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1American Eagle

Simple Design but good quality. I love it

Love their jeans best fit and super comfortable. That's were I get my jeans and not just because I'm short and that's like the only place that I can fit in jeans without rolling them up.

They Have Nice Clothes And Great Clothes For Kids Also

Always find something that the teens in my family love to wear!

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Just love the cute shirts, skirts, and lip gloss! If you want to look trendy, here's your chance! Inexpensive!

Some of the most stylish clothes out there consisting of great fitting jeans and very comfortable and great looking shirts/hoodies, all of which are reasonably priced

Since the brand hasn't spread out over other countries, I feel comfortable wearing it as I'm the only one with this brand on. People in my city are annoying, enough said.

Its like the only store I go to

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Hollister is THE BEST place to buy clothes for teens. All the clothes there are amazing and trendy. Plus, the perfume smells AMAZING. I could go on and on about how much I love hollister. Hollister is a good place to shop if you're in middle school or if you're going to be in middle school ( I will be in middleschool this year). Team hollister!

Hollister has the hottest clothes!

Hollister is the best! I'm gonna be in my first year of middle school so I'm definitely coming here! Go hollister!

Hollister is pure awesome. I'm skinny and pretty short and Hollister is one of the very few places that have my size! Keep it up!

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4Abercrombie & Fitch

Amazing clothing and great quality! And the cologne is to die for. Definitely check that store out if you hadn't done so.

love abercrombie! Really awesome clothes and the best perfumes! they smell amazing. anybody who loves cute sweaters and shirts should shop here.

Amazing service and beautiful clothes, but the crop tops are a little short if you're "well endowed" if you know what I mean.

Has great smelling perfume! There a bit pricey... Definitely worth it. Great materials.

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5Forever 21

Forever 21 has some great items and some not so great items. I do shop here often but you need to be very careful with the items you are buying. They have some very cute clothes and some that is just now my style. Make sure you always read the washing instructions!

I do not see why people like Forever 21. Their clothes may be low priced and comfortable however the styles are way out of date and the clothing itself is cheaply made

This brand is great! Although sometimes the stuff doesn't fit for everyone

Пawesome collection for teenage people.. Super like👍🏻

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I LOVE Rue, it's my go to store and they always have lots of sales and deals.

Trendy and affordable price

Very cute! They have good prices and are super trendy. Love the t-shirts

7The North Face

I LOVE my NorthFace! One of my best purchases! Pricey but worth it.


Super Comfy and CUTE! Love, Love, Love!

It's cheap, but has cool stuff!

The sweatshirts and knitwears are fantastic! Really!


I love their shoes! My dad suggested this brand

I like them they are a pretty good price for what they are

Polo has nice shirts.

Love it. Loke formal but can't wear it to much

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?Simply Southern Boutique

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There is no better than adidas it provides brilliant style and is comfy to wear, been wearing adidas my whole life since I could choose what I wanted to wear, Luke 19

Adidas is by far the best clothing brand in the world. Their football kits are good quality and so are the rest of the clothing and footwear which they sell.

Adidas is the best! 1

I just love this brand 😍

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12True Religion

Love all there stuff!

Yea so this might be over some ones budget for some of their clothes but they have awesome clothes with a variety of design

Love there jeans! They look so good.

13Old Navy

I never have good luck shopping here but they must have some good items still. For young kids it's a great place to shop.

This is a store for white moms wanting their kids to be bullied

It is bad it's just for little kids - Yadhira

It's aimed towards little kids.

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I love their stuff! Some things are a little pricey, though, so I don't get to got there to often.

They have super cute stuff their a little expensive but good after all💕

A little expensive but they have super cute shirts

I love all there clothing! Especially there jeans!

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It's got some great summer outfits & cool tees!


Way too expensive. The only reason people buy the stuff is because of the brand name. There are plenty of other athletic wear companies whose products are half the price and just as good.

Love love love! I do all star cheer level 5 and I love this brand so much!

Super expensive. Why would you spend $100 on a pair of leggings when you can get them somewhere else for like $15?

Expensive but high quality athletic wear. A very popular and well known brand.

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Nike is the best

This brand is awesome! They look call And are comfortable 2 wear! A little expensive butt worth it!

The colours and the way they advertise is great. Their epic cloths make people look sporty and cool. Nike also have veriety in who they cater for. Young, old, fat, fit, man or women. We all get quality good from Nike cause they "Just do it"

The best brand and their shoes are amazing

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18Brandy Melville

I love this place- I can find something every time I go there. I'll admit its a little expensive, but I just love the feel of their clothes have, both physically and the way they look. Kind of a warm, cozy, and chill look.

Brandy gives you the indie yet cute comfy clothes any tee girl would wear. Brandy is my favorite!

So hipster. And expensive to ship here but whatever. Too bad it's becoming mainstream now

Brandy has the cutest clothes that give off an indie/chill vibe. I LOVE this store

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I love levis brand

Levis has the best jeans

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