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Do I really need to say more?

I loved all the ravens!

2Fear Itself

This one is really good!

3How Long Is Forever?

This episode always makes me kinda sad... Even though it has a happy ending, it does bring up a subject that no one really likes to think about - our beloved main characters separating. And there is some weight to that thought because you know, they won't be teens forever... What will happen to the team as they grow up?

Just such an interesting take on the future of the world's youngest super heroes. My absolute favorite episode.

This is another great one!

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4The Beast Within

My favorite episode of anything on T.V. !

One of the best teen titans ever made!

Awesome episode! My favorite one. They really should bring the originals back to CN.

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Loved this episode so much, it had action and the perfect amount of emotion you have for Robin. - xlokokittyx

THIS episode is great and it had action. This episode was amazing and all the episodes of teen titans are amazing :)...

I've always loved the whole Slade and Robin thing, dark Robin is the best

6The Quest

ALL episodes are great, especially this one.

7Winner Take All

Man, I love this episode. - EpicJake

8Hide and Seek

Wonderful! I loved the episode. I understand Raven a bit more, too.
Tons of action!

9Mad Mod

Great one as well!

10Titans Together

I love this episode because you find out how all the titans met. There's some things going on between starfire and robin too! It's a must see episode of teen titans!

I like it a lot!

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11Don't Touch That Dial

This episode was hilarious

I loved this one!

Ahaha this episode was so funny, they traveled into the T.V. and became part of parodies of real shows/movies/other stuff, I laughed so hard.


I love this episode the most out of all of them because I have a 5 second long good feeling when Robin gets tortured but don't ask why.

Beat episodes ever! I love serious and borderline obsessive Robin. That scene where he just destroys all of the Sladebots is the best!

Whoever didn't vote for it hasnt seen a sexy Robin!

13The End

Trigon was ausome and the episode was a little weird because raven turn seven years old but she killed trigon very cool

Best ten titan episodes

1aftershock pt1
2 the end pt 2
3 the prophecy
4the end pt 3
5 birthmark
6 the end pt 1
7 betrayal
8 aprentence pt 2
9 homecoming pt 1
10 terra

Worst teen titans episodes

1mother mae eyed
2 deep six
3 titans east pt1
4 crash
5 cyborg the barbarian
6 warvength
7 fractured
8 employlee of the month
9 homecoming pt2
10 titans east pt 2

14The Prophecy

This is where Raven finally reveals who she is, but her friends stand by her side anyway. Also, it has Azarath and Arella in it. I could watch it a hundred times.

15Calling All Titans

Seriously? The episode that shows how the titans together #19? I don' t think so!

This one is how the Titans got together? And it referenced Batman
Why is it 17th?


Oh there you are, Perry

20Things Change
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1. Fear Itself
2. Nevermore
3. How Long Is Forever?
1. Nevermore
2. How Long Is Forever?
3. Fear Itself



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