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Which is among them is the best in all Tekken series? If you argue about why that is on the top, add your favorite one and make a vote everyday.

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The Top Ten

Jin Kazama
I love Jin. He may not have a very diverse moves list in comparison to many other Tekken characters, but I believe that's part of what makes him such an intriguing fighter. He's very much a technical character, and to dominate with Jin requires true mastery; an almost comprehensive study of his fighting style. Button-mashing with Jin will more often than not produce poor results. On top of this, his storied history - his fight with the devil within, his hatred for his father and grandfather his iconic "unfortunate protagonist" character theme make for a loyal fan base.
Considering that he won two of the iron fist tournaments, he is the best using facts and statistics. Heihachi also won two tournaments, but since Jin won the fifth and most recent, he is the best and Heihachi is the second best. Kazuya won the first tournament making him the third best. The fourth best is Paul because he lost he 3rd king of iron fist tournament because he didn't know that ogre would transform into true ogre, so he left and Jin took advantage of this and won. The fifth best is Hwoarang. This is because he is Jin's nemesis and has evenly skilled. He has most liked not won a tournament yet because he is not in the Mishima bloodline.
He is simply untouchable not just gameplay wise story wise as well. HE is simply the king of tekken he has beaten true ogre dammit he's a fighting god. JIN!
[Newest]Jin Kazama is my favorite video game character of all time.

Cool look, complex personality, great fighting style.

Can't get much better than Jin.
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Hwoarang is a boss do you guys surely think that jin has something against a guy like hwoarang I mean hwoarang is like batman and jin is like robin the only reason why jin is so popular is that they always put him on the front cover of the game hwoarang can beat any body in the game without breaking a sweat he got the charm to pick up the ladies and the best part is that he is a rebel and the funny thing is is that almost all of the characters have powers while hwoarang don't he is a as kicking machine! Hwoarang #1 in the game
I've Been Playing Teller For 10 years and when Tekken 3 came out Hwoarang and I clicked. I wasn't as good with him as I am now but after a lot of training and practices I mastered him and can wipe as with him any day on the hardest level against any player or boss I even get perfects quite often. Hwoarangs Character is good and pure and funny at times and he is a good kidz hero and older ones too. If they make more games Hwoarang should always be there. And so must he's rival Jin Kazama
I've been playing Hwoarang for some time now and I never get bored at him. He's so unpredictable, his kicks are really powerful, and many tekken players who don't understand him hates him a lot. He's my favorite character of all time. His moves are so cool and you can mix them up and confuse your opponent. Hwoarang should be on the number one spot because he is powerful, handsome, and HE DOESN'T NEED THE DEVIL GENE TO PROVE HIS STRENGTH Peace
[Newest]This guy is crazy. Oh god his legs are aWeSoMe
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3Kazuya Mishima
This guy is crazy have you seen his really awesome skillz. I mean he is like uppercut here uppercut there. He is the best mishima. He has a dark past. And have you seen his desert Eagle? Craazy. And guess what I tried jin kazama he sucked like crazy. No offence to his fans. and hwoarang? you serious he goes left right left right. and after that you start to go a little nuts.
A proud fighter with ruthless aggression who should rightfully get his way as Tekken seen to screw him every time. He may be a power hungry maniac whose desire to kill and conquer is somewhat sadistic, he still has the coolest taunts, moves and quotes and makes jin just look like your average stereotypical good guy who in this day and age is totally unrealistic. Let him dragon uppercut his way back to the top or forever feel the wrath of the devil within...
One lightning hook to the gut and you're down. Kazuya survived being thrown of a damn cliff. He was ten years old at the time! He kicks a motorcycle in half! He rips a dinosaurs jaws apart with his bare hands! His Tekken 2 ending is awesome, he beats Devil by using Heihachi as a human shield! Also, lets not forget the evil half smile. If you're good with Kazuya, you're practically unstoppable.
[Newest]Dark, mad, powerful and charismatic. The iconic symbol of Tekken.

