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The picture quality of Sony T.V. 's is just stunning. Clear picture, fresh colors, a very deep black. Once a Sony always a Sony. Especially for HD stuff and gaming Sony T.V. 's are great, I recommend buying them!
AWESOME brand I have 3 Sony tvs in my house.


I have this old sony that our grandpa gave as a gift to my son who was still a 5 month old toddler then.. And that was seven years ago. Interesting to note that set was already 15 years old then since it was said to have been purchased way back in the early 1990- a trinitron class without an audio/video input so that watching a film using a dvd player requires an AV Modulator. It was a KV-19APR1 model, a type which one might not remember anymore and yet it is still working well today and outlived my other sony that I bought in 2001..
We also had a sony T.V. and it went bad within 3 years.
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LG is the Apple for T.V. 's. I bought a Samsung 1080p PNZ550 50" Plasma 2 years ago and it messed up on me on the SECOND DAY. I bought an LG 60PZ550 almost 2 years ago and I've NEVER had a problem with it. My brother bought a Samsung 50" Plasma a few months ago, and guess what? HIS Samsung 50" Plasma messed up on him recently. He didn't keep the receipt like I did and now he has no choice but to keep a garbage T.V. with a problem. Samsung makes GARBAGE T.V. 's. NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG. If you have 4 Samsung T.V. 's then you're lucky none of them have messed up on you... Yet.
I have a 5 year old Samsung 47" 1080 LCD and I have only had one minor problem where the capacitor went bad on it. If you know anything about anything, then it's only a $25 fix to solder a new one back on to the circuit board. If you're worthless, then it will cost you about $200 to pay Geek Squad to fix it. The thing now works like the day I bought it. I also just bought a new Samsung 40" 1080 LED for my bedroom. For the picture quality, you can't beat a Samsung.
Our 40" Samsung LCD T.V. started flickering and blacking out right after the 3 year warrant was out. We have a smaller Samsung that bought for the guest room at the same time that is still working and now we're having to watch it in our family room. We're going shopping for a new T.V. soon and it won't be Samsung.
[Newest]The reason a Samsung T.V. is better than the bottom two because vizio is good but a sony company so you would expect it to be like a sony. Sonys are nice but they are not very stylish. Samsung is extreme in style making complete tvs as thin as a pencil. PS I like xbox and sony rhymes with phony
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LG is good brand... Great picture quality...
My year old LG has a great picture and came at a reasonable price, but I wasted my my money on the 3D. If I buy another flat screen (LCD, LED), it will be another LG. Also own 2 Samsungs and a Sharp without any problems and with darn good pictures, but the LG beats them all.
Get one. They are not that expensive and have very great quality. I got one for less than 1000 and it looks like its a 2000 dollar T.V.
[Newest]Lg just makes life good
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We have a Panasonic viera which we bought last year, we have never had and problems with it, IT'S THE BEST T.V. eVER! We have also connected it to a sky plus hd box, they are epic too!
They make a great T.V. , our 50" plasma is several years old and still work flawlessly and has a great picture!
Have had my picture in picture 32 inch Panasonic for about 20 years. Still working great and color and picture is fantastic. Starting to get white lines across top when turned on. May be dusty inside but still a great T.V.. Will try vacuuming the top-hard to get to, but may help! Love Panasonic's!
I have a 54 inch plasma VT 25 and bought it in 2010 No problems at all and still going strong best picture with true blacks and live shows are like you are their in the stadium. I am sad that Panasonic has discontinued this product. I would buy it again if available. Bring it back.
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I've had my 51" for about 4 years I've never had a problem, pictures are great, quality is too. The only thing is that I sometimes loose the control so I manually put the volume up at times and out of the blue it changes channels, so either it's haunted or a tight bit odd. I love it though, my first flat screen and I would totally purchase another phillips.
My father Purchase Philips in 1987, and its work very good.
But now in 2012 it is not working well, so now we are searching another T.V. phils. I think philips is the best.
Don't know about the lower-end models but for the high-end, specifically the 46PFL9707, Philips holds the cup for me in terms of 2D picture quality for a LCD/LED T.V.. My alternative would be the Sony KDL-46HX850. As a kid, we've only owned Philips and Sony T.V.'s and think that it may be because of this that has influenced my preference of TVs.
I have a phillips led T.V. and I really satisfied to its performance...
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TOSHIBA - along w/ Sony - have long been the pioneers of T.V.'s that not only have THE BEST quality pictures but also have decades of proven longevity. All these "newcomers" have spent millions on advertising (and by and large, brainwashing the general public by, basically, brainwashing them with lower quality, inferior, and cheaper television sets). The old adage applies here - as with most electronic devices - you get what you pay for (chump! )!

On the aforementioned note:Ironic that the problem-plagued Vizio (just Google "Vizio" & your auto-choices will reflect such).
4 year old Toshiba 1080p 120hz flat panel T.V.. Still going strong, never a problem. I'll look for the Toshiba brand again when shopping for a new T.V..
LOVE their TVs SO much!


Had this T.V. for 4 years and not 1 problem to date! I love this brand and highly recommend
It to others. If your looking for a picture that jumps out at you and quality HD then this is
The T.V. 4 U!
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I've been using my 37" Razor LED Vizio for over two years and its a fantastic television for movies, gaming, and has amazing sound quality. The best T.V. I have used so far and I recommend it to everyone.
Best Brand On The Market. Has great sound quality and a Picture as Sharp as LG, Sony Or Samsung who are the big 3 names.
I've been using my 42" Vizio for over five years now and works great like the firs day I bought it. I just bought a 60" led, Vizio of course, and awaiting its arrival, best brand!
I recently purchased a Visio 600i-B3 smart T.V. to replace a 3 year old Samsung 58" 7000 series plasma smart T.V..

