Best Thrash Metal Bands of the 1980s


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1MetallicaMetallica is an American Heavy Metal band formed in 1981. The original lineup was James Hetfield (Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist) Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitar) Lars Ulrich (Drums) Ron McGovney (Bassist) The group came into mainstream from their Self-Titled album and the hit single "Enter Sandman". more.

What's up with this site? What is wrong with all you Metallica haters. Listen to me now people have been complaining to them ever since they released the official video of one (which kicked as). Metallica had the balls to do whatever they felt like and still be number 1 with the great death magnetic so stop hating

James sings like he is going to soil himself and Lars can't drum. The lyrics are stupid. The only thing they ever had was Cliff.

Metallica was the best thrash band of the 80's Megadeth was weak compared to Metallica in the 80's. Stop voting for cheesy Megadeth. Dave mustaine even knows Metallica beat then in the 80's

Megadeth's albums in this time were not so great. But Metallica's first 4 were amazing. Kept thrash metal alive.

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Metallica was at its best in the 80s so they deserve to be #1. But Megadeth is the best Thrash Metal band of all time. - velitelcabal

Ok, most people would have Metallica but please remember this is down to personal preferance - pennylagwaberurier

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Great live band. No one at the time (mid to late 80s) were better. Period.


Ha these guys know how to have fun

Yeah, they are good.


Best thrash band hands down

7Metal Church

Their sound was way ahead of what anyone else was doing in 1985. David Wayne was my favorite vocalist of the Genre during that era.

Metal Church kicks ass. Every album and every song is at least good and most are excellent. No B side crap.

9Nuclear Assault

Just fkn great band tell me someone can drumming better than glen and they have subjects real subjects you can feel them listen to their albums like handle with care and game over specially fight to be free and from the 80 s ranking nuclear assault should be in the top 3


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11Dark Angel

A very underrated technical thrash band that put out some killer stuff. R.I.P. and Punishment for Decadence ruled but they finally peaked on the incredible No More Color. Mental Vortex was a bit of a step back in that the songs were a bit more straight forward and then Grin should be retitled Frown.

13Death Angel
14Dead Horse

Great and that put out a thrash/punk/Motorhead-like EP and then peaked with Expurse of Sodomy, Persecution Mania and Agent Orange.

16KreatorV1 Comment
19Sacred Reich
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