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61Cold As You

This is my favorite Taylor swift song I love this guy he is the first guy I ever fell in love with like I would die for him. Then he told me he liked me just to see me freak out it was a joke but I still like him. But every time I see him I start a fight cause I need to feel something. In the first paragraph it says you have a way of coming easy to me but when you take you take the very best of me so I start a fight cause I need to feel something. That just it he tars me up inside he just comes so easily ever word that I say to him cause out in a right this song touched my heart and gave me hope to move on thank you Taylor

This is song is like... amazing! The lyrics described me and my ex perfectly.. it also calms me down when I really angry or sad. It's definitely one of the best sang by Taylor!

My favorite song, it is really an awesome song, its full of emotions, I love when she says "oh what a shame" I feel sad and annoyed but I love this song anyway!

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How can this song be so down below?
Guys please vote for this song! This is one of her best!
It should be in the top ten without fail!

It's alright, just wait and see
Your string of lights is still bright to me
Oh, who you are is not where you've been.
You're still an innocent,
You're still an innocent.

This song reminds you of how it was so easy when you were a kid.. People believe in U... You believe in people.. Always there is someone to guide.. This song is for the person... An adult who has lost his/her balance in life... And goes to the old days when there was always someone to catch him/her.. But now... None.

Such a pretty song

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63All You Had To Do Was Stay

I love this song so much. I can totally connect to this song. This one guy had me in the palm of his hand, and then he locked me out when I let him into my life.

Nice song, really catchy, I love it.

"Stay, hey, all you had to do was stay
Had me in the palm of your hand
Then, why'd you have to go and lock me out when I let you in?
Stay, hey, now you say you want it back
Now that it's just too late
Well, could've been easy
All you had to do was stay" - jojen_reed

No. 64? This needs to be top ten. Awesome song. She expresses herself a lot in her music.

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64I'd Lie

Not a song many people have heard, but so moving and easy to relate to. Taylor did very nice

This should so be number 1 because it is such an awesome song. It is so cool and holy crap it should be first.

It's so awesome! It's exactly what's happening to me right now! It's a perfect song for everyone who's stuck in between a best friend/boy friend relationship

This song is so terribly underrated

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65I'm Only Me When I'm With You

This is a cute song with a good beat that says 'Your my friend and I love you for it' I think it should be a lil bit higher on this list tough - like in the 20s. You can't help sing out loud and dance to this song!

This is so my favorite Taylor Swift song. I listen to it all the time. It feels just like my life. I LOVE THIS AMAZING SONG. IT ROCKS! It should not be so far down. It is one of my favorite songs EVER!

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change is AMAZING but I still love them all. but I wish marys song or I'm only me when I'm with you or tied together with a smile or christmas must be something more were here

It's so nice.. my love story relates this song! I want it to be our theme song because it fit in for both of us.. we fight and still holding on..! I hope you too guys can relate this song.. taylor swift your voice is the best! I'm your #1 fan!

Ok I'm looking through this list and I don't see the song called dear john

This song is so AMAZING

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67A Perfectly Good Heart

This Is Not The Best Taylor Swift Song But Her Just Voice Sounds Amazing With The Sweet Melody. This Is Defintly An Amazing Song That Every Girl Faces With The Problem. I Am In Love With All Taylor Swift Songs That is Why I Can't Choose Between All Of The Amazing Songs She Writes.

Beautiful title, yet terrible song.

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68Two Is Better Than One

This song is so amazing, especially with Boys like Girls. LISTEN to it! She doesn't sing a lot, but the song gives you goosebumps. And when she does sing, you feel so empowered and happy. Please listen to the song. BEST SONG.

Awesome song! Everyone shouuld take out sometime to download and listen to this number. I would vote it as one of the best love songs ever

Okay, I'm going to be honest here. I don't like Taylor Swift. But, this song was an amazing one. Boys Like Girls are my favourite ever band, so its not shocking I love this song! Even though I don't particularly like Taylor Swift, I think her voice was beautiful in this song!

This song is good.

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69Last Christmas

This Song is so beautiful, well I mean it as her voice, its just that it rocks especially this song. I Love Christmas songs and this one is one of my favorites!

I love this song, but Taylor said she wrote ALL her sings she's sung. I think someone else wrote this song. This is the only she didn't write, I think. :/

Should be top 4 with the hella good hair

The way she sings it is so beautiful

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70Come in with the Rain

izka, Joe broke up with her because he liked another girl, if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at him - ilovekelly75

This is such a beautiful song, I love the simplicity of it and I'm surprised it isn't voted higher! There are so many of her songs I would vote for though, she is an amazing writer and the bridge sections of her songs are always excellent - I LOVE TAYLOR

I've had this song stuck in my head literally all day. It's beautiful and lovable and the best. It really shouldn't be as low as 40. Maybe it's not her best song in everyone else's mind, but it shouldn't be down that low!

