitement, Joy and emotion flows in me. She Lives in my always. LOVE you SO MUCH TAYLOR SWIFT!
This song is the best song EVER! Taylor Swift is such a great singer. She is not like other artists who create music just to become famous. She is a real musician and she has got the talent. I love all of her songs anyway! She is beautiful, talented and she has such a great voice. I wish she belongs with me!
Love story is the best song by taylor. I love her music especially this song. You belong with is still a great song. Whenever she sings in love story she pours her heart out to al her fans and I respect that a lot. I mean who hasnt heard the story of romeo and julliet? It was the perfect thing to sing about!
Its really very good and intresting song I like it very much and the background music is also very good I love this song and I hope one day everone love it. It was my one of the best song for ever. Please send such beautiful songs for us. Thanks and I am vanshika the lover of this beautiful, intresting and mindblowing song.
I love this song a lot. It reminds me of my crush a lot. I wish I had what it takes to be with him. This song always made me a bit more brave to tell him 'I LIKE YOU'. They should have made a movie regarding this song.
I think this should definitely be the top song. I love it! From what I have read, a lot of other people think so too. Taylor swift is an amazing, talented, and beautiful person... And honestly, all of her songs are so good! But this is my favorite!
This was the first song I listened to by taylor swift and I fell in love with the lyrics, the tune and most of all the story that almost every girl wishes would be here's. Taylor swift is the southern belle that everybody likes and is a great role model for little girls with hope out there. Go figure!
Well my love story with LOVE STORY starts NOW!
PERFECT! In the love story way!
Fallen in LOVE with this song!
ALWAYS number 1!
Its a prefect depiction of how a perfect love story is and should be! Hats off to you Swiftie... Its full of how it starts, how the world reacts to it and how it has its highs and lows and how it finally is supposed to be...
Definitely the best song, all her songs are amazing as they come but this one is particularly amazing. I'm in love and this is definitely a song I can relate to. My love story, is just like this. This is number One for sure.
Love story is playing on the radio, my ears perk up and I think, wow, such a great song. And it's also so sweet, and it tells a story with a happy ending, whereas You belong with me only expresses a feeling and doesn't really have a story, except in the music video. Also, the tune to Love Story is so good, and Taylor sounds great on this!
Well... I love the Lyrics and Her voice is Super Cool! I just Love the time when she comes holding her books. Besides when I hear this song I feel like if I ever have a problem with my Boyfriend he'll surely manage to convince my dad!... Love It!
I guess its one of the really beautiful songs from a great artist Taylor Swift, I respect her and truely her songs. The meaning conveyed through her songs inspires a lot of us and thank you taylor for all the hard work and all your awesome songs
Awesome song
Deserves to be no. 1!
This song motivated me to listen to taylor's songs as it is so beautifully written!
Everybody please vote for this song, because it is just fabulous.
Taylor Swift you rock!
The best song I have ever heard thanks to you
i don't even there can be any song like this her voice when she starts is so soft and in last her voice is so powerful and enegetic and her wordings are always so sweet and the best
Love Story is the best song of Taylor Swift that I loved... It should be the top 1 song of hers.. I like this song very much and there is something magical in this song. I have heard many songs of Taylor Swift and I also like them but this song is an unique song
This is the best song I have ever herd. If you have not herd this song go on you tube and lisen to it you have not lived untill you have herd this song. This song should be number one and I do not know why it is not, so come on and vote for this song.
Love story is the most fab song of Taylor Swift! Because firstly she sang this song so beautifully ^^ second thing, the meaning of this song is awesome! Aftr hearing this song I feel as if this story is true! It really touched my heart!
Taylor's metallic voice enchantingly tells a story as if it's a fairytale. It all seems go have a dusty glow to the song, to the lyrics that settle down etched into your heart. If you had to listen to one Taylor Swift song it should be this one.
I think it is the best song taylor swift can ever give us.
It is better than "you belong with me "and for it desrves the number 1 spot. Its lyrics are awesome taylor' sound is brilliant and best of all she has great looks

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