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1Everybody Wants to Rule the World

oh come on how is this not on the list??? classic song!!! - PUNKpunker13

This song should be number 1 by miles as this is their best song really good song love the guitar in the song - mneilan

According to ITunes I've listened to this song 1552 times

My favorite for sure!

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2Head Over Heels

The Tears for Fears song that will still be played on the radio in 30 years

Good but still not better then everybody wants to rule the world

Will always be remembered. Though they are way before my time. A band you will NEVER forget.

Good not as best as everybody wants to rule the world

I love everybody wants to rule the world but this is the best

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This is an amazing song! The build up towards the end is something that no other band can replicate!
The lyrics are so meaningful, too... I am so surprised that this is only no.5...

Great punk anthem. In-your-face. "I'm talking to you, come on. "

Not as good as everybody wants to rule the world

Love the drumming in this song. Maybe not as good as Everybody Wants to Rule the World, but more unique. Love 'em both.

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4Mad World

Yea Gary's suck and this one is the best

Yea garys suck really bad all the way down no song can copie this bad boy nonono "mad world"

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5Woman in Chains

This song is a masterpiece. It's just so well-crafted, how everything builds to the end, and the lyrics are truly poignant. Musical genius.

Shares a message and just brings you into the zone of sadness, the zone you didn't know existed.

Gorgeous song with great lyrics. "So free her! So free her! "

Incredible emotional song

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6The Working Hour

Great sax. Great vocals. Great emotion.

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7Sowing the Seeds of Love

Tears For Fears goes Sgt. Pepper

Takes me back to the 'good old days' of Thatcherite Britain & the sad demise of The Jam

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8Break It Down AgainV1 Comment
9The Way You Are

This song doesn't compare to Woman In Chains. Sorry. This song should not be in Top 10

10Famous Last Words

"And we will carry war/No more. "

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That guitar - xylophone combo is badass. Their best melody, pwoerful hook and therefor my favourite TfF song.

Sucha good melody to listen when someonw fake comes just say "you can change"like litterly

12Advice for the Young at Heart

Every second of this one is pure bliss. Possibly one of the greatest songs ever written.

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13Pale Shelter

A song featured on 2 Rockstar Games and also one of my personal favorites. Why isn't this higher up on the list?

It shows true emotion and anger. Smith made this band unique.

When you don't give me love, (you give me pale ahelter), you don't give me love (you give me cold hand) and I cannot operate on this failure wgen all I want to be is complety in commaaand!

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14Badman's Song

Love the way Roland and Oleta's vocals wrap around each other in this one!

Nice shift from typical TFF style. I love the "mirrorman" concept.

15Mothers Talk

Out of all of their songs, this one has the sickest beat.

Put your head right next to my heart the beat so sexy just like the other comment

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16Year of the Knife

By all means my favorite. The live feel it's given on the album and the live versions are amazing. You just don't want it to end.

I have no idea what this song is about, but it is so expressive and so passionate.

17Goodnight Song

Guitar leads and amazing melody make this one my number one.


How is this #23 this song is perfect roland nailed probably in my top 10 - OasisFeelsLove

Haunting, ear worm that you that you don't mind getting stuck in your head.

Nice piece of song. Much more an Orzabal's solo effort but still worth.

19I Believe

Amazing vocal on this one by Orzabal though it sounds like Curt Smith.

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20Standing On the Corner of the Third World
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1. Head Over Heels
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1. The Working Hour
2. Famous Last Words
3. Everybody Wants to Rule the World
1. Everybody Wants to Rule the World
2. Head Over Heels
3. The Way You Are



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