Best Things About Christmas

You don't have to be a ten year old kid to like Christmas you know. I'm not and I love it.

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1Christmas Eve

It's all about anticipation. You can't wait to see what you're going to get, even as you're falling asleep. Merry Christmas, guys! - arbeZameniC

I don't seriously know why Christmas Eve is shopping day in america and Christmas Day is the climax while in Finland (possibly somewhere else) Christmas Eve is the day when you calm down, rest, enjoy being with family, eat great food and have great feeling. :D

This is actually my favorite day of the year because it's the anticipation. When Christmas day is over its kinda a letdown. - Curtis_Huber

When you are pumped for the next day to see presents under the Christmas tree. - SapphireGrim

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2The Birth of Jesus Christ

How can this not be number 1? It's the reason we have Christmas and he would've died for any one of us. Even if there was just one of us! Christ was perfect, sinless, clean, pleasant, humorous, loving, wise, hard working, fun. When I think of the things he is I live him even more and there is no doubt he's number 1!

God becoming flesh & blood and showing what real love looks like not just to a bunch of shepherds 2000 years ago but inviting us today to follow him, know him and know God's acceptance, peace, joy, forgiveness and the reason why He gave us breath. Got to be the very best thing about Christmas!

I have NO idea why this isn't at the top of the list... Jesus being born should be the most special and real and perfect thing that ever happens ever!?! There isn't anything more special, ever, because seriously he is number one!

At least someone has got it right. Baby Jesus is why Christmas is Christmas - If it weren't for Baby Jesus then none of the other things on this list would exist.

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3Being With Family

I love my family I wish it could be Christmas Every day I love receiving and giving presents whats not to like.

Getting together to share this religious festival together. With food and presents, it's always better if you have family and friends round.

I love my family and I wouldn't want to be away from them

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Laugh out loud everyone LOVES this.. When you say Christmas I think of presents (and jesus ), pretty epic moment when you get what you want - SmoothCriminal

I think the excitement when my mom puts presents under the tree two weeks before Christmas and I'm wondering what they are is just as exciting as actually opening them. - RockFashionista

I love presents. It's the time I get things I don't get when it's not Christmas

Presents are great!

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5Christmas Day

It ends quick. But its all worth it. - PotBellyPup

I'm getting a boogie board for Christmas and they're only 24 days left! I'm begging my parents for it

After you've opened your presents seen the family and had your dinner that's it. Christmas is over then

I also know Santa isn't real

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6The Lights / Decorations

So nice, I live near the harbour so going out and seeing the lights reflect on the sea and the christmas lights everywhere. Love it! - PotBellyPup

Oh my god its so so so so so beautiful. - fireinside96

Putting up the decorations, our family put up the tree on the 1st of december, too early?

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7The Music

The music should pick anyone up from the brink of depression. - PotBellyPup

Christmastime is the only time of the year I don't feel suicidal. The music is a huge part of that. - RockFashionista

Oh look a new song from Ariana Grande, oh and it's Christmas related. Cool

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart...

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It rarely snows over here in england. But it has done. - PotBellyPup

On Christmas 2013, it was the only day of the entire year that snowed, but it was also sleeting and hailing so I don't think it was snow but still... - Harri666

It hardly ever snows on Christmas in Liverpool :/

Snow needs to be higher - lizard302

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9School Holidays

For those school haters. Its brilliant to relax for days. - PotBellyPup

I really hate school so I really love this time.

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10Christmas Dinner

Personally I never ate Christmas dinners, but I ask the cooks whats on the menu for Christmas dinner and the food looks so delicious.

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11Santa Claus

I stopped believing in him when I was seven because science got the best of me. Being smart has completely RUINED my childhood. - RockFashionista

I'm a child (don't be alarmed) and I know that Santa isn't real. My sister says he is, but in like, sprit. The truth? Saint Nick (Santa) is dead and buried in Italy. #Besmart - FennikenFan9

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12Decorating the Tree

Decorating the tree just reminds me of when I was an innocent little child with no worries. Spending time with family decorating the tree is one of the best Christmas experiences of my whole life.

13Eating Milk and Cookies
14The Happiness

Walk down a street near christmas, everybody seems to be happy. - PotBellyPup

Christmastime is the only time of year I'm not depressed and suicidal. Everyone else seems to be really happy too. - RockFashionista


For some, they love to put there feet up and drink whiskey and get drunk. Happly. - PotBellyPup

I add, did I just say 'drink whiskey and get drunk'?. Wow, just wow. - PotBellyPup

16The Spirit
17Play With the Gifts
18Christmas Lights

It gets better when you wait. - PotBellyPup


No one shall be sad in Christmas day

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