4Emilie De Rochefort
With her graceful moves and unique fighting style, Lili is sure to give her opponents a beating.
Amazing and fast, best new character in Tekken in a while! Her moves are unique and a breath of fresh air to the game.
Super strong go lili fight for your father
[Newest]Yo go fight girl your so beautiful and a rich girl go go go!
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King is a boss in every way possible, hell just look at the name! Let's make this clear, King is the epitome of a good guy in the tekken franchise. He protects his masters honor, he donates any and all wealth he gets to impoverished children, and he personally owns, funds, and oversees the running of a catholic orphanage. He does all this all while being a pro wrestler, and even finds the time to teach the orphans self defense. Proof of this being that the current king was an orphan raised in the original kings orphanage, determined to carry on the name. He's a luchador, with a healthy mix of MMA thrown in, and he is the perfect combination of page and powerful, and quick and agile. Like I said before, just read the name. King.
King's appeal to me is not only the perfect blend of overwhelming power and elegant skill, but the fact that he's often one of the only characters with motives that are not surely selfish. A true master of King's move set is a force to be reckoned with and definitely puts the button mashers in their place.
King all the way, best character in the franchise their has been an king since tekken 1, in wich he became 3th in the tournament according to the storyline. that means only heihachi and kazuya could beat him. it's the character with the most combos for a reason its because he is the KING OF IRON FIST TOURNAMENT. another fact: in tekken 3 it stated that ogre was busy hunting down the most powerful fighters, king 1 was one them and king 2 has only surpassed him.
Plus his burning knuckle is the coolest move in the game
[Newest]My ever best player is king

6Nina Williams
Nina would definitely defeat the new females in Tekken. The only characters that would stand a chance would probably be Julia and Zafina... Asuka and Lili? Please. Nina's a cold blooded assassin with an incredible moveset. She doesn't use dance and gymnastics (that would waste too much energy in a real fight). Besides, being the oldest female, she has the most experience, and has been in all of the Tekken Tournaments. Of course, Jun and Michelle could give her a run for her money. But Nina's the only blond for me.
I think Nina is the best female Tekken character, she is very fast, but her weakness is that she has short range. I think second would be asuka or Lili but people just think there bad because they didn't actually learn there moves and stuff they need to actually practice with them like how I did with Nina and Asuka -Selma
Pfft, please Lili and Asuka could never defeat Nina. She is the first lady in Tekken, shes been inside every game and she gets better and better. She is suppose to be 40 years old and still has the body and face of a 20 year old. She is very beautiful and an extremely skilled assassin with a very curvy figure, she has powerful combos, attacks and the best chain throws, making her a very unique character, what more could you ask for?!
[Newest]I love Nina as well as Lili! I love Nina's assassin-based move set. Nina will kick Anna's butt any day!
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7Marshall Law
Lets be honest here... If I had to back a real life Jaguar or a guy based on Bruce Lee... I think id pick the martial arts master. Fact is that Marshall Law is based on one of the most famous fighting styles ever conceived. He deserves to be number 1.
Marshal law is the best because he is fast and he is a great fighter and as jin he I the best so is kazuya mishima and of course his dad but they get the spotlight but marshal law is based on (bruce lee) so he does the flips has strength like the bruce lee
In My opinion Marshall law is the most skilled fighter in the tekken series he is incredibly fast,and he is also a very balanced fighter he can throw devastating punches and also devastating kick combinations,he allways was my favourite character in the tekken series,the truth is that he is the tekken series Bruce Lee,and that's amazing
[Newest]He is my favorite because my idol is bruce lee he moves and style is like a bruce lee

It HAS To Be Yoshimitsu! Who else has the balls to shank himself in the stomach, just so he can see the horrified look on your face!?!?
Plus, he is the most fun to play even if he's not one of my best characters.
The sword wielding ninja maniac. With those cursed blades and his ninjutsu to his crazy ass techniques! He's always been my favorite!
Yoshimitsu is the man! I mean he is useful with his meditation stuff. When he's got his health back, he's ready to beat anyone up. I believe, in my opinion, he can thrash anyone out of the scene. And he steals. Literally. In his story. Who made him #9? This guy is boss, and deserves to have a high position. The end.
[Newest]Yoshimitsu is the best