Other than a bit less brightness and a little bit of motion blur, the Visio 600i-B3 is superior to the Samsung plasma in every other way. And, surprisingly, it's not even the upper level M-series Visio line. I had a lot of problems with the apps and with a pink shimmer over white areas of the screen of the Samsung (that they would not fix under warranty), so I'm so glad to be rid of Samsung.
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Sharp TVs are so sharp, laugh out loud


Eight years ago we bought a Sharp 55 inch LCD and it is still delivering the goods every evening for us. From my perspective Sharp stays ahead of the pack with its unique technologies and high quality, long lasting televisions.
Sharp always, the best option without extra payment only for a "super name"..
Sharp is the only T.V. with internal Bass system.
Its has some unique technologie such as when you change channels sharp T.V. responds very quickly then Sony Samsung LG and all other T.V..

All the T.V. brands have Sharp Processor and all other tools materials inside to make a T.V. work. So don't underestimate Sharp Without sharp no other T.V. brands exist.
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Great design and graphics.


Just bought a 57 inch projection. Its 7 yrs old and the best pic I have ever seen

I've got 6 they all work fab. Hello mum
We have a new 39" led. Bought it because we believed in the brand. We have a sanyo T.V. W/c is 7 yrs now and still working albiet it is just placed outdoors.

The Contenders

Hisense T.V. the best product
Hisense makes a new family brand in this world, make new a better place to be a number 1 brand in the world. lets turn to hisense T.V.
In this year hisense is the top three brand in world
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Owned from 2002-2013. Still perfect when it was sold last year on craigslist.
It's a quality picture T.V. and great to watch

Hitachi is the #1 brand
Sounds like an Indian name, Hitachi


I have a 12 year old 42" plasma still going with beautiful picture!
Great make love them better than Panasonic or Samsung
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Great T.V. , just Great.


I have a RCA LED T.V. the quality is good and no problems
Rca is worst band to buy
Had radio it quit working
Had T.V. had issue
Rca is c¤ap


I've had it for about a year now and the picture isn't bad. Also, we've haven't had any problems with it. I don't know why it's this low on T.V. brands.
Good color and sharpe picture.

I would buy again!
We have had it for 3 years no problem
I love this T.V. its amazing really nice crisp sound and has a really nice picture in my opinion this T.V. should be higher on this list
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I like skyworth T.V...
Nice so affordable and nice picture
I do have this one at home. Product is good. Hope they can produce more affordable with good quality.
Ooohhh is so good in picture quality!
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Its like nokia its inditructible
It is high technology compare to other brand
Great smart T.V. at low cost with high end tech...
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We bought it last 2010 and we don't have any problem with this brand since we bought it. And the price is good and the technology is superb compared to the leading brands in the market today. Any brand in the market even how high tech it is, it depends on the owner how to adjust its functions and to manipulate it.
Got 32 led still good after 6years..
Great Video Quality, and Affordable!
Compare to Leading Manufacturer's... It's just the same
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Micromax leds are good and the price is unbelievable.
Built in quality is no way less than lg or samsung

Just try and you will see...


Great T.V. easy to adjust to your likings
Good T.V. , various options and easy 2 adjust
I have had one for just a year now but it won't show images, just blank screen with sound





I have a pensonic T.V.. I own it about 3 years now. good T.V. with low price...
I just love the picture quality

Very good picture quality.. Durable and affordable compare to the other leading brands..
Number 1 panel.. No doubt very durable and have very good specs..
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Love mine. Good picture quality and not as expensive as some "higher quality" brands. I have had mine for 2 years now and don't plan on trading it in any time soon.
I get Westinghouse for 6 year and don't working.
47" Going strong for 5 years now


Good picture quality and sound...

I have a 37 inch Dynex that my father won from his job and I never heard of this T.V. before. It surprised me how good this T.V. 's picture is because I have never seen anyone have this T.V.. The picture is awesome and I've been owning this T.V. for about 4 years.
I Have one and I don't want to get rid of it
Purchased a 37" Dynex T.V. back when President Bush gave us a "tax stimulus check". So that was what, like what maybe 6 years ago. Has never given us any problem at all.

Best underground T.V. ever, I swear to god

Best T.V. no problems..


My element T.V. is reall good I love it

I have one really sharp and clear. Should be in the top 10. And it is great for gaming
Pretty good company... ALTHOUGH I'VE NEVER HEARD OF IT!

Best picture quality & sound quality

Mivar TVs are all made in Italy. The Italian design elegant and efficient!


This is not bad, well its even better than RCA
This item's not bad, its even better than RCA

Best T.V. in the world

It is made in korea

Have had 4 years of perfect viewing with my AOC 42 inch 1080p lcd T.V.. Friends and relatives have commented on how my T.V. picture is better than their bland looking samsungs and grainy sony tvs


Had an orion 32 inch hd ready lcd T.V. for over 5 years and no problems. Sold it to a neighbor who has had another 3 years of trouble free viewing.
Lasted me a year so far. Good picture and sound


Best in market price...

Cheap and good quility

It has got a very clear picture



Best T.V. by far



This is good product from Norway especially T.V..




Caps on PS eventually went out, but were easily replaced. No name brand T.V. that gets you by.



Never heard of it, but desnt look brilliant




Have seen this product around and available on the market but I don't know how durable it is.




Great Picture, The power button doesn't work all of the time though.

Great little T.V.. Very reliable and lasted for years. It was my aunts first and it was given to me. The picture quality is very good for a small tube T.V.. You can get them these days for very cheap so they are total steals!


Big tvs all the time. Never small. Biggest T.V. 100 inches.

Worst T.V. brand ever


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