Best Thrillers of 90s


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The Top Ten

The Silence of the Lambs

Se7en is a masterpiece by David Fincher. The intensity of the film keeps increasing with every scene. A must-watch!

3Fight Club

Seriously, one of the best thrillers of the 90's. I just watched this movie again yesterday - I am slightly obsessed.

The best horror movie I have seen. This is what started up horror movies again. Best Wes Craven movie by far!
I love the 90s and this movie screams the 90s in a great scary movie.

6Extreme Measures

7Basic Instinct

8The Net

9The Sixth Sense

10No Place to Hide

The Contenders

11Point of No Return
Love this movie - own it on blue ray because it is THAT good. For some reason I just love 90's thrillers like this and Sleeping with the Enemy. Better actresses maybe?

12The Firm

13U Turn

14L.A. Confidential

15Body of Evidence

What a film. Top notch acting, suspense beautifully laid out and script written with razor sharp intensity. Ron Howard did an amazing job with it.

17Cop Land


1912 Monkeys

20Poison Ivy

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