White Horse

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White Horse


Cause I'm not your princess, this ain't a fairytale,
I'm gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well
This is a big world, that was a small town
There in my rear view mirror disappearing now
And it's too late for you and your white horse
Now it's too late for you and your white horse to catch me now
Awesome song.. Love taylor for this
I love this song it is amazing and it is easy going and very good to listen too.
Personally this my favourite because I feel I can kind of relate to what taylor is singing and the lyrics are extremely powerful and moving and this what contributes to make it an AMAZING song.
This song is beautiful! I love the way she writes her music and this song is just so easy to to relate to because there's a moment when every little girl realizes that life isn't fairy-tale and bad things happen to everyone. In my opinion this song should be higher on the list!
I think White Horse is an amazing song that tells you not to wait for your prince to come to you. If they don't come, move on, find someone who will treat you better. And if they change their mind and come back, they had their chance and you've moved on. It's a beautiful song.
This song is the best song EVER! I am always listening it because it really sends a good lesson. The song explains how important it is to stick up for yourself and get away from people who are hurting or bullying you! Keep up the great music Taylor Swift!
I relate to this song so much. I absolutely love it<3 I could listen to this song everyday if I had too. It has such meaningful song lyrics and I bet Taylor put a lot of thought into it and a great amount of passion, just like she does her others. This is my favorite song.
This song sounds beautiful and the lyrics are absolutely fabulous. I like how this song is both sad and happy, and I think it's very personal. Taylor Swift makes this awesome song come to life with her amazing voice. I really love this song, and it will long linger in the hearts of Taylor's fans. I never get sick of White Horse. We LOVE you, Taylor Swift!

I absolutely love this song because I don't see it as a girl with a broken heart I see a girl who has put up with too much crap and now she is being her own prince on a white horse. I almost feel like it's more invigorating than anything up beat of hers.
I find this song so relaxing and romantic I LOVE IT just like everyone of her songs it was very catchy I<3 YOU TAYLOR SWIFT.I'm your number 1 fan I wish I could meet you in real life and we have so much in common since I went to the Red concert
I have an amazing boyfriend right now, but this song always makes me feel like... Well, like helpless, insecure girls can make a difference in their life by rejecting the one that rejects her. I love you taylor. You are an inspiration.
Every time I hear this I hope people will come to there senses and be nicer about things. I love this song so much and wish it was higher up on the list. Heck! I wish every song was on the top of the list!
This song is just the most beautiful and sad thing in the world. I fell in love with it immediately when I heard it for the first time and I really had to cry because of these pure emotions Taylor is singing about here...
The reason why I love this song is because it shows that when somebody you fall in love with breaks your heart, and leaves you for someone else, you soon realize that not all fairy tales have a happy ending.
Just great. A song which comes right from the heart is always the best and with White Horse Swift does exactly that. Example of great song writing ability. Well done swift!
I love this song. It may not be the newest Song of Taylor's but I still listen to it a lot. This song to me has really good lyrics and is a very good song to listen to and sing.
This song is just really raw, emotional and very beautiful! A lot of people can relate to it, because it just touches your heart. I can't listen to it without crying.
I love this song so much. I cried listening to it the first few times. It's just so beautiful and I am SO in love with the lyrics of the chorus!
White Horse is really a great song... Just perfectly resembles a broken heart when you feel you're not the one. But still shows the hope of finding someone better.
This is the most beautiful song I ever heard, she spends a great feeling. Every time I see this clip feel like crying. Taylor is the best! And yes, she is a princess.
Beautiful song it should be higher I don't get it? Full of energy and I love it go Taylor whoop, whoop. Maybe we can do a duet together? We all want to right? X
Best song best lyrics! Simple guitar chords but can even make a great songs! Taylor's voice really suit this songs too so yeah 100% for this song!
This is probably my favortite taylor swift song. I learned how to play it on the guitar and I rocked it haha I love taylor swift! She is my favorite!
This songs deserves to be somewhere higher than this.
I mean have you ever heard it, it is totally EPIC!
I feel so sorry for her. Its so full of emotions
I love this song it great it has the hate but I love it I always sing to it it's the best for rocking out in your room! I LOVE IT Listen to it then like it
I think the music video for this is very sad and I feel really bad for Taylor in it, but I also love it because it is really touching and it moves me.

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