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Manchester United FC
The quality of the team even if not on there best is just amazing the manager players support ar just what all good and quality team are looking
specially the respect they have both on the pitch and elsewhere well done keep on keeping it up
Man you = arsenal+chelsea+man city+totenham+barcelona+liverpool+astonvilla
Manchester united is a fantastic club. I know it has the potential to go well above Barcelona an bayern munech. I have been supporting it for the last 6 and a half years and i, m only ten. I will keep n supporting till I take my last breath. I have develped that love for manchester united when I was young. I still keep every goal update and keep track of where manchester united. today is 29nth december 2013. Arsenal have just defeated newcastle 1-0 and manchester united is in sixth position. Despite it, s bad start, manchester united I can see is improving steadily and I hope it will go on to win the 2013/2014 season. it also has a tremendous fighting back spirits. I saw it, s game against tottentam when they hit 5 goals in the second half after trailing 3-0 in the first. It also had a game where it was trailing 2-0 and came back to hit 5 more goals. It always scores in the last minute. Where they were winning 2-0 and conceded 2 goals in 25 minutes at the ethiad in 2013, I was about to cry. Because it was stoppage time and zabaleta had just scored a fantastic goal of a left leg volley. But manchester united lived up to their expectations and scored the winner in the 92nd minute through a van persie free kick. And 50% of the credit to the historical and best manager of all time who was in united for 1500 games and made 26 years impossible : SIR ALEX FERGUSON. he was a brilliant manager. he won united 13 titlle and 2 champions leauge trophies. His total haul of 39 trophies for manchester united was magnificient. In fact, usually in the stppage time of the second half, he used to point his watch to the opposition to strike fear into them. They knew manchester united often scored in the last minute. the players individual talents were amazing. Rooney, for instance at this moment has completed 150 goals for manchester united. Andy cole, who netted the ball 5 times in manchester united, s 9-0 victory over ipswich town. Solksjaer, a lvely natural finisher for united. Dimitiar berbatov who too netted the ball in five times in manchester united, s 7-1 thrillier over blackburn rovers. Nani, whose crosses and assists were delectable and were one fourth the cause of Wayne rooney, s spectacular bicycle kick against manchester city in the 77th minute on 9nth february 2011 which won him the title of the best goal in the 20 years of English football. Ronaldo, a genius at united who scored 126 helpful goals for them. Nistlerooy who if hadn, t scored for united against arsenal, the 49 game unbeaten record would have rushed up to a magnificient 50. These are just 7 out of the 70 greatest footballers who ever played for united. This tally includes george best, edwin van der saar, david beckham, eric cantona and of course the recent robin van persie. Below are the following reasons why I love united.
1. They have tremendous fighting back spirits
2. They are full of individual talents
3. They know the real meaning of teamwork
These are the three main reasns why I love united.
Aryamoy mitra, sector 43 gurgaon, dlf phase 5, the pinnicle, flat number:c22
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2Arsenal FC
Pound for pound highest finishing club over the last 20 years. Properly run not the toy or hobby of a rich man. Great attacting football, enjoyed and envied by supporters of other clubs. Produced the best team ever in the prem, the invincibles.
Arsenal is remarkable, considering the player resources they use to achieve what they achieve. I always say, "If Wenger had the team of Chelsea, he would take the league unbeaten for 5 seasons. "
Arsenal are. The. Best. Club of. The lot. They have principles and ideals. Chelsea... Man city and to a certain extent man utd all 'bought' titles for their clubs. Arsene Wenger is a purist and won trophies on football value.. Not financial. I rather have 10 trophies which I treasure because of the values I stand. For... Instead of 11 trophies which I bought by ploughing money for success and giving my team an advantage...
Arsnal have some good play
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3Chelsea FC
Chelsea is ready for anything! Recently, Chelsea has played better than ever. After winning the FA cup many of the fans of other teams have changed their opinions, or at least the ones I know. Does anyone even remember when Chelsea beat Queens Park Rangers 6-1. And Torres scored a hat trick in that match!
Chelsea has that winning mentality. You can always expect an exciting performance out of the player's on the team. With the new additions of Torres and Luiz, Chelsea will soon become the best team in England if they are not so already.
Double Cup Winners. They sealed their champions league spot next season. Being 6th in epl they won both fa cup and UEFA Champions League. Truly Commendable. Hats off to the BLUES. And I am pretty sure, Torres is gonna rock the next season even more. RESPECT, THE BLUES. RESPECT.
Chelsea is dominating the Barclays Premir Leauge in the 2014-2015 season as is obviously hogging the skill with such players of Diego Costa, Schurelle, Ivonivich, Hazard, and Matich. Chelsea is prepared and ready for an exiciting season. There is no doubt Chelsea with loose a game in the Barclays Premir Leauge, they rock. I'd even like to see them win the Champions League, with great skill they are fun to watch. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they do not win
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4Liverpool FC
Have been a fan of Liverpool since a little girl. They have always played well and I have great faith in them for every game. There is nothing wrong in losing a game. A bird can never be flying up all the time, it has to come down for rest and to fill its hunger. I am really very proud of them as a team for they have really shown what they are capable of. Keep your heads high my children. God is good all the time and you have a very lovely captain.
I started liking Liverpool when Michael Owen started his career in Anfield. I was a great Owen Fan. But my love for Liverpool grew so much that when Owen left the club for Real Madrid, I could not leave them. "Why they are the best? " Well, there are many reasons but what I most like about them is: "They always do not have the best team in EPL but the way they play, they make themselves one of the best". Apart from the Titles they won, they also have the all time favorite football anthem, produced some the world's finest footballers, have a great team spirit, a huge fan base all over the world, and of course the unforgettable skipper "Stevie G". Proud of You "The Reds"
Liverpool are one of the most iconic teams across the globe purely because of the sheer amount of fans that they have 18 titles is pretty remarkable but 5 champions leagues is world class making Manchester united's mere total of 3 seem very poor Liverpool have won the most league cups in the country and with their world fan base further success is bound to come
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5Manchester City FC
I love this club very much.. And started following after 2011.. But still now people ask me why you follow.. I don't have any reason but I love it
Team that are now being strong.
They piss all over liverpool and man utd
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6Everton FC
A team know one Has a bad word to say about. One of the all time greats, and yet every year with limited resources we continue to impress and achieve above expectation
The best premier league team ever record holders
They don't have to spend 50 odd million on rubbish players like Torres who can't make the Spain and Chelsea team
I am an Everton fan! We're better than united
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7Tottenham Hotspur FC
I reckon this club is often denied of the respect it actually deserves. They were actually the pioneers of the English style of football and literally taught us how to win leagues and win them comprehensively and impressively. Yes, they are living in the perpetual shadow of rivals Arsenal but continuous managerial changes have regularly knocked the stuffing out of them. Every time a new gaffer comes in, with him come new ideologies and techniques and that is costing them loads. In the 2013-14 season, we saw them lose games on their own by committing school boy defensive errors while other times, they ran luckless. I'm a Man United fan but I respect Spurs a lot despite of the fact that they are 'fond' of finishing outside the TOP 4
Tottenham might not have won the top division in the last 10-15 years but we have got some very talented players like Gareth bale, Rafael van der vaart, ledley king a for the last 7 games that we've won I've got to say keep up the good work.
I am a Die-hard Spurs supporter from the late 80's. They may not have much silverware, but they are a talented outfit. they have the best looking kit in the Premier league and a history to go with it.
Head to Head match against big teams makes me a spurs fan...
The respect & fear for the match is key note on spurs skill...
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8Newcastle United FC
Massive worldwide support due to long history although not so much in recent years...3rd biggest crowds in England.
Proud past, future champions. Having a little bad luck this season, but newly signed young talent should help them get back where they belong, in the Champions League. I remember watching Shearer, Beardsley, Asprilla, and Gascgoine in the black and white, what powerhouse teams they had.
We came 5th in the 2011/2012 season and Alan Pardew won manager of the season
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9Sunderland AFC
Sunderland has beaten Manchester United and Manchester City so I think they should go a bit higher
Sunderland has great potential. they will do well

