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41 Leave Me Alone Leave Me Alone

An amazing song to say the least.

This song pretty much describes me. Also amazing song

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42 Midwest Choppers 2 Midwest Choppers 2

My favorite out of the chopper series - KrazzyMadd

Awesome beat awesome flow awesome name this is what made sickology 101 awesome

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43 Hope for a Higher Power

Best song by tech listen to the lyrics

Should be in top 10 - Therealvictor

44 This Ring This Ring

Great song should really be much much higher

45 Hood Go Crazy Hood Go Crazy

This thing should be in the top ten!

This is a good song should be top 20-25

This is one of the only songs that I dislike by him - KrazzyMadd

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46 Lacrimosa Lacrimosa
47 Low Low

It is sad how low Low is on this list, it might not be the fastest or best lyrics Tech can do but it has the emotion that you know comes from the heart.

I can't believe how little credit this song is given, listen to it and do yourselves all a favor, Low shouldn't be this low on the list

Seriously, this song along with delusional and so lonely are probably my favorite songs... With low being at the top

Why is this not near the top

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48 Nobody Cares (The Remix) Nobody Cares (The Remix)

Awesome song

49 Be Warned Be Warned
50 Breathe

This song is just so sick, the lyrics, the beat. It's a dark song that's absolutely mind blowing!

Its like it never ending beat amazing...try sing it along its really difficult

Probably Tech's most gangster song.

51 Areola Areola
52 Last Sad Song Last Sad Song
53 Strange Days

This should be top ten. One of his best songs by far! Why is world wide choppers number one?

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54 Dwamn

Best song he made.

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55 Promiseland Promiseland V 1 Comment
56 Alucard Alucard V 1 Comment
57 Happy Ending Happy Ending
58 T9X T9X

This was one of first tech songs. And it's set off from his usual style but he still chops it up. Definitely the first one I could sing all the way to.

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59 Bang Out Bang Out
60 Colorado Colorado

Catchy as hell, B.O. B makes the best hooks, and nothing beats tech rapping about weed.

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