9Paul Phoenix
Always be the most devastating character in every tekken game and all of his moves are very effective and good mix up high and low game with probably the best ground game of the tekken serie too
He should be below jin he did beat ancient oger after all. If he hadn't left early he'd be number one all the way. He's the toughest fighter
Paul is the first character I learned to play with. He is a bit slow but very powerful too. I don't like that he has became a joke character more and more.
[Newest]Very devastating... If you have control and can time his juggling moves with Phoenix SMASHER. No one in Tekken can beat you. I beat my friends every time... because I'm the toughest in the universe.

10Lars Alexandersson
I believe its Kind of a Mario and Luigi situation. Luigi gets put in the background as basic while Mario is the main focus of everything. Same with Lars, many think he is just a simple and boring Character. Sure Jin, Law, and Hwoarang are great characters but face it if you no how to use a Character then there going to be good. But with Lars he's great for beginners, and once you understand his moves he's an amazing Character for advanced players to use as well. He has amazingly cool and deadly combos as well as simple yet deadly moves. I used him to beat every single level in campaign, Even nightmare train which was quite hard, it took me about 7 times just to do it. So over all maybe, just maybe he's not exactly the best of all time but He has to be in the top 5. I especially like the move Zeus, Silent entry moves and his x y combos. One combo I discovered with Lars is: Up and B ( gets the opponent into the air) immediately after that UP and A (double kicks opponent while in the air)... If done right Its a pretty simple Juggling combo with good damage.
I underestimated him. I thought he was a cheap character when I first played against him, but that was because I wasn't familiar with his move list, and as such, I wasn't aware of his play-style, or how to play against him. He is now one of my mains; he took a while to learn, but has a myriad of quality commands at his disposal and is quite quick compared to other characters.
Lars Alexandersson is a unique character in Tekken indeed. He is top in every thing. His costume, his power-packed deadly combos, his style... And many more
[Newest]He is brother of the demon

The Contenders

11Bryan Fury
Vote for Bryan, The second strongest bag guy with a half human and half robot body. He suppose to be one of the top ten and he suppose to be stronger than yoshimitsu and higher rank than him. He never stops laughing when he beats the hell out of yoshimitsu and other strong characters and he is energetic and well balanced plus power and speed.
One of the only characters in the game who's sole purpose is to kill people and cause chaos. His moves are very dangerous when mastered, and his pure mindlessness should've put I'm at the top of this list. An Agent of Chaos.
Bryan Rules! He is one of the strongest characters in Tekken. He survived a helicopter crashing on him without a scratch. Bullets don't do jack against him and he can take attacks from a tank without any injuries and he can tear a tank apart. He should become the king of iron fist Tournament. And his evil laugh rules!
[Newest]His move are the best.

12Steve Fox
Dang! How come I didn't see Steve Fox's name when I looked at this list? Y'all are probably the type of dudes who think he sucks just because he mostly be throwing punches. Well do y'all know why he fights like that? The reason why is because THAT'S ALL THAT HE NEEDS FOR FIGHTING ARE HIS FISTS! Because that's how great a fighter he is!


Steve Fox is one of the fastest fighters in the game. If you are a pressure style fighter like myself you will find he can neutralize your opponents attacks with ducking, parrys and counters. Don't underestamate him because he mostly only uses his fist, because he has many low punches you wont see coming.
This is the best character in tekken.character of all character.He's fast hitter and good juggler.Wait till you do wall juggle and see what happen.
[Newest]Steve Fox has the most fastest combos and has very powerful moves not only is he a good fighter but he is also the most handsome.

