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The speed boost is incredible, paired with the detonator it makes pyro very versatile.

42Cloak and Dagger

Having an endless cloak is awesome, perfect for surprise backstabs

But think about it using this makes you wait for prime targets and the spys motto is uncloak and dagger so the spy is literally telling you not to use this plus you can't just uncloak in the open so just uncloak before besides the more cloak is only gained by standing still or if you have stock watch pick up some ammo and you get cloak or the dead ringer so bottom line cloak and dagger makes you sit around wait for heavy medics or snipers and gets you killed a hell lot more often

This watch makes playing a spy so much easier. You can just camp in a corner and then leap out and backstab whoever comes through the room. I'd say this, the stock scattergun, the huo long heater heater, the ambassador and the backburner are just overall the best weapons in tf2.

Great watch to use with YER

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43Chargin' TargeV1 Comment

This is a great weapon as you are able to stun an enemy which I've found useful no matter what map or objective.

You can stun your enemy ( it also slow them down) and you can have an easier kill

With a sandman you could make anyone to make a BONK! And critical hit.


All you need to do is get 2 kills with it and the health you lost is back you are faster and if you get 5 kills you have tons of health and you are very fast, plus it looks cool, and that's always a plus.

A strong drawback at first, but few things stand in the way of a Demoknight with the Eyelander loaded with 4 heads or more. Great for all modes, and is really rewarding should you play defense with no shield and you manage to get 3-4 heads.

Reffounding all your cash in the last round of MvM and fully upgrade everything on your demoknight, then you just can't lose

It is my favourite weapon

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46Eureka Effect

Its not so useful. -50% building speed

This wrench is for the engineer and it has a lot of features. The first one is when you press R it does a taunt and teleports you to a location of your choosing. It also halfs your metal when you are upgrading a building. And I'm not COMPLETLY sure about this, but I'm thinking it does quite a bit of damage.

Hurry up and set a exit down. Then Eureka Effect back and forth at your camping spot. Not having to need a dispenser as much.

~For Engi

47Grenade Launcher

A skilled Demoman with this weapon can wreak offensive and defensive havoc. Yes, the sticky launcher has higher DPS, but the Grenade Launcher needs little preparation.

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This is probably the best soldier secondary, tied as the best for the Pyro with the flare gun, and probably the best engineer primary, my opinion. I didn't mention the heavy, because, who takes off the sandvich, honestly

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Cloak time may be fairly slow, but that doesn't really matter. Think a pistol, except MAJORLY upgraded. High damage no matter what the range, fairly good accuracy, and is really good when your being chased down by a pyro.

This should be higher. A giant damage buff by 20%? What's not to like? Even got a strange one.

When pairer with a medic with the kritzkrieg you can basically insta-kill or if not in 2 hits to nearly every class with this weapon

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Deal crits when you attack from behind, perfect to ambush Heavy class, perfect to ambush Giant Robots, and perfect for spy checking (when you burn spy from behind, it will be a lot better)

The crits makes this the best ambush/assault weapon in the whole game.

The backburner is good because if your on mvm you can crits giants


The name of the weapon is written in German. the English name for it is called the blood sucker

Mine, and many more's, combat weapon of choice is great against pros while backpedaling!

Has anyone heard of the combat medic if so use this weapon for him

Very good as long as you can aim.

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I sometimes hate this weapon because it lacks the air blast meaning that Pyro will be defenseless from incoming projectiles. It's used to Ambush Groups of enemies. When you start the crits at the wrong time, you'll be shot. Also it's a counterpart on the Back Burner how they do critical damage when you attack the enemy from behind. - bugger

No skill required to use this weapon. You can literally get free crits just by killing a scout using fire only. Paired well with the Mann Melter.

The worst weapon in tf2. A flamethrower that rewards noobs for using a playstyle that takes no skill whatsoever.

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53Sharpened Volcano Fragment

One of the worst weapons. You can simply light enemies with the flamethrower

I'm pretty sure the adder was being sarcastic. - Mumbizz01

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Being able to build sentries and other buildings faster is huge as engineer.

55The Wrangler

The thing thing that draws me to it is not the manual sentry controls, it's actually the shield

Awesome can kill annoying snipers that are out of range and the shield protects 59% of the damage to the sentry

This is a very good tool for engis. This way he can target enemies out of the sentry's range and manually control where he aims. The best thing is that you can use it to kill disguised spy's

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Read why it's so amazing in the degreaser area. Really the fact people people need to ask when they know the stats.

Honestly, one of the best weapons in the game. Paired with the degreaser, this baby is a monster.

Puff 'n' sting. Set your enemy a-blaze, airblast them into a corner, and Axtinguisher. Guaranteed to kill Everyone except overhealed players (sometimes) and heavies.

I've killed a whole group with this. On the payload? Nope, all on fire and hit with my awesome axe.

Overall, a pretty OP weapon.

People, this weapon sucks now! It only crits vs burning players FROM BEHIND! The mini crits aren't worth it, and why use it to ambush when you could use the Backburner to do the same thing?

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The boom boom stick is the ultimate troll weapon. Really annoys someone when they're about to kill you and you blow them up and a bunch of their teammates.

It's a good last resort if your out and you need something desperate if you low on health at least you take them with you

It's basically a bomb on a stick. But use only if you already messed up.

This is why they call him the "BOOM! " Man.

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58Scottish Resistance

If you intelligently set up traps to cover an area or your hide, you can get quite the kill streak with this...

It's the ultimate area denial defense weapon. Sadly the downside means no air shots.

How is this not in the top ten? This fantastic weapon lets you have a huge amount of stickys be out at once, you can see your stickys through walls, you have the option to detonate them one at a time, and with all that, only ONE tiny little downside. - Chubbymonkey29

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59Holiday Punch

This weapon is very good, as if you get a random crit, the enemy bursts into laughter, allowing a taunt kill or just to finish them with your mini gun.

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60MinigunV1 Comment
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