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101 Loud Loud

YEAH I BANG MY MUSIC LOUD! One of the best tracks on The Gates Mixed Plate, easily the third or fourth best.

I bang my speakers loud when Tech starts playing and you can bet my neighbors be telling me to turn down.

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102 Kill S*** Kill S***

It is a good song and should be higher

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103 Let's Go Let's Go V 1 Comment
104 Awkward Awkward
105 Should I Killer Should I Killer

Really catchy chorus! I love it

106 So Lonely So Lonely

This song is fire! I'd definitely have it at least top 7

107 Keep On Keepin' On Keep On Keepin' On

Great song but tbg didn't really get into it until after few times playing it. After that I loved it

108 If I Could If I Could
109 Red Rags Red Rags

Honestly should be in top ten it's a great song

110 Seepage Seepage
111 Technicians Technicians V 2 Comments
112 Trapped In a Psycho's Body Trapped In a Psycho's Body
113 Emj Emj

Such a great and emotional track.

114 Shroud Shroud

I personally love the creep factor to this song. It's my favourite on the 'Special Effects' Album, and I was suprised when this wasn't in top 10, let alone in top 100! It wasn't even on the list!

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115 A**hole A**hole

It's a shame this one isn't even mentioned. Pretty nasty rhymes and a decent flow.

116 My World My World

An absolutely amazing tech n9ne song. WHY IS IT AT THE BOTTOM?

117 I Love Music I Love Music
118 Strangeland Strangeland
119 Worldly Angel Worldly Angel

Such a good song. Very emotional about life and the life afterwords. Makes me tear up a lot.

Good lyrics and meaning behind the song

120 Speed of Sound Speed of Sound V 1 Comment
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