Best Classes In Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a popular class-based FPS. which class do you like the most?

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A kid from Boston, Massachusets who runs fast, can double-jump, and is good at flank-and-retreat offensive tactics. The scout fights with a scattercannon, a baseball bat, and a choice of a pistol or a radioactive energy drink - Firmly_Grasp_It

Wait all I know is if scout jumps and fires the force of nature on the ground he gets knocked back up and there are many possible places (Hidden places) that scout can jump to the only class that can double jump is scout and don't get me wrong but scout is a teenager I guess cause he doesn't look like an adult

The Scout is just fun. You're flying around the map. You get into people's faces, and you really start thinking fast. You can just as quickly mow people down, and it takes enough skill to feel pretty good when you pull it off.

The scout is boss a good scout will kill basically any other class maybe not heavy though

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A flamethrowing mute from parts unknown, little is known about him (or her). Good at catching enemies around corners and stopping spies. Besides his flamethrower, the pyro comes to battle with a fire axe and either a shotgun or flaregun. - Firmly_Grasp_It

This could be one of the most important classes in the game (besides the engineer and medic). You can extinguish other players, be an anti spy, destroy sappers, reflect rockets and bombs, and play offensive at the same time. Only problem is the range which could be dealt easily by flare gun and detonator. Overall the most fun as well as important class

Just to let you know, pyro is definitely a boy. Not because I want him to, but there's lots of evidence to prove it.

Valve said they were originally going to add female classes into the game, but it took to much storage, so they stuck with the male classes.

There's some unused sounds for the pyro that are 100% male.

And lots more Information.

Pyro is a girl

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This polite, efficient Australian has a plan to kill everyone he meets... from across the map. The Sniper is a long-distance class, but he can get some kills up close and personal if the situation calls for it. He has a diverse arsenal, with a choice or rifle or bow, an SMG or Jarate (uran in a jar), and a Kukri. - Firmly_Grasp_It

Seriously, how is Scout #1? I find him really annoying. Sniper is best because he throws piss at people! (Professionally, of course)

One of two ways to kill someone without them noticing or seeing you most of the time. However, spy is hard to play, so sniper is better.

Deadly at close range a Demon at far

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A math-whiz from Texas, the Engineer specializes in solving practical problems. Problems like defending the base with his sentry gun, giving his teammates health and ammo with dispensers, and teleporting them straight into battle with teleporters. He is very capable of defending himself with his shotgun, pistol, and either a wrench or a mechanical arm. - Firmly_Grasp_It

The engineer is the second most important class next to the medic. He is very much underestimated because of how many people suck at playing him. Having a good engineer wins games. Same goes for medic. This is not at all true for any other class. Sentries help do significant damage to the enemy team. Dispensers give your teammates ammo and health fast. Teleporters transport your teammates to the front lines fast and frankly, they win games. Engineer is by far one of the most important classes.

This is my favorite class! If you get enough revenge kills with his special shotgun, the frontier justice, you can deploy a tiny cute mini-sentry! Also, he's taught us that if you bang a wrench against a piece of technology, then you can pimp out said piece of technology!

He's just a badass

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Hailing from France, this sneaky traitor can sneak behind enemy lines, disguise as an enemy, and then stab them for a one-hit kill once they turn their backs. With the aid of his cloaking device, he can move slowly and invisible, or even fake his own death. He can also disable and drain engineer buildings with his electro-sapper, and his revolver packs a punch. - Firmly_Grasp_It

You see the only reason everyone doesn't vote for it is because of his great AWESOMENESS but it's hard to master, once you're done you are dominating and making people who vote for the other classes rage.

I think spy. I I s totally OP because not only can he turn invisible but he can turn into his opposing teammates and he also has a butterfly knife and an old school revolver how OP

Such a tactical character that must adapt to the battleground before serious damage can be done.

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A large-set russian man, the Heavy is probably the most well-known class in the game. He is slow, but makes up for it with the most hit points in the game. He comes to battle with a minigun, his fists, and either a choice of a shotgun or a sandvich which brings him to full health. - Firmly_Grasp_It

An offensive heavy who knows the map well and can predict opponent placement and tactics is the most destructive/disruptive class. Medic or solo. I've gotten so good going solo offensively it kinda took the fun put of the class because a lot of people hate on all the kills/domination per life.

