Best Things About Uncharted

I think that a lot of you guys know of the action adventure third person shooter trilogy Uncharted for the Playstation 3. Here are what I found are the best things about that game.

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1The Storyline

Uncharted has great storylines. They could be made into a movie. - mtndew37

The storyline is amazing, plus it naturally unfolds. Awesome!

Playing Uncharted 3 now, and the storyline is amazing! - Alpha101

2The Puzzles

They have great puzzles in their games. It gives the game a bit of challenge. The puzzles may not be to hard, but there fun to figure out. - mtndew37

3The Climbing

It's known for the way Nathen Drake scales up walls. I don't know how he does it. - mtndew37

4The Fights

When you arrive at a large area with a bunch of cover spots you know that your in for a shootout. - mtndew37


It's fun when you see a cave and you go inside and explore around. - mtndew37

6The Multiplayer

Introduced in Uncharted 2, the multiplayer really is awesome. - mtndew37

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7The Final Bosses

They have awesome final bosses, no denying that. - mtndew37

8The Bosses

There bosses are awesome, my favorite being the helicopter in Uncharted 2. - mtndew37

9The Characters

Really awesome characters. Like Nathan Drake and his smart ass funny personality, and Sully, the 60 year old ladies man who wants nothing more then a bundle of cash. - mtndew37

I love Nathan's ability to crack a joke even with a gun in his face

10Nathan Drake (Main Character)

Without him there would be no such thing as uncharted

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11The Antagonists

Awesome antagonists, my favorite being Lazarivich ( however you spell it ) in Uncharted 2. - mtndew37

12The Humor
13The Cutscenes
14The Graphics
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