Best Testament Songs


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The Top Ten

Over the Wall
I just like this song. I've listened to other songs by Testament and I just keep coming back to this one.. :3 I guess I have good taste in music :P laugh out loud
It's the best song, way better than Souls Of Black
Easily the best Testament song. It was great when it first came out and still kicks ass. Skolnick shredded this song as a teenager. Amazing!

2Souls of Black
intense intro and totally kiscks ass. like this song got me into thrash metal altogether. go souls of black! whoo
AMAZING INTRO. This was the first song I ever heard from this band and from then om I was hooked to it like crack.
Their best song! This bands thrashes really good!


[Newest]Kick ass intro.. Kick ass riffs.. Kick ass all the way...

3Return to Serenity
Isn't the tone of the guitar just perfect in this song. The solo totally melts my face and the voice just lingers in my head long after the song is over. Musically I would say that Testament have not made a better song. (With the exception of Musical Death maybe)
Sweet solo - this song seems like the Testament equivalent of Nothing Else Matters.


The best Chorus ever made in the history of the thrash metal and the riff is AWESOME! Best Part of the song is the SOLO! And the best ever song from testament far better then over the wall.
[Newest]One of my all time favorite solo, Alex Skolnick has an incredible feel for that kind of ballad songs.

4More Than Meets the Eye
doesn't need an explanation, its the best song
As a bassist, I still feel that Souls of Black is highly overrated. I still love the song and always will. Testament's a GREAT band; as good as the Maiden crew. Great live, great studio. Gotta love them!
I voted for More than Meets the Eye cus real favorite is DNR but it wasn't on the list... though More than Meets the Eye is a close 2nd for me (those 2 songs are actually quite similar).
One of my all time favorite songs, I have to vote for it.

5Practice What You Preach
this song is a true thrash metal classic and has an amazing solo. Souls of black and over the wall are good but nothing compared to practice what you preach.
Really hard to choose between this song, which has fantastic rhythm and tempo and strong lyrics, and Electric Crown, which has great variety. This was my favorite for the longest, so I will worship it here.
Brilliant song... First testament song I listened to! Like chuck billy's vocals and the amazing guitar work!

6The New Order
This song kicks so much ass the entire 4:27 seconds you hear it. Everything from the post- apocalyptic intro to the last epic chorus, it grabs you by the balls and you enjoy it. Best off the album by far.
This is their finest song from their finest album. The New Order nails it on all fronts. It even beats over the wall. Souls of Black and return to serenity are way too overrated.
This is my favorite song by them to be honest! I don't know y but I get this giant smile on my face whenever I hear it!

7Electric Crown
Excellent song it got me into this band, the thing I most like about it is that they are iron maiden inspired. It is very rare to find such bands also try EDGUY.
If it wasn't for this song, I wouldn't even like testament!
Electric Crown is Testament's equivalent to Metallica's Ride The Lighting! IT'S AWESOME! M/

8Into the Pit
Classic track from a classic album, however Testament has plenty of damn good or utterly outstanding "caught in the moshing pit" songs anyway in the whole genre (The New Order, True Believer, A Day In The Death to name my favorites). Testament, Overkill, Death Angel, Dark Angel, that's the Big 4 in my eyes... (not to mention last two studio releases by Death (Symbolic, TSOP) which are another pinnacle of progressive thrash metal together with hidden gen "Time Does Not Heal"! ). Anthrax, Megadeth, Metalica, Slayer are so-so rock bands, the pulled off some classic material, but also lots of crap, way more than this underrated (or just simply because of number of sold units) four way better bands than those fanboys and mags like rolling stone (Slash as best guitarist, laugh out loud! ) rave about.
Brutal, powerful, melodic. Combines the best elements of first three albums. Heard it live on Clash of the Titans and been amazed... For the next 23 years:-)
Epic Song much prefer the 2001 version though.

9Trial by Fire
its a trial by fire! such a good song. this song makes me like them almost even more then metallica. almost...
All I can say is "A TRIAL BY FIRE! "
My ears are melted when I first heard this song.
Brilliant intro, vocals, powerful thrash riff and a great solo
This song is definitely one of the best.


10D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
The gathering was an amazing album, and d.n.r. started it off greately
My favorite is More Than Meets the Eye, but it was already rated pretty high.D.N.R. needs some more love!
More than meets the eye is one of my favorite songs ever but this is almost just as amazing! I love the whole Gathering album and this one sticks out the most
[Newest]Just started my journey with Testament, this song is intense, like wow intense, I love it

The Contenders

11Burnt Offerings
No reason, just a great song!
Brilliant riffs and solo. Very heavy indeed!
: )

12The Legacy
This song is so damn good, one of their best!
What a ballad...
should be in top 5.

13Alone In The Dark
Should be first! Great song with epic riff.
I really never like testament, I think alex es one of the greatest guitarrists ever, but for me is really difficult to understand the testament music, anywhay, this is a killer song

14Sins of Omission
great intro, great lyrics and great solo


It is so dramatic and intense! It has a super intro and riffs and they all melt together in the mood, besides it just makes you wanna thrash it all!
The song that got me into Testament. Amazing work from Skolnick and Chuck. The perfect combination of heaviness and melody.