13Asuka Kazama
I think asuka is the best she's strong and I like her
Personality just like me
Her combo is easy but though it is not so strong. She reminds me of jun anyway and thus she deserves to be the best tekken character
Asuka Kazama deserves higher place she is pretty good
[Newest]Spell "Best Tekken Character Ever"? A-S-U-K-A

14Ling Xiaoyu
She's fast and unpredictable! I don't think she's only playing the main cast in Blood Vengeance, she's the heroine of this series! (In exception of Tekken 1 & 2). She has lethal moves, a cute face, and a kind heart! She's the best female character I've used since you can use her short-range and give good-damaged kicks from the distance!
Ling Xiaoyu is the best character for someone who love to work their brains up. She is clearly in low tier, her movesets don't have high damage like Paul or Julia, but got incredible technique. The best fighting style, and absolute protagonist worthy
All time favorite! Her speed and hand combats are AMAZING!


[Newest]She is very fast and good at defense. I love her butterfly kick

15Lee Chaolan
The funniest and the most excellent character of tekken, get it, get it? Excellent! Nah! He is awesome, I always see myself as him, and I always choose him as my character. He is the best!
Lee chaolan is the best fighter speed and strong easy to beat all fighter in tekken I think hehehe
Lee at number 11? Come on he is a really good player has complicated moves, button mashing wont just work with him!,
[Newest]Funniest character in the game!

16Jun Kazama
What's not to like? Backstory? Looks? Style? Personality? She has them all. Looks as soft as a flower, but could beat you into unconsciousness. Jun is hands down my favourite.
She is so cool come on and she's pretty too
They need her in more games, pronto! One of my favorites.

17Heihachi Mishima
He can catch a bullet with his teeth. A BULLET. Enough said.
Heihachi is a favorite he has a great back story and is very tough
Been my favourite since tekken 2 tried to master his move set in every tekken I've played

18Devil Jin
It's Jin with the ability to fly and shoot lazers. Not really original if you ask me, still he's lazer attacks are what make him deadly. Plus that eerie voice is enough to send chills down your spines.
Most devastating character. Learn combos with him and you need no other. He has much better moves than the plain Jin too (in 5 ^^ 6).
Devil jin is one of my favourite characters in the tekken series I am a tekken god with him on my psp version and I am also a tekken god with jin kazuya and heihachi to me I think devil jin is superior on and of the battlefield
[Newest]He's on my top 5 favourite list. He has powerful punches and can SHOOT LASERS in his eyes. Please vote for Devil Jin.

19Eddy Gordo
He gets a bad rap because he is a "button mash" character and he is a "stammer" but you can spam with a lot of characters, some of which are on the top 10th list. When you get to know this character and master him, he is one of the most versatile characters in the game.
Eddy full name is gordo. He is very powerful in tekken. He can fight non stop without break. Eddy is my favourite. He is fast and strong. He is also flexible.
He is the best and the fastest.. When I have a tiny chance to win I start to press 4 buttons like a manic. But with Eddy 2 buttons are all right and opponent is down.
[Newest]You can't button mash after 4, they added relax stance if you mash you end up vulnerable.

20Jinpachi Mishima
He is the legend and he is to special like the powerful move that comes out from his stomach its so hard to evade and you are only allowed to use him via cheats but now that tekken lets us use him in the tekken tag tournament but he can kick anyone's candy ass in Tekken go go go jinpachi
Arguably the strongest tekken character of all time, with insane power & such devastating combos that even some of the toughest characters can't match against. A debate between Azazel & ogre left to question, but in this case Jinpachi easily comes in at number one simply because he is just unstoppable.
He is the best because hallo he has a mouth for a tummy

unique, stunning, original and fresh, alisa has all the qualities of a brilliant fighter, with a bit of something special that singles her out of everyone, she is my number 1 because of a man made robot who can surely kick ass, and shes super cute and attractive
Come on! Alisa isn't on top?! She's the best long range player ever. With fast lows and easy to do combos, no one can beat her
Plus she's hot and in the tekken blood vengeance movie
Amazing character with unique juggles, average speed very well balanced character. Not to over powered.
[Newest]Best character of all.

