Our Song


Amazing song! Such a happy, feel-good, fun song. Always used to play it when I got home from school, having had a bad day & it never failed to put a smile on my face :) Also like how it's a bit tongue and cheek when Taylor sings: '... waiting for something to come along... that was a good as our song' & she's so right- it's SUCH a good song! My Taylor #no1

I can't not believe people actually did not vote for the song is really good it was her first song and I think that she was popular when she had her first and she still is popular I don't understand why people don't like it please listen to it and we need the votes to make her number 1make her top 10 she's awesome

This is the song that made me like Taylor Swift :) I didn't like her at first because I only heard You Belong With Me, but then I heard this song and started listening to more of her songs and she is pretty good :D :D :D this song is still my favorite of hers!

This is my favourite country song! On my list it is a 2 or 3 at
Least! The music video shows her in very pretty dresses and
It is like one of the very little songs taylor writes that is not about
This ex-boyfriend or something like that.

This has been the first song I have ever heard from taylor, and I've heard many other songs as well, but this song has always been on my head ever since I heard it, and I think its because it's the best song ever, I serously hope this gets on number one cause currently... its in 14th... 14th, I want to make this song go on number one, HONESTLY

I think this song should've been voted on for number one because it was the best song I've ever heard Taylor Swift is awesome because she is very young very hip and also her songs make me want to dance every single day

I really don't understand why this song did not place higher, it rocks! Taylor really puts emotion into it and it really brings the song to a higher level! It should have placed higher on this list! Vote if you agree!

I love it because its so lively and it lifts your spirit. You could be crying your heart out but this song could make you laugh and feel so many emotions. And in truth its just country all the way!

Our song is a beautiful song because its got that really happy really positive my relationship is what it is vibe. And that's really cool and more than that its also just incredibly cheery

I love our song! I now it from heart it just lets express my self. It is the song for me. Me and my friends love to sing along. I love your song taylor it is so cool! But it is number 1!

I love this song! It's fun cheerful, and awesome! Most of her songs are about love, but this song makes you think about all the good things in your life because of its lyrics...

This song is pure country, this song represents Taylor Swift before all the fame got to her.
It may be old, but that's probably why it brings back great memories!

Come on people vote for this it is the best song Taylor has ever written I love the tune it is the best tune I have ever heard go Taylor!

Its Taylor letting her country roots shine, really good lyrics and a catchy pop tune that lingers in your head almost forever..

Taylor Swift is awesome. You shouldn't judge a song by when it came out. That's like judging you by when you were born. Taylor Swift's albums are all awesome. Even her first one. Can you also put some songs on from red because those songs are awesome. Ido agree that it is number 1 material so you should make it number 1. Help me by voting for this song. Always be a swiftie everyone.

Love this song! It is really cool... its different from all the rest, plus it's got a really nice beat

Taylor swift is just too good her every song has a unique music as well as lyrics thus song is also one of the best songs

This was the first song I listened to by taylor and I've been her biggest fan since so yeah this is the best in my opinion

This song is the best of old Taylor if you ask me, even if it isn't appreciated by her new fans as much as her songs in 'Red'

Our song is such a classic. Her voice really blows me away! I love all these songs but I'm gonna have 2 go with our song

Best song ever!
I love all of her songs with that country twang in it!
Taylor Swift is the best singer ever!

This song is one of her fist songs, and, um, oh yea, It's THE BEST SONG EVER WRITTEN ON THE PLANET AND IT SHOULD definitely BE NUMBER ONE. It has such a good violen and banjo at the beginning and it is definitely one of her more country songs.

I love this song. And what the heck, this is our song of my classmates... So I should vote this...

At first I downloaded this song and I was not so impressed. She sounded like a child. But then I saw the music video, and I fell in love. Great job, Tay Tay!

I love to sing and our song inspired me I sing it every day and night you must listen to that song