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71Never Grow Up

This Song Makes Me Cry Sometimes It Makes Me The ink Of My Mom Who I love Oh So much. I don't Really Want To Grow Up

I have always been listening to this song when doing homework, it's so beautiful. I wish this song can be more popular, and it deserves to.

Really superb and sweet songs that brings me goosebumps every time I hear it. Taylor swift roxs. really loved it.

This song touches my heart always makes me cry

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72Mary's Song

This is such a sweet song, its not your typical fairy tale story an the fact that she wrote it for/about her neighbor was so sweet. This song may not be all high and fun sounding but the lyrics are amazing, this is the best song ever but it's so sad to think its not so popular. I'm sure people will fall for it, its beautiful

This is my absolute favorite song by her! Not many people know it though. This was my first song I learned when I started playing guitar. And taylor swift was the one who inspired me to learn in the first place. Love ya Taylor!

What the hell is going on? Why is this beautiful song on 37th position? When I first heard this song it and was like watching a movie and I said, "I felt like killing taylor for being able to write so beautifully and my cousin said, "If you kill her, you won't be able to hear the beautiful songs she sings. " I was dumbstruck...

One of her best. So sweet, a song that covers a life long love.

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73How You Get The Girl

Best song from 1989. This was the song that made me forgive her sudden transition to pop. It's one of her best ever!

I love this song, probably the best on her new album, because it is catchy and still has a hint of country that I love! It should be in the top ten, at least!

This song was her best pop after her transition. She can make you feel very hyper and get in love with it.

This song was always amazing... Just nobody famous besides Taylor Swift realized it.

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74I Know Places

Please, this song deserves at least number 5!

This and wonderland are my fave but I had to vote for this because it's one place higher. Awesome

Because they are the hunters we are the foxes, and we run, baby I know places we won't be found.

This song rocks

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75I Wish You Would

Love this song. It has an awesome beat. The lyrics and background music really enhance the song

Have you ever been in a breakup where you just wish you could go back and tell them everything you didn't say? This song describes literally everything, plus the beat is so carchy

How is this song not in the Top 10? I think it's one of Taylor's most underrated songs across her 5 albums.

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76New Romantics

I was scrolling down very hard looking for this song. The song is so good, and this song makes you want to sing along and dance to it. I have probably listen to almost all of her song and this song is the best song to dance to with your friends. The song is just amazing. LISTEN TO IT FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T LISTEN TO THIS ONE, I guarantee you'll love this one.

This song is so good. The beginning is addicting. This is a new pop song but it's still her and amazing. One thing everyone used to love about her was that when she sings it's like she's talking to you and this song has the same feel. This song is amazing.

This song is SO good and underrated. Very catchy and in love with the lyrics. "I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me..."

This is the best I have heard dude

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77Lucky You

This is the first song she ever wrote and I love it! It's beautiful and heartfelt and I'd love to know lucky herself. "angels above you ain't so fal away... "

Love this song! Shows how amazing her voice is without autotune! I wish they had it on iTunes!

I can't find this song and it is her first song so I want to hear it!

First song Taylor ever wrote. I love this song

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78You Are In Love

This song's lyrics are beautiful, and I just love the bridge. "And why I've spent my whole life tryin' to put it into words."

"You can hear it in the silence/ you can feel it on the way home/ you can see it with the lights out/ you're in love."

Common! This should be at the top ten at least

I love every single song in 1989 and that's the only time I fell in love in a whole album. This should be higher!

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79Both of Us

This song is a duet which Taylor sang with B.O.B and its really awesome! The way taylor sings and Bob raps is awesome! This song is new and I approve it to all the taylor fans!

Awesome song, really! And B.O. B adds up the thrill. Been listening to it all day and still haven't got tired with it.

Best taylor feat song :D
And B.O. B also throws some awesome lyrics
Really people should listen to this song.. Its to goo

80Tied Together With a Smile

I don't know what this song is doing on the 29th position when it deserves top ten! I love this song and I am openly saying that this song is totally the story of my life and I love it... This song proves that Taylor swift knows the different situations in different people's lives and knows how to out all that in a song... I think I said too much and if you want to know what I'm talking about, I have an advice: LISTEN TO IT FOR YOURSELF. Love YOU TAYLOR!

AMAZING. It makes me cry a lotta the time, but it's an amazing song. The lyrics and the all the music. Ahh, it's my favorite song in the world, I think. Listen to the actual words, not just the song, and you'll know what I'm talking about!

Such a relateable song... I love how Taylor can take everything I feel and put it in a beautiful song. I show people this song when they say they don't like her and no one can ever say it again. This has been my favorite song since I heard it years ago and I listen to music every second I'm not in class. I always play this when I feel crappy. I can't believe that this isn't in the top 50 at least... people NEED to listen to this song.

This song is so me. I don't think I'm beautiful and don't let anybody know I'm sad or cries. It was like she was talking to me. So cute

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