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Worldwide Choppers
Tech kills it on this song but then again he always kills it he is the best rapper ever nobody can touch his lyrical skill or his flow he uses the craziest flows ever and his speed is one of the best he is the only complete rapper ever he is the man
This HAS to be #1, It has the top 8 fastest rappers in the entire world in one song. Plus EVERY SINGLE RAPPER on this song goes ham! What else do you have to do to be #1?
Love this song. Amazing rap. Very speedy.
[Newest]Just an amazing song, there is no other way to put it.

2Am I a Psycho?
They all killed it..
This song is just so epic. Subject matter is so eerie something about it just draws you in and makes you wanna put it on repeat
Tech n9ne at his full potential.

By far one of the most relatable songs by tech, he spits how he feels and the delivery is tight as always with tech. Nobody can touch him lyrically in my opinion except for maybe Rakim or Eminem It's my opinion that tech is GOAT to me and he has been top of my list for a long time now
One of my all time favorites, anytime I hear the opening riff I get pumped!
This is one of my favorite tech nine songs. this is a must to hear

4So Dope
This is one of the best rap songs ever... Please guys listen to it.. Its better than Eminem's rap god... !
This is a great song, yet it is not greater than Eminem's rap god.
So dope they wanna...

5Caribou Lou
Best song, its what got me into tech n9ne
Great song and great catch beat. The rhymes kill it
Best Song. Couldn't stop listening too it.

Great song all around the singing, the rapping, the music... EVERYTHING!

Tech N9ne, Kendrick Lamar, ¬°MAYDAY!, and Kendall Morgan how do you go wrong.
Just an amazing song. So much feeling put into it.
Best song enough said

7He's a Mental Giant
Kills the beat and the lyrics in this song. A remix of a recording saying "He's a mental giant" with an old school affect on it sets the song perfectly. The first verse is one only Tech could spit. Although the narcissistic subject matter is annoying but hey it gets a guy hyped so whatever.
Killer rhymes... Nice music. He's indeed a Mental Giant

This song is Boss. It really gets me in the mood to go push someone for no reason. I love it.
I love this song I never get sick of it
Why did I have to add this song to the list?


9Red Nose
This song I play whenever I feel lonely. It works like an Em song, but I've overplayed all my Em so it's a nice variety
Tech n9ne is the best singer
The flow is just so dope

Tech finally got his collab with very famous rapper Eminem. They all end the Choppe series with a bang. Great sample, great hook, and great chopping ability. Krizz absolutely murders it, Eminem does great, and Tech shows great appreciation to the fans for supporting him and to Eminem for everything from his mother's devastating death to his popularity.

The Contenders

Why is this not up more this song is sick and great if you want to workout or need to get pumped up before the big game!

Ever listen to a song for about a week before it gets old? Well this is the one song you can listen to over and over again and it never gets old. Amazing song.


14Who Do I Catch
This is what made me begin listening to Tech. Definitely one of his greater songs.
Same man, great flow great song
Great song and one of my favorites of all time.
[Newest]This is my favorite song

15The Beast
Love this song! Tech N9ne is sick. Such a great beat and cool lyrics. Just pumps me up!
It is one of his best songs, great beat and lyrics
Better than Eminem's "Till I Collapse."


16Riot Maker
By far tech's rowdiest song. Good for workout and stadium
Best one out of all for sure. Just listen to it.
Probably the best work-out song out there!

Sick song, the first single of absolute power. Easily top ten worthy

18Over It

19Imma Tell


21Straight Out the Gate
Hands down one of their best songs
This song is just perfect. Tech N9ne raps in a way that you can't help but bob your head to and Serj Tankien's vocals are angelic and soothing. Such a great mix.
Serj just made it!
[Newest]Tech and Serj were flawless. enough said

22I'm a Playa
Best Song In The World By Tech N9ne

One of the best songs by tech n9ne

24F*** Food

25Paint a Dark Picture
Awesome beats, awesome flow of tech n9ne... Definitely gives that dark feeling.

26Show Me a God

27Strange Music Box

28The Noose
This song just gets me thinking truly amazing
Mayday is a ggreat group and the cchorus is ttheir's and the first verse shows you how religion holds us back from thinking outside the box and from questioning certain things that don't make much sense. Search for ( Rusty cage-there isn't any).
This is certainly Tech N9ne's best song.
With wrekonise and berniz providing 2 verses talking about the cruelity of this world and tech n9ne verse talking about the soldiers who sacrifice their life for their country, it makes this tech N9ne's best song pluus the beat and the hook are amazzing

29Nobody Cares (The Remix)


31Like Yeah
Tech's most fun song. That beat just pumps you up and the party-ready lyrics are awesome!


33Bitch Made
My opinion his best song

34Leave Me Alone
An amazing song to say the least.


36Midwest Choppers 2
Awesome beat awesome flow awesome name this is what made sickology 101 awesome


38Come Gangsta
Dope song to ski to. Brings out the inner gangsta in me
Why isn't this the winner

39A Real 1

How is this not on the list...
I don't understand how this isn't top ten!
Yeah T-Pain wasn't good in the chorus... But REAL Tech N9ners should know that this song matches Straight Ou tThe Gate, if not BETTER!

41Midwest Choppers
Tech's verse was fantastic. The others were kind of a letdown in comparison...

42Strange Days
This should be top ten. One of his best songs by far! Why is world wide choppers number one?
Germany says strange days!

Best song he made.

This song is just so sick, the lyrics, the beat. It's a dark song that's absolutely mind blowing!

45Be Warned


47Happy Ending


49Last Sad Song

50Bang Out

Catchy as hell, B.O. B makes the best hooks, and nothing beats tech rapping about weed.

It is sad how low Low is on this list, it might not be the fastest or best lyrics Tech can do but it has the emotion that you know comes from the heart.
I can't believe how little credit this song is given, listen to it and do yourselves all a favor, Low shouldn't be this low on the list

53Sut Mig

54Strangeulation Cypher


56The Rain
This song is so deep and personal to tech n9ne the flow is amazing and the transition from verse to verse is seemless


58Everybody Move

59Mitchell Bade

T9X is the best. a spin from the usual. awesome.

61Can't Shake It
This list sucks first off. Can't believe all the tracks missing like this one and ones like In My Head come on now


63Sound of Unity (Ft. Yas)

64Paint On Your Pillowcase


66Sorry 'N SH*T

One of his best songs

68Hope for a Higher Power
Best song by tech listen to the lyrics
Should be in top 10


69One Good Time
This may not be his best but it's definitely top 10. So deep

70Love Me Tomorrow
Just a chill song

First one I heard by him. Very suprised that isn't one of his top song!

What not even top 90?

73Get Blowed

74Sickology 101

75The Industry Is Punks

76Planet Rock 2k
This is where Tech N9ne set himself apart for goos

77Harvey Dent

78Absolute Power

79Rock Yo Head


81I'm Not a Saint

82Little Pills


84Mama Said Knock You Out
Tech N9ne kills it on this track!

85Welcome to the Midwest

His best song by far!

87The Grinch

88Psycho Bitch
Why is this not on this list?! Best flow

89Kill S***

90Let's Go


92Should I Killer
Really catchy chorus! I love it

93So Lonely
This song is fire! I'd definitely have it at least top 7

94Keep On Keepin' On

95If I Could

96Red Rags
Honestly should be in top ten it's a great song

97Blown Away

98Big Bad Wolf

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