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81Mad Milk

Not only does it heal you, its also great for finding those pesky dead ringer spies

Come on it heals you while damaging the enemy. Your other teamates are able to heal from this too.

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Being able to flare jump is huge, and being able to explode the flare, lighting a lot of people on fire. I use it with my back burner and axtuinguisher, and hexelz to the yesh it bodes well for keeping the Russian fatty MC fatty dead.

83Tribalman's Shiv

A good backup weapon for the Sniper. Since the Sniper has such low survivability, the ability to make an enemy bleed makes predators retreat to a health kit.

Good for hit and run tactics on weaker classes

If you don't think it's the best than you need to go on TF2 wiki and check the damage stats. The combined bleeding and hit damage is higher than any other melee. The only thing close to it is a reskin of the stock.

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This weapons is good because if you are having a hard time healing a lot of people you can pull out this weapon, then taunt, taunt (in a good place to taunt), and heal all you nearby allies.

The uber saw is better. Everybody knows why.

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Has an 100% chance of slowing the enemy down. Great for countering classes from the fast scout, to the slower heavies. Scout will be slowed to a soldier-like speed and soldier would be slowed to heavies. Heavies slowed to brass beast-type slowness. Awesome weapons for picking off fast and slow moving targets.

This gun mows down the enmies like nothing. It pushes them back so they can't fight back, what mired do you need in a minigun

Slows down enemies! Perfect for killing annoying scouts and pyros.

86AWper Hand

Psychologically makes you feel more powerful.

Awesome fire power with no downsides plus style makes this thing. If you don't have it you suck

Just a reskin. If you don't wanna spend money/items, just use the normal Sniper Rifle, it's exactly the same thing. More swag than the stock.

You cannot be a true sniper without this weapon.

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87Bazaar Bargain

With a high enough headcount, it's basically a hitscan huntsman.

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88The Rainblower

By far the best primary weapon for the Pyro, you get Pyrovision which is, so damn kawaii. Not only that, but, It is a really good weapon in general.

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2+ healing rate per second is good for rocket jumping but the best part is the speed boost.This boost benefits all the classes and soldier that get the boost!

90Big Earner

People hate how it opens up many more ways for you to be 1-shot... it still works well with the Dead Ringer though.

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91Gloves of Running Urgently

This weapon is awesome, heavy is a slow class, so you can use this as a speed boost and as an escape.


Combine it with Jarate, and then you can kill any class except Heavy in a hit. If the heavy doesn't see you, then you can two hit KO him. Also a great way of beating people you could never kill at close range like scouts.

I KNOW IT'S A CHEAT BUT the two weapons go together amazingly with any primary weapon. If sniping you don't have to worry about close range because you throw the jarate, switch two bushwacka and they are down in one or two hits and the jarate can cover more than one person at the same time! I always use this in my loadout.

93Huo Long Heater

It's a great minigun but if you don't know the map your on that well your screwed. Also spin up uses ammo.

My favorite minigun of all. It doesn't cripple you like the Brass Beast, fires faster than the Tomislav, and is stronger than Natascha. Perfect.

Heavy Primary weaponed
- Secondary fire deploys the barrel without firing.
- Sustains a ring of flames while deployed.
-6 ammo consumed per second while deployed.

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94Solemn Vow

Honestly, I just love this weapon. Its really underrated, because it doesn't provide extra damage. But come on, you can see the other teams health, annd tell who it is you are killing. It is a very good upgrade from the stock weapon, and I think it looks fantastic, even the kill symbol.

Hitting people with a man's head just got a whole lot more interesting

Fun fact: you can see an enemy medic uber regardless of their medi gun.

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95Disguise Kit

You can pretend to be a friend than backstab them as soon as they turn around enough said

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96Direct Hit

The Direct hit is amazing, at least for the people who can use it. At point blank, you can take out half the classes in the game. Obviously, not having the splash damage is a bit of a downside, but as long as you can aim well, the upside more than negates the downside.

Super fast. Takes out most of the guess work on where your enemies are going to go. Even with the small explosion radius easier to hit people. Great damage and a good for rocket jumping.

Excellent at range, but makes a surprisingly good weapon for guerrilla style tactics: It will one-shot low health classes. (Scout, Sniper, Engineer, Spy)

If only you could use the scope.

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97Volcanic Glass Shard

Bad-ass weapon. Not the best but the coolest. And it lights them on fire.

98The SaxxyV1 Comment
99The Classic

If it could charge passively while you're running around, that would be cool. It would be like a hitscan huntsman but with much slower rate of fire and requiring more precision.

Ummm.. Well just Well... No, No headshots till fully charged up?!?! nope

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100Poltergeist 6000

You're an engineer, and unless you have The Gunslinger, you're gonna be camping most likely, and it has no ammo cost, which, in my opinion, is perfect for camping. There's also the fact that it stops Uber. Which means that someone can't uber and destroy your camping spot. Its perfect!

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