A lot of players would find this bear a waste, I actually find him worthwhile. His hunting position is great for an ambush attack. Plus, he's moves are effective.
Powerful, one needs to know the moves to take advantage to the max
Kuma is the real Bad News Bear.

23Armor King
Ok... This isn't his place. He needs to be WAY higher! Top 10 at the very least. He is my favorite character (King {i voted for him last time} is my best character but Armor King is my personal favorite). I've been him my whole life and its a shame that they took him out for 3 games (after Tekken 3 and Tag he didn't return to the games until Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, which is better version of 5. ) Heres why I think he needs a better spot:

He trained King 1 who got third in the first Tekken (king could a won if the mishimas had normal blood) and he trained King 2 (another prodigy fighter)

There are TWO of him (Armor King 1 (older brother) Armor King 2 (younger brother).

His combos are similar to Kings in tekken 1, 2, 3, and Tag, but packed more power. Ever since Tekken DR, he became a VERY ruthless and even more powerful fighter. In Tekken 6, they give him the ability to stomp on a players nutsack and face... Who tf does that?!

His grabs are actually fair since he doesn't have too much like King

His whole design is pretty tight too.

He's black from Mexico... I ain't gonna lie I think its tight as hell there is a black King

He's the only one who can tie with King in combat

Every combo and knock a player half way across the screen at the very least.

But there is one thing that no one and I mean NO ONE can counter...
He has by FAR the best story. He is the most mysterious character to EVER be apart of Tekken. He fought King 1 and had a draw and later trained King 1 and they both enter the first tournament. He lost on purpose to test Kings skill. In Tekken 2 he saves King from himself and inspires him to fight again after an orphan dies in his arms. (I don't know his status in the game really... All that was said). At one of his fights he is seen on a heart rate monitor and coughs up blood indicating his very ill (they say he was bleeding from his eyes but... No) After Ogre kills King 1, years pass and an orphan from Kings orphanage (now grown) wants to be the new King and Armor King trains him and he ever surpasses Kind 1. When the 3rd tournament ended, King 2 wonders where Armor King is and looks for him. He is in the locker WITHOUT his mask and sims to sad because he's thinking about his illness. Some passes and he is killed by Craig Marduk. Given Armor Kings good nature, he couldn't kill. Later on in 5/DR he somehow returns! And fights Marduk and wins. Marduk is confused and asks who he is since he thought he killed him. Armor Kings answer... Kick to the face! After the tournament Armor King tries to kill Marduk in the dark in his dressing room. He didn't but Marduk still got messed up. King and Marduk (they were enemies now friends) join the tournament to find out who he is. After the tournament King heads home and looks at Armor Kings photo with a lot going through his mind. He accidentally drops the fame and he finds a second photo... And TWO Armor Kings are seen in it! King and Marduk go to Armor Kings grave to see what the hell is going on. They open the coffin and Armor King is still inside. Marduk says "Whoa... So tell me... WHO ARE YOU?! " as he turns and points to the other Armor King who suddenly appears in the graveyard on a rainy night before them. King asks the same question. Armor King responds that he is Armor King and no one else. Marduk screams "don't lie to me! I killed him with my own hands! " Armor King says "Armor King isn't just one person." King and Marduk are startled. "I am Armor King.. But so was my brother, who was killed by YOU," as he explains you see a flash back of the first Armor King coughing up blood from Tekken 2. Armor King extremely angry yells, "I can NEVER forgive you! " and that's it.

Now tell me... And don't lie... You know you dying to see what happens in Tekken 7! I rest my case.

