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1Jackie Evancho

If this is about singing, and not spectacle, flashy lights, twerking, explosions, or other distractions, this girl has it hands-down. And she's just getting started.

Jackie is easily the best teenage singer today!

The best role model for teenagers in the music business today.

She is simply the best in world.

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I think unlike so many teenage artists at the moment, Lorde is a good role model for all teens. She is a feminist meaning she supports the equal rights of men and woman. She is opinionated and constantly speaks her mind and she isn't fake. She is authentic and unique and doesn't care what people think of her self... Calling herself a creep all the time. She believes that everyone is flawed and that's ok ( as seen from her photos on Instagram with acne. ) Lorde's lyrics are also really relevant and meaningful in our society.
Lorde is a strong, independent young woman... A role model

Lorde is so inspirational and only 17! Royals and Team are both amazing songs, and I also personally love In A World Alone. This girl has a bright future and is gonna be one of the most famous faces in 5 years, just you see. Her songs are honest and make you want to get up and dance with all the other outcasts in the world, because you know you're not alone.

What the heck? How is Lorde below Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande? Unlike those terrible artists, Lorde actually knows how to sing, and she is a lot better of a person than those people. Justin Bieber just got arrested, Taylor Swift is extremely narcissistic, and Grande/Lovato are only famous for their roles on television. SMH. - EmperorAguila

She is better than most.

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3Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone Is The Best!

It's very good and his last song is Say You're Just a Friend with flo rida

Lots of his songs aren't that great but he has a great voice and is so sexy

Austin is the best I love his songs

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4Jessica Sanchez

It's just crazy she's not higher in this list when clearly she's the best singer of the bunch and also one of the best singers I've heard in a while. Her voice is so different, I've never heard something like that in my life from such a young person. She can sing big, classic songs and also put her own twist.

Stopped being a teenager earlier this month, why is she still on this list?

This girl is one of the best. She's the new generation's diva or should I say Queen. She will be BIG someday

I love her SO much 💜

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5Laura Marano

Laura is amazing and she is just perfect. Vote for her people!

I think she is talented! Plus she's super cute!
Beautiful voice! Keep going!

Shes awesome she inspires me to write my own songs and and sang what I love I watch her show all the time

I love her voice and she is supper pretty

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6Ross Lynch

He is amazing, he is even in a band! R5! They're touring and they are amazing! Austin & Ally is a terrible show but just the fact that Ross is on it makes me smile, especially when he sings. It's like ice cream and row boats are a spring morning with cats.

Ross lynch has swag is cool and knows a lot about girls his show is amazing and he also has a band r5 also many guys look up to him for swag advice or anything else

I like he's style he's a cool dude to hang with and he's being himself not like under guys who act cool keep going ross

He is simply the best come on people vote for him

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7Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes has an AMAZING, soft but strong as sweet voice. You can't stop thinking about his meaningful songs. He should be in the top 5 not 11. Don't get me started on his body! It's very surprising for a 16 year old.

He is amazing... I love his singing so so much that my laptop background, phone cover and wallpaper is shawn mendes 😘😘😘

! SHAWN is such an amazing singer! He has such an amazing voice, a sweet personality, good sense of humour and everything about him is just perfect-LIKE SERIOULSY.. He should be in the top 3! 🎧😍👆

Shawn mendes is my favorite singer of all time 4 ever ♥♥♥♥♥

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8Cody Simpson

He's amazing! He's such a good singer, a GREAT dancer and the most important he has his own style. Three words for Cody Simpson = Simple, kind and gentleman. He definitely works hard to make a good job, I wish he was more famous than he is right now, he deserves it! So young and already so talented, great job Cody, we your angels love you

Cody looks so simple and calm, he has got a nice vocal cord too, for singing voice is important but more than that it is important to have a good characters, I think Cody is the best

Cody has such an amazing voice that can't be described with words. He has an Amazon style and his voice is very mature for his age which is Only 16

He is rude I went to one of his concerts and he push me

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9Greyson Chance

The sweetest and most natural voice I've ever heard.

Greyson is the best

He is the most amazing singer in the world. He should be top in this list. I love him.

He is the best!

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10Ronan Parke

Among The Best Of The Best! Instantly In The Hall Of Fame Of Music Ever!

He has so much potential

Ronan Parke is great, powerful, lively. I like him so much.

He is the best for ever...

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The Newcomers

?Justin Bieber
?Fetty Wap

I love Trap Queen so much and I personally believe just because of that one song he should be up there

Because one of his best songs is trap queen

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11Hriday Tulsiani

I can listen to his music all day

Amazing guy, amazing singer

Amazing ain't the word he should be in the top - Indignity

Born 27th january 2002. Teen!

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12Jai Brooks

He is the BEST singer except all the janoskians are good dingers

Definitely not a teenager.

Born: May 3, 1995 (age 19) TEENAGER (but not for long)

He is sexy, can sing and is so funny

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13Dove Cameron

Born: January 15, 1996 (age 19) TEENAGER!

Her voice is incredible and sweet! I love her singing!

I love her songs plus shes really nice singer

Here singing is amazing

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14Jordan Lebron Massey

I bought his new album and its amazing I love listening to his music everyday! He's has such a wonderful voice!

He Saved My Life! He's Such An Inspiration! My Favorite Artist!

I love him I've seen him live and he dances great and sings great! I love you jordan :)!

His new song all over the world is a hit I instantly became a fan!

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15Connie Talbot

I like all rock/metal song and hate pop but you are the only pop I liked.. you have a good voice - ralf26

Born: November 20, 2000 (age 14) TEENAGER!

She's the most amazing teen singer also her songs texts are awesome

Great singer! Hard to believe she is young.

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16Sasha Pieterse

Born: February 17, 1996 (age 18) TEENAGER!

17Sabrina Carpenter

A really gorgeous person

Love you sabrina. The best singer ever. How dare she is the 20th position

Sabrina is very talented since she was little that girl's beautiful voice was in her.
To be only 16 and can sing amazing that's very good.I'm proud of her for her voice her music and everything else

She's awesome... Love her

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18Carly Rose Sonenclar

This girl is amazing! She should be number one! She was on Broadway, she was a finalist in the X-Factor at only thirteen, and she has a powerful, soulful voice. How could she be on the very bottom? I know for a fact that she has a way better voice than most of the people before her, especially Sterling Knight. Who even listens to him anymore?

I'm her fan. She's amazing!

Amazing voice! Her cover of over the rainbow was amazing!

Born: April 20, 1999 (age 15) TEENAGER!

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19Zendaya Coleman

She is the most amazing living thing ever. Her voice is one of a kind and unique, she's an incredible dancer, and a wonderful actress.

She's so pretty and has an amazing voice! I want to be like her someday

Zendaya is one of my favourite singers
How dare you treat her that way
I would at least put her in fifth place

She is my hero! I love her spunky personality and fashion!

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20Danielle Bradbery

One of the most talented young ladies I've seen in music
Going to be as successful as Taylor Swift
Hard to believe she is only 17!

Something about her voice is pure but powerful and just catches my attention like no other singer does. Her vibrato and breath control is astounding.

She has the power like carrie underwood and soft like taylor swift. She rocks

Awesome singer, and great personality.

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