Top Ten Best Things About Sephora

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The Smell
The smell of make-up and perfume make me feel happy and comfortable.
It always smells amazing in sephora! Even if you don't buy anything it's great to be able to enjoy the atmosphere!

2The Colors
SO MANY COLORS! Color nirvana, seriously. You walk into any Sephora store, and the first thing you notice will be the variety of colors they have for each product. As said above in 'The Variety, ' there literally is a color for every person who goes there!
The eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, the packaging! So many colors, colors for every look and mood.
The colors includes variety! It's like there's a whole rainbow stuffed inside the store!

3Birthday Gifts
The birthday gift you get each year is free! All you need to do is sign up to be a beauty insider, which is also free to join! The birthday gifts are given only once a year, but they aren't shabby.
You get a little birthday pack on your birthday if you have a Beauty Insider Card
Love the gift from them. I am their big fan of Sephora.
They have the best quality.

They have the best brands in make-up, cosmetics, and fragrances.

5The Variety
There is literally a make-up type for every person there. natural look, glam, dramatic, subtle, cute..
Lord do I spend countless hours looking at makeup that I won't even purchase!
This one should definitely be The top! Idc about the smell or anything its just having all those options haha


6The Self Esteem Boost You Get From a Visit to Sephora
I never walk out of there feeling anything but fantastic.

7Beauty Insider Card
With the Beauty Insider Card, each dollar you spend equals one point. Sometimes they have double point day! You get free gifts for certain point accumulations.

Very Important Beauty Insider: when you spend $300 dollars or more in a year, you become a VIB, entitling you to free goodie bags, occasional free shipping, and other exclusive offers!

9Free Online Shipping On Orders $50 or More
Pretty much explains itself.

10The Customer Service
I have yet to go into a Sephora and not feel like I'm important, and being well taken care of. They are helpful, extra attentive, and very friendly
Yes it is amazing - I remember going there and getting a complete makeover for a special event - I even splurged and bought all the products!


The Contenders

11Free Makeup Every Visit
You can try on any makeup you want for free

12Pantone Makeup - A Sephora Exclusive

13The Perfumes
Keep your family, friends and dear ones smiling and happy on any special day and occasion by delivery attractive gifts. Send Flowers to Malaysia through any online shopping store and express your best love and affection.

14Bumble and Bumble
The grooming creme is AMAZING

15Selection of OPI Nail Polishes

16Benefit Cosmetics

17Free Samples

18Making Your Girl Happy

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