Best Team Fortress 2 Weapons

Self explanatory. What weapon gets you the most kills, and helps you dominate the server. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Your Eternal Reward
Hard to learn, but the learning has a HUGE benefit. No attack noise, disguise instantly as your victim, and their body goes away. The most stealthy weapon in the game.
Well, it is hard to believe that this weapon has been voted as the best. Everybody knows about spy's tactics and as soon as they see anyone coming they just fire and particurlarly if the player is a spy. So basically either you are disguise or not your gonna get killed. Secondly, any experimented players will notice the trick and no need to speak about the pyro who is a spy burner addict. So good luke with your so powerful eternal reward, it is not going to work anyway.
But it isn't that great if you think about it after all disguising is one of things the spy is best at plus if you do get a kill that person will know you can't disguise into another person so he'll be able to track you down and know your a spy so it isn't that great

In my opinion, straight upgrade from the Knife.
And you say "But I can't backstab people if the knife melts! "
I answer: You probably won't be backstabbing people while in fire...
Serious, better than YER.
You're a spy, and trying to backstab someone. Oh no! A Pyro sets you on fire. But you're immune, thanks to the spy-cicle. Just take your gun out for defense and wait for the knife to regenerate. Put with the dead ringer, it is almost impossible to die.
I've tried other knives but there's no comparison to being immune to pyro spy checks, I mean come on what more do you need. Works great with the dead ringer


[Newest]Man he is totally right

It can shoot through two people it shot through scout and engineer the demoman and heavy it took one shot to destroy engineer's machine and also one shot to kill engineer
Great sniper never misses I also head shot a lot of scouts while they were running using this
This is a powerful weapon because a body shot can kill a sniper with full health when full charge!

4Loose Cannon
The loose Cannon should be on a list of OP weapons, if you can get the charge time and the aim down you can one shot ANY thing including a heavy, a hit with the cannon ball and an explosion right after doing around 250-300 damage
Great knock back and Range
Best Grenade Launcher in the game.

Out of all the Scout Primaries, this one has the biggest clip. It has a perfect fire rate, giving you just enough time to aim another shot. The damage at point-blank range is able to 2-shot anything that isn't a Heavy. Extra Ammo and clip size allow the Scout to stay in combat for longer than any other weapon he can wield. The perfect gun for the
Not hard to learn, does major damage at close range, and fires fast. Need I say more?
I think the scattergun is a great weapon for killing people and for getting your mid/close up range, so it is a very powerful weapon.

6The Black Box
Gives you 15 out of 200 per hit, and its as strong as the ordinary rocket launcher. If you ask me, -25% ammo isn't much of a drawback for this awesome thing.
It is a good weapon but you need four rockets I mean if your in a sticky situation against a heavy you need that 4th rocket instead you gain back 15 health for every 1 hit so you take more damage then you really gain but compare that with the stock you could take him out with your 4th rocket and run back to spawn or pick up some health so my opinion is that just stick with the stock and if you need health that bad the concheror thingy gives you health over time and your probaly not gonna land all 3 rockets anyways.
15 health on hit is INCREDIBLE! And almost every rocket launcher has 3 rockets per clip.

7Soda Popper
Its basically a Force-a-Nature, but with a major addition: Simply running will give you minicrits. Tell me that isn't awesome.
The Soda Popper is a very effective weapon when it comes to attacking strong targets. After about 12-15 seconds of consistent running, the hype meter will be fully filled and you will be able to unleash a barrage of mini crits! Plus, it has faster reloading! (Not that it changes the game very much).
When the Scattergun isn't fast enough for you, use the Soda Popper! The speed for reloading for the FaN and the Soda Popper are about the same but the Crits are very effective if used carefully!
[Newest]Bird Scout to the rescue! You can jump so many times, and really piss off snipers. They CAN'T HIT YOU!

8Cloak and Dagger
But think about it using this makes you wait for prime targets and the spys motto is uncloak and dagger so the spy is literally telling you not to use this plus you can't just uncloak in the open so just uncloak before besides the more cloak is only gained by standing still or if you have stock watch pick up some ammo and you get cloak or the dead ringer so bottom line cloak and dagger makes you sit around wait for heavy medics or snipers and gets you killed a hell lot more often
Having an endless cloak is awesome, perfect for surprise backstabs
This watch makes playing a spy so much easier. You can just camp in a corner and then leap out and backstab whoever comes through the room. I'd say this, the stock scattergun, the huo long heater heater, the ambassador and the backburner are just overall the best weapons in tf2.
[Newest]It's the cloak and do nothing