Armor King you still the realest
Someone needs to give me a dam reason. WHY DOES NO ONE LIKE ARMOR KING. Armor King is strong he has an interesting story and he's awesome. And the fact between King and Armor King is that King is the bad guy because he's friends with Marduk the guy that killed Armor King's brother. And more people like King better than Armor King. King is good, but Armor King is better
Armor King is so stronger than King. Seriously did you see Armor King's ending in Tekken 5 dark resurection. This is what happened. Armor King was walking and King came behind him. Next thing you see Armor King kicks King's stomach so hard, picks up King, turns him around, jumps very high, and Armor King smashes King's head on the ground.
[Newest]He deserve 2 rank

24Christie Monteiro
I have perfected a lot of fights against azazel using Christie with her graceful and fast moves especially her kicks.. So strong and fast. She also has a pretty good story. She's beautiful and looks like J.lo. :D but I think she should be dressed better...
I love Christie is so unique, you'll never know what is she going to do next. She also has a lot of interesting attacks and combos. Button-mashing can be used but is easy to see if the player knows what is he doing.
Favorite character I hope she is in Tekken 7. But chloe jacked a bunch of moves from her, and Katarina is from South America. I'm legitimately worried.

I voted for Kazuya but he is my second favorite character! Its TRUE that he is the hardest character to master, but once you do that, you are like Tekken God! His transmissions, counters and death combos are un lockable! Love his moves!
We're running out of raven players, pretty hard to use but when you master him. WOW, I rank 66 with raven in tag 2 and in tekken 6 I rank 15
Raven is hard to master but once you do it's Christmass time. He's not perfect ninja, I know this as a ninjutsu artist he has potential to evolve as a fighter and as a character too. As a character he's a professional cold hearted, he doesn't make bonds with other characters he only uses them to get the job done. But he has a feeling of righteousness, he believes he's doing the right thing unless... He's proven wrong that's where it'll hit him. That's why he has evolving potential as a character too.
[Newest]What do ya mean putting Raven at number 29. He has to be number 2. A kick punch punch punch has my opponent down in a matter of time.

26Anna Williams
Anna is pretty much the only character that people are jealous of and hate because she is sexually attractive from bottom to top. Any guy would do her if they had a chance.
SO underestimated. People focus on her seductive being and it's regrettable. She is quite difficult to play but with experience she is as legal as her sister. the williams are the best female characters.
Talk about the real femme fetal, Anna Williams has it all from looks to skill look out people looks do kill but above all she has killer combos and stances and a must try character for all.

27Forrest Law
Forrest Law is the best player
Brandon Lee! Buff said
You have ranked 1st in my list
[Newest]I like this player the most

28Michelle Chang
Michelle Chang is my favorite Tekken character I love her so much and I can't wait to finally play as her again in Tekken tag tournament 2! Michelle = Strong, Sexy, Kind, Smart And Fierce!
Best Tekken Character Of All Time! Michelle Is My #1 Strong, Sexy, Smart And Caring
Michelle Chang Is The Best Tekken Character Ever!
So Glad That She Is Back For T2!
She Was Always 10 Times Better Than Julia!
Michelle Fighting!

29Julia Chang
This character is the most strongest and is good against all fighters because of very strong combat
Imagine hwoarang fall in love with her or maybe he doesn't need a girlfriend, I got a feeling that hwoarang don't like Indian people. I hate Indian people is well, they bunch of idiots ha ha ha ha
I'm surprised to see Julia 23rd on this list. I've only played Tekken 5 and 6, but I just love her fighting style! How could you not like a young, smart, hot, researcher like her, that fights to protect the enviroment?

30Devil Kazuya
Devil kazuya is the strongest character I had ever seen. He defeat Devil Jin also. When Someone challenge him for fight he never lose with ease and his devil smile I just love devil kazuya
He is the best character in Tekken series, he deserves to be the 1st, I don't understand way they only made him playable in Tekken 2 and TTT, and in TTT2 they made that transformation of Kazuya that I totally disliked, Devil Kazuya as a separate character is more awesome. I understand that they don't want him have the same style of Kazuya, they didn't need to, they could put him in the game keeping the same fighting style but executing the techniques differently from Kazya.
Devil Kazuya is a badass. What else is there to say...

