Best Things About Cats

if you do not know why cats are great pets, you have to read this list.

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1they're so cute

I think that all cats are cute, including the hairless cats, simply because of their sweet personalities and their faces. You just want to squeal with delight. This is why I am obsessed with cats. In fact my sister and I have a cat each of our own. - Murvine_Taylor

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2they are potty trained
3they love to lay on your lap
4they don't make loud noises

Unlike dogs. So damn annoying

9they play with anything, like feathers.
10they are so soft and fuzzy

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11Ninja-like stealth
12they purr
13they give you nose kisses

My cat, and a lot of cats that I meet do this. It is so sweet. - Murvine_Taylor

14they are calm

Dogs are always just ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE.. - Celestius

15Low maintenance
16their paws feel good when they walk on your body
17they scare away mice and rats
18you dont have to walk them

That's the only reason to prefer a cat to a dog ;)

19Fun to play with
20they groom themselves
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1. They give you nose kisses
2. They purr
3. Their paws feel good when they walk on your body.



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