Great for burst damage and awesome against pyros. Round the corner and there's a pyro? BOOM! He's now in orbit with as much as 150 damage done in a second. Heavy breaking the front lines? Blast him all the way back to spawn. And of course, FaN jumps.
Good solid gun but I do notice if you have auto reload on then you get a bit cheated with the ammo (if you take 2 shots the ammo goes down 2 but if you shoot once it still goes down 2) also provides extra jump for scout: very handy quality
Knockback? Major help if on top of building. Much more stronger.
[Newest]On certain maps you can knock people off the map

A generally nice item, good healing on the heavy, and can be used to heal teammates. Deserves to be higher.
Its like carrying your own health pack witch holds 399 health (unless you have any health extending items) and you can heal the medic best part? Its free with a milestone
Please go watch Meet the Sandvich to see how good it is and what the heavy goes through after eating it around the other team


The Contenders

11The Quick-Fix
Very underrated. Heal teammates 40% faster, get ubercharge 25% faster, and you go the speed of the person you're healing. HOW IS THIS NOT THE BEST MEDIGUN?
I thought it was great before the upgrade. Now that it has got a huge buff, it's menacing. Using it on differet maps, I get too the top of the ranking list in no-time with this thing. Extremely underrated!
Great for pocketing scouts (If you do) and can help keep the team alive.

As a spy, you won't be using the revolver too much, so once you get that backstab, you can 1 shot someone!
If you backstab someone as spy it gives you plenty of crits, when you sap a building you get even more crits! I can only think of a few more weapons which have crit boosts like this weapon does, sure you lose some damage, and it doesn't require you to be super accurate like the Ambassador.

All you need to do is get 2 kills with it and the health you lost is back you are faster and if you get 5 kills you have tons of health and you are very fast, plus it looks cool, and that's always a plus.
A strong drawback at first, but few things stand in the way of a Demoknight with the Eyelander loaded with 4 heads or more. Great for all modes, and is really rewarding should you play defense with no shield and you manage to get 3-4 heads.
Reffounding all your cash in the last round of MvM and fully upgrade everything on your demoknight, then you just can't lose

14Beggar's Bazooka
This weapon is awesome. You can load up to three rockets and rain death on enemies. You cannot collect ammo from dispensers but you can pick up weapons of enemies you have exploded into pieces
Very good for taking out sentries and groups.
Very handy in mvm

15Persian Persuader
The weapon that perfected demoknighting. Get health from ammo, shield charge is 2x faster, incredibly strong paired with shields, and did I mention the taunt?
Its an Epic Weapon
Perfect weapon especiallyu when the whole set is complete can take down and enemy.
[Newest]Extremely over powered and clearly better than any other sword.

Easily my favorite TF2 item ever. The ability to heal makes you able to survive way longer, as long as you're good.
Very good as long as you can aim.
I got a five killstreak with this thing!
The downside is just regen taken away, but the weapon gives a ton of regen anyway! In my opinion a straight upgrade.

17The Wrangler
Awesome can kill annoying snipers that are out of range and the shield protects 59% of the damage to the sentry
The thing thing that draws me to it is not the manual sentry controls, it's actually the shield
This is a very good tool for engis. This way he can target enemies out of the sentry's range and manually control where he aims. The best thing is that you can use it to kill disguised spy's

18Scottish Resistance
If you intelligently set up traps to cover an area or your hide, you can get quite the kill streak with this...
How is this not in the top ten? This fantastic weapon lets you have a huge amount of stickys be out at once, you can see your stickys through walls, you have the option to detonate them one at a time, and with all that, only ONE tiny little downside.


This plus brass beast heavy means that someone gets a control point
It gives you full crits on ubercharge! Perfect for a Brass Beast heavy!

Cloak time may be fairly slow, but that doesn't really matter. Think a pistol, except MAJORLY upgraded. High damage no matter what the range, fairly good accuracy, and is really good when your being chased down by a pyro.
This should be higher. A giant damage buff by 20%? What's not to like? Even got a strange one.
Oh I love the enforcer, I even got a strange one.

Its makes the chain medic so deadly... And annoying!
This is the best item. If it wasn't I wouldn't have said it. This one is the best.
Awesome four hits and an free uber
[Newest]One connected taunt and full uber

It's your old friend Wheatley
Who will destroy enimey sentries

No skill required to use this weapon. You can literally get free crits just by killing a scout using fire only. Paired well with the Mann Melter.

It's a good last resort if your out and you need something desperate if you low on health at least you take them with you
It's basically a bomb on a stick. But use only if you already messed up.
Great for clearing out areas with lots of enemies.