Oh come on! Dragunov is a killer, he has a move that is simple, but effective, that move got me past Jack-5 in tekken 6
Dragunov, SAMBO SERIOUSLY He is a RussiaN SPETSNAZ his style is fast and powerful, deadly in real life and easy to get down and make something useful with.
He is like lars in the way that he always have an option. plus he is one of the greatest characters on whiff punish
[Newest]Cool ability to fight

32Baek Doo San
His very annoying when my friend uses him especially when my friend keeps using his punches to stop me from attacking him.The only way l know of defeating Baek is using lei just basically fall to the ground and keep attacking him if you can. That is one of my best options on how to defeat him.
This guy is a beast, I always beat my friends with him and hwoarang on tekken tag 2, his kicks are both fast and strong
Hard to block all those multilevel kick combos

An unforgettable pathetic excuse for a boss. Ogre all the way.
Azazel is a big chicken
This is unacceptable. He should not be up that high smh.

Jaycee looks ok for me, I really like her mask. That fat guy in tekken fancy jaycee/julia, I got feeling that julia don't love him because he is way too fat
Jaycee is my favourite charcter in all the tekken games she is strong and preety and she's amazing charcter she is so so hot loking I love her aoutfite and I love her skills she is the best girll ever in this game

Zafina has four stances; the mantis, tarantula, scarecrow and her regular fighting stance. With her unpredictable moves, her diverse move set, if you came across an expert user of Zafina, you'd find it incredibly hard to get past her.
With high and low mix ups abd continuous combos with zafina, she is one of the best in my opinion and should at least be in top 10
Even experienced players find her unpredictable. Mastering her can and will confuse your enemies.

36Leo Kliesen
Leo is a Female that's Slams others like a man! And shes adorable.
My main Character... Vote for leo.. Come on
Hey vote properly! Leo deserves a higher spot...
He is one of the coolest character in tekken... ;) vote now for leo guys..
[Newest]Leo is most amazing character in tekken, vote for her now!

37Doctor Bosconovitch
It's cool to play as him, the most original fighter in Tekken.


In tekken 1, kunimitsu was a man. It wasn't until tekken 2 that her gender was changed by namco to female.
She is very strong and fun to be and she's got hot looks and I love her
She's my main character on tekken tag tournament 2 and easy to use

Jack 5 is way better than the other tekken characters
Jack-5 should be at no 5. Oh yeah!
High devastating machine with gun-hand and made easy to win jinpachi mishima in tekken 5

Copy characters are a big thing with fighting games. But when you turn them into a block of wood, that's when things get real!
I have mastered most of the characters so "it's" my favorite

42Monstrous Ogre

43True Ogre
True ogre is the best only job I do is make him fly and breath fire and you win
Ogre is the best. He can fly, breathe fire and he is simply the best.


45Bruce Irvin
He's a BEAST. I do great damage with this dude.
He looks like he wants to kill people.
Muay Thai. enough said

46Feng Wei
Surprised to see Feng this low. Tier-list wise Feng has always been in the top 10 or close to top 10. His low popularity is most likely due to his back story of being a master murderer whos just out for his personal gains. Fighting style wise he's a beast though. Hope they put more emphasis on story in T7
Feng should be in the top ten. He's way way way better then most characters above him.
He is a very good character with a strong and easy to use command list

He is a boxing dinosaur what more do you want.
Alex sucks! He is a boring dinosaur and reminds of Roger!

48Prototype Jack

49Roger Jr.
One of the original characters who first made an appearance in tekken 2, but was absent for a while, then made the amazing comeback in tekken 5. it is rumoured that roger might not make it in tekken 7, but I sure hope he does.
He's a kangaroo... He's a BABY kangaroo... Who fights in his mother's pouch... ONLY # 57?!?!?
Roger Jr. Is actually just an increase in the character list!

50Miharu Hirano
Miharu has same moves as Ling
Another pointless clone character. She's also even more annoying than Xiao which is a feat to admire.

