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121 7 Years and 50 Days

This song is hauntingly beautiful

122 Your Face

A beautifully written song by Taylor at a young age which details her angst of not being able to remember a crushes face as time goes by. Quite mature for her age and one of the many songs that won her a record deal.

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123 I Need You V 1 Comment
124 I'm Alright

Leaked song for Harry Styles

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125 Monologue Song (La La La) V 3 Comments
126 Bette Davis Eyes Bette Davis Eyes V 4 Comments
127 Didn't They

This is a really good song. It's a shame not many people have heard of it - ellieg1130

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128 By the Way

Go look up this song! It was never released but it's so sad and wistful.

129 Riptide

Good but this is only her rendition of Vance Joy

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130 Breathless
131 Missing You
132 Just South of Knowing Why

This song is really good you guys I believe it should have been on one of her first two albums...!

133 Am I Ready for Love

Only real taylor fans like me would have heard this song

134 Come Back... Be Here

Hey, why is this song the last? I mean it's probably her best and most wonderful song!
Please help me make this song made it to the top 50!

Its must be an official single because its tells really nice story and I think this she sings it perfect and full of emotion.

Why is it in the end. This song is my current fave. It's so damn emotional and the lyrics are SO beautiful!

"This is falling in love in the cruelest way. This is falling for you when you are worlds away." THE BEST LYRICS from this song.

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135 Half of My Heart Half of My Heart

This is a duet with taylor and john mayer

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136 Brought Up That Way

It's a really touching song. It makes me cry. Though few people have heard it, it has a charm of its own and can even melt the coldest heart. The lyrics are given importance which stands out rather than the music.

If you had a daughter who was just sick of going to school and trouble following her. THEN YOU NEED TO LISTEN! This song is so sad and really is a good song

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137 Thug Story

I think this song is hilarious. I don't think she should become a rapper but she is really rocking it in her "extra small white tee"

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138 Dark Blue Tennessee

Beautiful song with a beautiful meaning, its also such a relaxing song and many people could connect to this song and it always makes me think of stuff I have been through

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