The crits makes this the best ambush/assault weapon in the whole game.
The backburner is good because if your on mvm you can crits giants
This is a weapon that could in a way be considered "overpowered". 10% more damage, and critical hits from behind. The only (minor) downside to it is that it costs a lot of ammo to airblast.

26The Huntsman
No charge just pull aim fire dead
Pretty much THE most overrated weapon in tf2. Decent though.
They look really funny when hit

27Red-Tape Recorder
The stock sapper can destroy them...
That Very Good For Reverse Enemy Bulid Engineers That Best Sapper No New Sapper Then The Red-Tape Recorder (The New Sapper No New Then That) That Sapper Not Taken For Build Enemy Engineer Damages But It Reverse.
Better than the stock sapper, bacause you can downgrade enemy buildings.

28Stickybomb Launcher
One of the more damaging weapons of the game. A bit hard to use, but very strong destructive power, and possibility to activate your bombs. Useful for direct encounters at mid range, ambush, and more.
Just lost the second to last point, enemy team is about to charge the last one and only you are guarding the point. What do you do? Trap the path you retreated down and wait for those fools to chase you and BAM! Dead team
Extremely powerful. You can set up sticky traps on points to save your team, and on walls to protect yourself. High damage and a lot of ammo, Crits do 200-300 damage! Why wouldn't you use this beast of a weapon.

29Air Strike

This is probably the best soldier secondary, tied as the best for the Pyro with the flare gun, and probably the best engineer primary, my opinion. I didn't mention the heavy, because, who takes off the sandvich, honestly

Being able to flare jump is huge, and being able to explode the flare, lighting a lot of people on fire. I use it with my back burner and axtuinguisher, and hexelz to the yesh it bodes well for keeping the Russian fatty MC fatty dead.

32Splendid Screen
A major role in a demoman's inventory. The fire and explosive damage reduction gives the demo plenty of survivability to run in there and chop people's heads off. The charge is a good getaway item, too!

33Hitman's Heatmaker

34Sniper Rifle
Of course we need the Sniper Rifle. This weapon basically defines the Sniper class, and it does everything a sniper rifle should do. It pulls of headshots, it has a long zoom, and you can wipe out people without them knowing. A classic.
This has a decent charge rate (unlike the Bazaar Bargain), doesn't fire tracers (HMH and Machina) and can kill in one shot (Sydney sleeper)

35Tide Turner
Full turn control makes it great for serpinting out of the way of snipers plus charge kills refill your charge meter so you can keep the charge train going.
Makes the wee booties useless


37Market Gardener
When you get good with this, you are a pro
If used correctly, this weapon can be EXTREMELY destructive.
A Awesome Weapon only for great Rocket Jumpers

38Family Business
OK first of ALL! It has 15- damage! Who cares! Hoestly, who cares!, 2+ ammo than the level 1 shotgun, making the Family business have 8 Rounds, good for taking down soldiers, and other classes

A great weapon that allows you to counter surprise or sudden attacks with ease, and as long as you can aim well, the slower firing speed is practically nothing, meaning you can charge into battle with much more leniency towards how you go about.
Good if you get attacked by a scout.

This weapons is good because if you are having a hard time healing a lot of people you can pull out this weapon, then taunt, taunt (in a good place to taunt), and heal all you nearby allies.
Has no downgrades. Its surely an upgrade from the bonesaw.
This or the ubersaw and the solemm vow is a direct upgrade to the bonesaw

41Frying Pan
With the Frying Pan, I killed like 5-13 players in 1 life! Best weapon ever!
It's a pan, what's not to like?
It May be a Reskin but have you seen how much it crits

42Pain Train
With this equipped you can be you're destructive self (Demo and Soldier) while having the capture rate of 2. Nearly unstoppable defense and offense.



44Rescue Ranger
An awesome weapon for skillful engineers. As it's name implies it will save your sentry countless times if properly used. And it looks cool too
This is the one of the best -if not THE best- engy weapons around. You can heal your stuff, teleport your stuff, and all of that from a safe distance!
And when your sentry gets destroyed, it's a pretty good last defense line, as it has a decent damage output. It looks cool too.
An awesome weapon for skillful engineers.
And it looks cool too.

Has an 100% chance of slowing the enemy down. Great for countering classes from the fast scout, to the slower heavies. Scout will be slowed to a soldier-like speed and soldier would be slowed to heavies. Heavies slowed to brass beast-type slowness. Awesome weapons for picking off fast and slow moving targets.