51Ancient Ogre
Most badass character, very mysterious, looks awesome, doesn't speak.Made jin what he is today, heihachi underestimated him, his stance is just so awesome, and it says he understands all life. Epic

The main boss is an evil Jun, what could be better!
I like unknown becouse she is nown as jun kazama and jun is my favourite charcter and she is the best girll ever and unknown is very strong and she is amazing and I love her

May not be better than the other jacks but this one fights to protect jane

54Robert Richards

55Wang Jinrei
Wang is a very strong character but also very technical he is hard to pick up but when one learns to use his move set he is quite admirable
Once you get used to him you will find him the best. HOW COULD HE MAKE FRIENDS WITH JINPACHI.

56Slim Bob
Sick combos easy 2 use. Triangle and square + dpad and square and x with dpad =))

57Miguel Caballero Rojo
A very well-balanced character who has a good pressure game and a very entertaining and fun to learn way of fighting, street fighting to be exact. As one of my four mains (third in my rank) he is still one of the most satisfying and fun characters to use with a variety of moves that can confuse and pressure enemies if mastered and a good juggle and wall carry ability. A very fun character to use and who doesn't love his one hit death attack!?
What?! This guy is a powerhouse! What is he doing so low?!
He is the main man I mAstered him in just a week and believe me even if I face the best in the world (AKA. Knee) he will be devestated by my quick and deadly juggles and combos

Ay my name is Jackie legs and I've come to say hello... But on a serious note, guy can't catch a break. His own family keeps beating him up.

Psst! And thanks for the tutorials!

Every rich person should have a butler who can fight. Just ask Rachel Alucard.
Well, he is simply "one HELL of a butler".

Oh god the reference

61Tiger Jackson


A sexy narcoleptic vampire?
How awesome is that?

64Gun Jack

65Tekken Tag 2 Combot

I really like saint/holy characters. Tekken need at least one considering that devil were included

67Lili Rochefort
She is like the best tekken character. plus I love her kicking skill. yeah she is kinda slow but she is powerful
She is so beautiful

68Josie Rizal
She will represent the Philippines in the upcoming tekken 7




72Kazumi Mishima


74Young Heihachi

75Lucky Chloe
Believe it or not, she's a brand new character that's just been confirmed for Tekken 7.

A brand new Saudi Arabian character

His abilities are greater than every other character I can't understand how jin can beat him
Ogre is the best boss ever
Isn't he supposed 2 b very powerful... ? What is he doing so low here?

78Lei Wulong
He is the most versatile fighter in the game. His five-form kung fu and drunken master styles are fancy-looking and gratifying moves. When you combine these styles with eachother, you can be invincible. Because your opponent will be confused what lei Wulong is going to do next time.
He's dope. His styles are fitting for every situation and his combination of high and low attacks prove him to be a very tricky opponent. He also looks cool with his ceremonial fighting robes and badass martial arts expertise.
His fighting style and tricks are simply awesome! I have played with many fighters but never saw a fighter like Lei. I have almost mastered all his moves.
[Newest]He was very strong fighter in tekken 3

This guy may be fat but a guy to be admired.
This guy is THE best sumo in any fighting video game ever. From starting out as a weaker Jack clone, he sure has developed into a unique and deadly fighter. I Mained him just cause no one else did, and to see the looks on their faces when they realized they got owned by Ganryu! DOSUKOI!
Ganryu may be fat and all but he is strong IF you know hot to use him he's one of my favourites

80Craig Marduk
Why is he so low on the list. He may be big and easy to hit, but really he has a good move set, and is King's best friend.
Amazing guy, my favorite since tekken 5 should be at the top
Being trained in the art of mma myself he is my favorite character
[Newest]Wow. This is kinda sad to see how low he is on this list.

81Shin Kamiya
He is the best, Cool Hairstyle, Eyes, Body, Handsome, just perfect character and immortality. Shin Kamiya is Epic I want to play with him in Tekken.

82Tekken 4 Combot
Can't be so low rite?

83Devil Ganryu
Playable through glitch with tekken 6 ending
He can not fly.

Underrated and unique. If you plan on getting good with Panda/Kuma, expect to lose a lot at first. Once you master her, she's great fun to play, and very hard to predict
Nobody gives a jack about Panda. Just a pointless Kuma clone.
That panda is so cute

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