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1Rust in Peace - Megadeth

Amazing riffs, amazing solos, amazing bass playing and Dave is one of the better thrash metal singers.

Hangar 18, Holy Wars, Tornado of Souls, Rust in Peace... Polaris - all great songs. This akbum has some of the best riffs and guitar solos ever written, Marty Friedman and Dave Mustaine really show what they can do in this album!

Simply the best.. Everything is amazing about this album and I don't think anyone can do any better..

Anyone who knows about musical theory will know that this album totally cleans the floor with Master of Puppets; it's more complex, it has better riffs and solos, it's more technical, better lyrics, this deservers #1. - Roy_Aspiros

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2Master of Puppets - Metallica

Had to go with this one, but it was a HARD choice. Most of the albums here are either from Megadeth, Metallica or Slayer, which are my favorite thrash metal bands. But I have to say Master of Puppets is a masterpeice, from beginning to end.

Metallica for the win! They are the band who basically started trash metal, so how can one of their albums not be the best?! Master of Puppets is The Ultimate Trash metal Masterpiece, no doubt in that. Even on official lists it is number 1. But of course all Megadeath fans will vote so that Metallica is not first...

Can't really choose between Master of Puppets and Rust in Peace. Yet, if you listen Master of Puppets and Rust in Peace with someone who does not like thrash genre at all, will go for Master of Puppets. That's why Master of Puppets is the most special one among the list in my humble opinion.

I miss Cliff Burton; after Mustaine separated, Cliff became the heart and soul of Metallica.

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3Reign in Blood - Slayer

Hey Guys, are you really voting the most overrated band in history (Metallica) over Slayer?! I've seen more retarded fanboys here than how much Children of Bodom currently has! I was gonna vote for Rust in Piece but I can't help it but put this up at #2. Master of Puppets doesn't even HAVE an awesome guitar solo! END OF RANT

Master of Puppets has multiple guitar solos which are amazing...

Thrash is the epitome of intensity, an NOTHING comes closer to this absolute masterpiece, the best thrash album hands down. Slayer is order through chaos, no-one combined thrash and punk like them. This is not meant to be liked, it just simply is, the band did not give a flying care about what people thought of their music.

I'm a bigger Metallica fan than I am a slayer fan but come on just listen to it, probably the most heavy thrash album its intense and out right scary.

Cause SLAYER kicks ass

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4Ride The Lightning - Metallica

If Metallica fans weren't split over Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning, Metallica would easily take back #1. Tornado of Souls is the only truly great song on Rust in Peace, but the two Metallica albums I mentioned have many amazing songs.

Tornado of souls is one of many great songs on that album. The guitar work is far superior to any Metallica album.

Metallica at their best.

After years of listening to thrash, I have to say Ride the Lightning is one of the few albums that I can listen to millions of times and never get bored. -

Metallica's best album. Every song is good. You can listen through the whole album.

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5Bonded by Blood - Exodus

I just listened to the whole album for the first time. It changed my views of this list. This album is better than Megadeth by a long shot.

Awesome old school trash metal!

Thrash Metal classic, my personal favorite.
This masterpiece definitely deserves a higher place on this list. - Srbin

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6Kill 'Em All - Metallica

This is really the only Metallica album I would classify as thrash. Metallica doesn't generally fit any specific genre. They are so amazing that they honestly have their own genre... Kill Em All is amazing though. Best thrash album ever.

Pure Thrash. By the way- it seems it has become "cool" to hate on Metallica. It's not.

Best thrash album
Best Metallica album
And one of the best albums in general.

Best album ever, yet so underrated - gemcloben

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7Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? - Megadeth

This album is very unique in many ways jazz fusion meets Dave's crazy riffs. Amazing solos and tuned 1/4 step down -- crazy stuff and way ahead of it's time.

The most influential thrash album ever made. Mustaine's rhythms r mind blowing and the riffs are face melting!

Thrash metal masterpiece. This album is the gold standard for the genre.

One of the best thrash albums.

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8Among the Living - Anthrax

Incredible album. Joey Belladonna is the best thrash metal singer and this album is just amazing!

The most underrated band of the "Big 4". This is my favorite thrash album next tied with Reign in Blood

Sad that Anthrax have always been regarded the 4th of the big 4. The riffs on this album kick ass - sextysex

9Beneath the Remains - Sepultura

I thought I would see Kreator and Testament albums at top but all Metallica, Metallica, Metallica and Metallica! - GREYBOYY

10The New Order - Testament

Ok. I believe Rust in Peace is by far the greatest metal album ever and deserves its place at number one. However, I voted for The New Order because it is WAY too low on here and should be recognized as an amazing thrash album. Honestly people, those albums in the top ten are great, but this needs to replace and justice for all in terms of thrash. If I could only listen to five albums for the rest of my life, this would be one of them. So I would therefore put it in the top ten.

Seriously, too much Metallica on here and not enough Testament. Somebody fix this before I lose my faith in fellow thrash fans who voted on here.

This album should be a staple in any fan of thrash metal's diet...

Is this seriously under anthrax and sepultura?

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?Ignorance - Sacred Reich
?Eternal Devastation - Destruction
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11Pleasure To Kill - Kreator

Absolute raw in-your-face brutality. Nothing can beat this thrash beast. It tackles RiB down and owns it.

So you thought Reign In Blood was brutal? Dude, you didn't hear anything. This album delivers more aggresivness than any Slayer's in their entire carrer. It's so insane you will love it. Just listen to it, will completly change your view of thrash metal for good.

Wow, when I clicked on this list I thought I would see this in the top 3, if this album wasnt, Death Metal would'nt exist,how Kreater's Pleasure To Kill is not in top 3? - GREYBOYY

12...And Justice for All - Metallica

I think this album deserves much better place. I feel that everybody has kind of overlooked it because there is no cliff and bass is very quiet and the production is not that good, but I actually like itbecause it makes unic sound to it. If you listen to the actual music it is band's best performance to this day. Best solos from metallica, best singing, hands down best drumming and the riffs are magic. I ask everybody to have it honest listen before judging it. Sorry for my english.

No better thrash album than... reign in blood! Second is RUST IN PEACE! I know Metallica Fans Hate me for this post, I�'m Sorry, just my own opinion. Dave Mustaine is not overrated, he�'s the best. "without him there is no Metallica and there maybe is no thrash metal at all" Scott ian ones said. you can watch it on YouTube. the video is called "What other bands think about dave mustaine? "

This album kills rust in peace. People give Dave Mustaine way to much credit then he deserves for the little baby bit he did for Metallica. - Sabbath

This belongs above any Megadeth album in my opinion - Sabbath

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13Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer

Reign In Blood should be #1, and Seasons #2.

This should be #2.
Reign In Blood should be #1.

14The Years of Decay - Overkill

Very underrated band and album. Stop wasting your money on Metallica's crap. Buy real deal

Most consistent thrash metal band I've heard

This is an amazing thrash metal album

15Extreme Aggression - Kreator
16Alice in Hell - Annihilator

Excellent technical thrash - fast, technical and sophisticated riffs and solos.
By the way, not only Annihilator's album but also the albums by Dark Angel and Coroner are flawless and should be in the top 10. - Metal_Treasure

Best late 80s Thrash Album ever! Along with Overkills Years of Decay!

17Release From Agony - Destruction
18Handle With Care - Nuclear Assault
19Schizophrenia - Sepultura
20Arise - Sepultura

Really! Please, just listen to songs like Dead Embrionics Cells, Orgasmatron, Arise, Desperate Cry. This is the best album of Sepultura definitely. - JrG

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