Perfect fit for attack engineer. Place down a little, fast building mini sentry. You have enough metal to build 2 of them. Just place another one, and another one...
OP OP and what else... ? OP


48Grenade Launcher
Just a perfectly balanced and great weapon.
Really beast if you fully upgrade it in mvm

49Cow Mangler
It can also cause enemies on fire if you charge
Well, at least it looks good...

50Flying Guillotine
Great for picking off people that are low on health, you don't even have to use it with the sandman for it to be effective.
Throwing a butcher's knife. How's that not awesome?
The damage this weapon deals is amazing, plus it let's enimies bleed.



52Tribalman's Shiv
A good backup weapon for the Sniper. Since the Sniper has such low survivability, the ability to make an enemy bleed makes predators retreat to a health kit.
Good for hit and run tactics on weaker classes
Really good when paired with jarate

53Brass Beast
This thing is truly a Brass Beast and the best gun to have for defense situations and Mann vs machine. It has a pretty good damage bonus but the only downside is that you move a bit slower with it. That's why you use it when you've lost control of your captures. If you want to be stupid and attack as a heavy, go with the default. And if anyone thinks of putting the Tomislav here would get laughed at, when does a heavy need a silencer? Also the 20% slower fire rate nerfs it. Go play Counter Strike if you like silencers.
Immaculate weapon, use this or the default minigun. Goes well with the Kritzkrieg and the G.R.U.
But the nattasha is best mvm weapon :(

54Third Degree
It's like the regular fire axe, but the same or better in every single way. With this weapon, there is absolutely no reason to use the regular fire axe, unless you like doing less damage.
In a fire ifght (See what I did there? ) 3 heavies with medics ready to uber? Use this baby to kill the medic then Make some bacon.

55Crusader's Crossbow
The ultimate weapon for Degroot Keep. When you hit a teammate with it they gain health and the arrows are pretty powerful. And to the people that are mad about it not getting headshots, THE MEDIC IS NOT A COMBAT CLASS. An absolute must for a pro medic.
If your target does not die they run around with a weird arrow sticking out of their bodies

56Sticky Jumper
One of the most underrated item in the game in my opinion. You take a stunning amount of 0 damage no matter how many stickybombs you place. I jump across whole maps, taking very little fall damage. Combine it with the Ullapool Caber and you got yourself a Suicide-Demo.
Amazing especially in orange maps!
Sticky jumper+ullapool caber and loch and load and you are grenade shooting sticky jumping and one hit killing

Combine it with Jarate, and then you can kill any class except Heavy in a hit. If the heavy doesn't see you, then you can two hit KO him. Also a great way of beating people you could never kill at close range like scouts.
I KNOW IT'S A CHEAT BUT the two weapons go together amazingly with any primary weapon. If sniping you don't have to worry about close range because you throw the jarate, switch two bushwacka and they are down in one or two hits and the jarate can cover more than one person at the same time! I always use this in my loadout.

58Huo Long Heater
Great for payload maps
Heavy Primary weaponed
- Secondary fire deploys the barrel without firing.
- Sustains a ring of flames while deployed.
-6 ammo consumed per second while deployed.
My favorite minigun of all. It doesn't cripple you like the Brass Beast, fires faster than the Tomislav, and is stronger than Natascha. Perfect.

59Solemn Vow
Honestly, I just love this weapon. Its really underrated, because it doesn't provide extra damage. But come on, you can see the other teams health, annd tell who it is you are killing. It is a very good upgrade from the stock weapon, and I think it looks fantastic, even the kill symbol.
It's fun because your killing with a statu

Honestly, one of the best weapons in the game. Paired with the degreaser, this baby is a monster.

Puff 'n' sting. Set your enemy a-blaze, airblast them into a corner, and Axtinguisher. Guaranteed to kill Everyone except overhealed players (sometimes) and heavies.

I've killed a whole group with this. On the payload? Nope, all on fire and hit with my awesome axe.

Overall, a pretty OP weapon.

61Righteous Bison

62AWper Hand
I believe he was joking. Play CSGO to see what he means.
Dude the awpers hand is a reskin
A stupid reskin. Use Machina, Hitman's Heatmaker, or Classic instead.

Ok, lets just say you PROBERLY have no idea what this item is... But it is a level 10 pear of fists for heavy... These have high damage, good for sneak attacks, But the downside is, slow hitting speed :( but it is good for ambusing in corners :) these are not available on the store. Hard to find (if you even CAN) I think its only craftable... I crafted it

64Disguise Kit
You can pretend to be a friend than backstab them as soon as they turn around enough said

65Ullapool Caber
(Sorry if I spelled it wrong) You run at an enemy, hit him in the face with a grenade on a stick, dead. Not really rocket science. Also does 100 damage to you if you hit something with it, so you can be a kamikaze demo
Best melee for demo in my opinion you can sticky jump right over to that pesky sentry and blow 'em sky high!