10Aston Villa FC
Undervalued considering the history and success of the club in years gone by. Inventors of the football league and former European champions.
Aston Villa are pretty good because I'm from Birmingham and I've actually been to the villa park in witton
Good set of players
But on the edge of relagation
But I hope they don't go down
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11Stoke City FC
The potters are good but have a long way to go
Who doesn't love Peter Crouch?

12Blackburn Rovers FC
Well done blackburn rovers you have won the first league but now you are in the champions ship league hope your in the top league again
They won the first ever Premier League in 1992

13West Ham United FC
A very historic, but great club. It has very loyal supporters and a west ham player was captain of england in the 1966 final.
Go hammers go! Excellent team and awesome fans

14West Bromwich Albion FC

15Swansea City AFC
Beat the scum 3-0 beat united knoxk them out and chelsea
Won the capital one cup knocking chelsea out
Beat man united 2-1in 3 round fa cup
Beat man city 1-0 same year one the title
And beat the cardiff 3-0
And shelveys goal against aaton villa

16Reading FC
, Reading are 13th, just like the fan shirt

17Southampton FC
Adam lallana and southampton need to work harder in order to succeeed

18Fulham FC
Fulham are pretty full of themselves

19Bolton Wanderers FC
Bolton are so cool! I go lots of times!

20Sheffield Wednesday FC
One of the most dominating teams of the 90's

21Derby County FC
I support Tottenham but my nan supports derby I derby county in the top league

22Leeds United AFC

23Blackpool FC
Blackpool are not the best team
I want to go there

24Birmingham City FC

25Luton FC

26Norwich City

27Leicester City FC
Leciester city are horrid

28Milton Keynes Dons FC

29Burton Albion FC




33Cardiff City FC

34Crystal Palace FC
Crystal palace is a great team if they work harder they will excel

35Coventry City FC

36Hull City AFC

37Queens Park Rangers FC
They are the best

38Wigan Athletic FC

39Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

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