The Heavy is well over being number 8! He has an insanely high health pool and does the most damage out of any class with his mini-gun close quarters, he also has a massive ammo patch. The Heavy's only real weaknesses are snipers and spies, yet I've found that strafing can be effective against snipers.

He is the best class, in my opinion. This one-man army can wreck havoc at close and medium range.

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Most classes have a significant downside to them. The Scout can't do anything to sentries and has lacking range. The Pyro has the 2nd lowest primary DPS and is generally weaker at direct combat The Demoman is weak up close and from afar while the demoknight can be stopped in his tracks or picked off. The Heavy is slow and is often targeted. The Engineer's sentry has workarounds that allow any projectile weapon to kill one around a corner and is mostly an inferior scout in direct combat. The Medic has little options for combat when facing power classes. The Sniper is usually murdered by a decent player up close. The Spy's truest enemy is a constantly aware team, and even without that he's not difficult to take out upon discovery. The Soldier has no real crippling flaws, is never truly deadweight in any situation, the dominant combat class through and through. The Soldier is potentially the quickest class in the game for good rocket jumpers, can take out sentries decently, etc. The cold ...more

A true american psycho who yells at the dead bodies of his victims. The most balanced character in the game, and also one of the most dangerous with his rocket launcher, shotgun, and shovel. - Firmly_Grasp_It

Why do people underestimate soldier? You can rocket jump over all classes, either market them or just shoot 2 rockets at them. They are dead both ways.

His quotes are funny and also his rockets are pretty slow, HE HAS A ROCKET JUMP! A SHOVEL, SHOTGUN AND MORE!

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A black Scottish cyclops with a drinking problem, the demoman is the explosives expert. He comes to battle with both a grenade launcher and a stickybomb launcher, as well as a Scrumpy bottle or Sword. - Firmly_Grasp_It

A great class, especially with the Scottish Resistance. I mostly use this class in co-op because the demo man can set traps for the enemy. Using the regular grenade launcher leaves no survivors in regular multiplayer mode. My best class and a great one too

The Best, you can't go wrong with this guy. He's a black Scottish cyclops with a drinking problem and who doesn't love them! As Demo you have two options, Demo man or Demo knight. If you are more interested in attacking play then you are more of a knight. But with a grenade launcher at toe and his unique sticky bombs you can easily top the scoreboreds no doubt.

: Shut Up And Game!

Should have gotten number 1 in green scorpions bombardiers list

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A pseudo-psycho from Germany, the Medic is the primary support class, but is more than capable of getting his hands dirty (or bloody). Aside from his Medigun, which heals teammates, he comes to battle with both a syringe gun and a medical boonesaw. - Firmly_Grasp_It

A psychopathic doctor defeating a whole team with just his medicine? Unbelievable? I think not. The medic is definitely the most interesting class out there. He can destroy a sentry with just an ubercharge and any class, he can double-up with another medic with an ubersaw and steal intelligence without any harm. All with home made medicine made with scrap metal. How much better can it get?

While a team of solo soldiers easily kill anything, a single medic makes them nearly unstoppable. the same effect occures with almost any kind of team except snipers, spies, and engineers. Even solo medic can be devastating.

Sigh... Rated at 9. As always, the most useful thing to do is the thing that people will do the least. - Zeemgeem

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Civilan is very fun. It can annoy the enemy team and your team. You will laugh like a maniac when people will whine. Civilian is the hardest class to use.

Should be at least number 5. Nothing better than go into valve servers, go into civilian mode, and annoy the hell out of tryhards.

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Pootis 'spencer here!

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13Saxton Hale

Saxton Hale is a one man army, capable of decimating entire teams of mercenaries with his bare hands and feet. He can out muscle a Heavy and outrun a Scout, he is unstopabble!

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14Painis Cupcake


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He shoots you when you try to invade enemy property


This is an endangered species! Don't shoot them! An especially rare one is the dead ringer spycrab!


There are 10 "Meet the" videos. This is the one that's not on here yet.

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