66Scotsman's Skullcutter
Amazing weapon that does a 20% increase in damage. The only downside is that it slows you down by 15% which doesn't matter since you can counter it with a charge if you have one of the two shields. This weapon has saved me lots of times and its really fun to use. What's not to love. This baby does 66-90 damage at point blank which means you can 3-shot MOST classes. The crit damage does a whopping 234 Which means you can 1 hit ANY CLASS except the Heavy.

67Conniver's Kunai

68Direct Hit
Super fast. Takes out most of the guess work on where your enemies are going to go. Even with the small explosion radius easier to hit people. Great damage and a good for rocket jumping.
Excellent at range, but makes a surprisingly good weapon for guerrilla style tactics: It will one-shot low health classes. (Scout, Sniper, Engineer, Spy)
I used to use this when my main was soldier, its probably the best rocket launcher, but only if you can aim properly. It 1 hits the weak class (e. G Scout, Spy, Sniper) 2 shots medium classes (Medic, Pyro, demoman)
And it 3/4 shots the tanks (Heavy, soldier)

69Bonk! Atomic Punch!
Great for getting out of sticky situations or gathering enemy fire. Oh yeah, it blocks fire, bullets, melees, charges, environmental damage (besides instant deaths). It can be very useful for blocking sentries.

Throw at your enemys and make them join your side and enslave them to sell them on black market.
Or just get pizza.
Capture you emerys and make them on your team epic right

You can stun your enemy ( it also slow them down) and you can have an easier kill

72Ham Shank
Take the bat from the scout it changes that to a piece of ham. and yes you heard me a piece of ham. who woudent want this

73The Vaccinator
Provides faster ├╝ber charge rate and has a undercharge that last 4 times making that medic and his patient invincible.

74The Backpack Expander
It is extremely damaging cost three trillion dollars so good luck affording it
Is this a weapon?

With Ali baba's wee booties/Bootlegger and chargin targe/splendid screen you can't switch weapons anyway so no downside. Even longer than eyelander plus you get full health so you can run away if your crowded. Also one hit kill in demo/soldier with it.

76B.A.S.E. Jumper
Use it with the air strike op
A fine addition to rocket jumping.
Pro item best use with jumpers

77Valve Rocket Launcher
Eurr mah gerd you got rekt by robin you cheki skrub 8)

78Glass Bottle

The best Engineer primary, as long as you have good aim.


81Rocket Launcher
Stock, best, common sense.

82Stock Knife
Best simply stock is best

83Stock Medi-Gun
Boom ubered = best

84Baby Face's Blaster
Maybe it does a little less damage, maybe it has a little less bullets, but you run twice as fast if you charge it. Awesome.
The perfect weapon for experienced players. It may not look great at first, but once you really use it, it's awesome.
It's starts slow but when you deal 90 hit points you can annoy people

Fast weapon switch means lots of kills with the axetinguisher, pretty much insta-kills. Despite its minus damage it is still a fantastic weapon.
You can burn enemys and pushing him back to a wall and hit him whit axetinguisher to make crits or push him to make minicrits on him whit the reserve shooter. Switching faster makes you very powerful, if you know very good to use pyro minor damage isn't important
Heavy killer. Degreaser has faster weapon switch and Axtinguisher crits burning players. You know what to do.

86Mad Milk
Healing 60% of your damage output is like having a medic. 'enough said.
Come on it heals you while damaging the enemy. Your other teamates are able to heal from this too.
It's a pocket medic

87Sun on a Stick

88Cleaner's Carbine

The ULTIMATE weapon to help teammates. Unlike the buff banner or batallion's backup, you don't have to earn it, and it has the same effect. It's a team weapon used by a loner class.
Helpful for you and your teammates. You can extinguish people by throwing it and cause a mark for death at enemy players. (Piss everywhere! )
It just makes spy's visible
Stops pyro's burn
Makes you mini crit
And it is very good for assting your team
And it was my first strange
[Newest]It's a jar of piss, what more could you ask for?

90Dead Ringer
You fake your death and get a 90% damage reduction towards damage when cloaked
This thing fakes your death! Other than the loud uncloaking, pair this up with the spy-cicle and your spy is OP.

91The Ambassador
Possibly the best spy revolver, crits on headshots and brilliant range. No major drawbacks.

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