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Tekken 3
This was clearly the best out of the series, nothing beats the originals. My favourite character is Hwoarang
I Love this game, it brings back so many memories, my favourite characters and still are to this day, Nina Williams and Ling Xiaoyu
The best tekken ever
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2Tekken 5
I haven't played this in ages but from memory it had heaps o characters and great movesets, my favourite was a toss up between 5 and 3 but tekken 5's extended roster and moves won me over.


Tekken 5 brings back the most memories for me, I remember the days of relaxing and listening the the great soundtrack, customizing, playing arcade over and over, Devil Within, it's an overall great game. King is my favourite in the series and I main him in every game, and he is so good in this game. T5 makes me so nostalgic
It's really hard to choose between all these great games! As I must choose, I choose Tekken 5 because it offers a huge selection of characters, stories well done, an arcade mode that gives a true longevity in the game and especially the first customization in Tekken. But the removal of Tekken Force as Devil Within mode is less good especially because of Jin.


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3Tekken 2
Tekken 2 is my favourite game out of the whole Tekken series, my favourite character is Michelle Chang
Gotta love playing with law, and jun kazama is a beast!

4Tekken Tag Tournament 2
How can this not be number 1? It's the best Tekken game up to date and it's very challenging. More than 50 characters and amazing decal customisation.


5Tekken Tag Tournament
My favorite tekken game of all time. gotta love playing with the Hwoarang/Julia team.

6Tekken 6
Thought this would be higher it is amazing
Awesome on Xbox 360

7Tekken 4
I vote for Tekken 4 because it had changed everything about Tekken in a really good way. An excellent transition from the PS1 games and a small simple charecters roster
This is one of the best game ever made in my opinion
Tekken 4 is my favorite tekken along with 4, tag, 5. Both 3 & 4 had the best soundtracks


The first Tekken.


9Tekken - Dark Resurrection

10Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

The Contenders

11Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

The ninth Tekken.


12Tekken Hybrid

13Tekken Advance

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