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22 Rock Your Socks Rock Your Socks

I'd have to argue that this is Probably their Best song, The sound is perfect, and the song just Oozes tenacious D, and it's just great when he changes the Lyrics During live Events, it's truly an Underrated hit.

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23 Dude, I Totally Miss You Dude, I Totally Miss You

How come dis song be so down in d least...

24 Kyle Quit the Band Kyle Quit the Band
25 C*** Pushups C*** Pushups
26 Karate Schnitzel Karate Schnitzel
27 Friendship Friendship
28 Double Team Double Team

Great song, great story. Catchy too! This is one of the D's all time greats and surely deserves to be in the top ten.

Having Sex With Me And KG Thats What U Call Double Team Supreme

29 Explosivo Explosivo
30 Baby Baby
31 Throw Down Throw Down

Its awesome and the solo is epic

32 Break In-City Break In-City

This deserves top 10 at least. Heavy riffs, strong vocals. What more do you need?

I actually sounds like a true break in song

33 Drive-Thru Drive-Thru
34 Lee Lee

A fun 1 minute of listen.

35 Rock Is Dead Rock Is Dead

Rock may be dead, but metal will live high and mighty.

It is sad but true... But most rock is dead except for tenacious D

36 Destiny Destiny V 1 Comment
37 Karate Karate
38 Señorita Señorita
39 The Road The Road

It's not even in the top forty, it should be in like, tenth place or something like that.

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40 The Last In Line The Last In Line
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