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2Someday, Someday

This was the song my husband & I chose as 'our song' when we had been together for a year - no we've been together for almost 9 years and it still has a significant meaning to us =)

Read through the Someday, Someday lyrics. You'll see it's a beautiful song.. Yet so damn underrated. Kinda sad really.

Best one. Simply because of the lyrics... Great tune, great guitar, great vocals. RATE IT UP!

3In the Summertime
4Tommy and Krista

This song is so catchy! I love the lyrics, the film clip and the tune/rhythm of the song. Rai's voice sounds a-mazing and its just so classic thirsty merc. It is also amazing in concert, I love it!

5The Hard Way
6Mousetrap Heart
7Those Eyes
9The Whole World Reminds Me of You
10She's My Brother
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