15First Strike Is Deadly

16Disciples of a Watch
One of my favorite songs of Testament! OBEY or I WILL BURN YOU TO THAT CROSS! Really good song, check it out!
This song must be included in d top 5! The solo is awesome!
What is dis song doing way down here. Everyelse is deaf

17True American Hate
Very solid metal song from their new album, with a sweet guitar riffing and also nice drum beats!
My favorite is Practice What You Preach but I voted for this because it is so low. Need more stuff from Dark Roots of Earth
Whaat it is rated so low...
Its riff is great and the solo is must for every metalhead..
It's low because a lot of people that like metal only like their old music


18Down for Life
One of the heaviest, most hard-hitting riffs I've ever heard.
Great music, heaven yeahh

19The Ballad
Is one of the best songs of testament, as it has an excellent acoustic intro, an ending exploited, deserves to be in the top 10, as it is one of his songs more commercial.
Amazing emotional song! Why is it so low?

20Raging Waters
I can't believe this song isn't higher on the list...

21The Haunting
this is so much better than over the wall >:(

22Dark Roots of Earth
Awesome melody. Modern thrash combined with their good old old-school stuff turned out to be just EPIC!

23Killing Season
Easily the best hook they have to offer. Up there with the best of the older bands: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath. Not my favourite band but this is easily on my iTunes replay.

24Native Blood
An amazing song should be way higher then this please vote for it more people
Badass song.. the guitar duo is awesome... just love it...

25Rise Up
One of the most powerful testament's song. The most original thrash intro! Testament is like the wine.. Better as the years go by!

26Face In the Sky

27Legions of the Dead

28The Persecuted Won't Forget
Freat intro riff. Should be higher up

29Eyes of Wrath

30A Day In the Death

313 Days In Darkness
There's a reason as to why this song is always performed live. It's just so good. The riffs and Chuck's vocals are amazing

32Trail of Tears
How is this not higher? , I'm a massive testament fan and this song is seriously underrated, amazing songwriting by these guys not to mention the solo love the part where Peterson comes in for that epic part then Murphy totally melts your face off. At least their best song from Low and probably the 90s too, better than Electric Crown, Low, Eyes of Wrath and Return to Serenity for sure. Chuck's voice was probably in his prime here too, at least 'musically' anyway rather than shouting thrash, though his voice has always been amazing.
Such an awesome song from start to finish, I think it deserves to be a lot higher. I love all of Testament from The Legacy to Dark Roots.. They've done so many amazing tracks, this song would definitely be in my top 10 and on most days my top 5

33Henchmen Ride
This was my first Testament Song! It's amazing!

34Apocalyptic City
Not my favorite album but I think this is the best song out of all of them


38? While Return To Serenity is 4? You people are idiots.
My favorite Testament tune... I can feel the fire!


36Musical Death
A very well composed instrumental, it has a very good structure with soft, heavy and fast parts. It was the first testament song I ever heard and loved it straight away, being a Metallica fan this band was easy to get into.


My favourite song, this song is very technical and also very melodic, this two things make this song a very beautiful one, such a MASTERPIECE.
My personal favorite. this song is an absolute masterpiece.

37The Preacher
Surprised how low this is. One of the songs in thrash as far as I'm concerned. Impressive pace & a sweet melody, with some of Chuck's best vocal work - Perfect for pitting.

38Eerie Inhabitants

39Sewn Shut Eyes

40The Evil Has Landed
, I can't get enough of this song! This is probably in my top 3 testament tunes. This is probably the next metal classic

Amazing song, deserves higher



42Throne of Thorns

43True Believer
Seriously amazed this isn't higher, I absolutely love the sound of this song. The slower beat and pure, gritty vocals are just so well done in this it melts my mind!

44The Formation of Damnation

45Man Kills Mankind
Most underrated Testament song. The most awesome riffs and awesome vocals from chuck. I headbang to every second of this song and it sends chills down my spine every time chuck goes "winds of change keeps you searching for the truth"


46Dog Faced Gods
This is like the best thrash metal song ever! Amazing riffs, amazing solo, brutal vocal. Absolutely the best song by Testament. , /

47One Man's Fate

Really underrated song gives me the feels every time its about chuck losing his father and cherishing all the wisdom his dad passed on and how he belives he will see him again in the afterlife, this song has an epic solo and amazing chorus and in my opinion is one of testaments best songs

49So Many Lies
Everyone is somehow forgetting about the most intense Testament song of them, this has got everything and it brings a tear to my eye every time I listen to it. I suggest that Testament fans give this song another listen.
How are people not voting for this one. Please listen to it closely, you won't be disappointed.

50Blessed In Contempt

51Perilous Nation
I was looking for this song, and I was very impressed when founded here!
Can't believe It's not in top 10.


53Demonic Refusal

54Rapid Fire

55A Day of Reckoning

56Curse of the Legions of Death

57Reign of Terror

58Do or Die

59New Eyes of Old


61Time Is Coming
This is one of my 10 favorites! The first song I listened to (because of Pandora radio), and is still a good song

Vote for this!

62Hail Mary
The sick intro is magnificent. The vocals are quite fitting to the lyrics the awesome drums and the solo oh my God, how 's that not even top ten...

63Cold Embrace
Best song from the new album. It the best ballad from a band who wrote the book on thrash ballads sorry Metallica. Top 10 easy testaments not in the big 4 cause they stand alone #1

In my opinion, One of Testament's most under-rated songs and my personal favorite off their album "The Ritual, I love the heavy guitar riffs and the vocal work done is very superb, this is one of the TRUE thrash metal songs I have heard... and I love it! How this is not ranked higher is way beyond me.

65Let Go of My World

66Animal Magnetism
Seriously... not even on the list? I'm not gonna tell you it should be this or that. It's a scorpions remake... just happens to be a very good one. Give a listen and make up your own mind

67Greenhouse Effect

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