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1Written In the Stars

Awesome and famous song, it is also the theme song for the most electrifying event in history! WWE WrestleMania 27th anniversary!

Just awesome... Listening 50 times a day...
I like this singer... And Obviously Erik Turner... Both of their chemistry... Was excellent... I loved this song very much... Please... Request to... Compose this type of song...

Why is the crappy remix ahead of this the original!? Listen to the samples and tell me which one is better. This is number 1. Easily.

I like this song because after listening this song I got I got inspiration to do something new...

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2Pass Out

Pass Out, Miami 2 Ibiza and Written In Stars are all fantastic songs but I think Pass Out is the best because he sounds better, bigger attitude and the part at the end with the sped up bit.

Although all his songs are good, I think this is his best one. I like his lyrics and I think that Labrinth couldn't have made the song any more excellent. This song focuses more on him, in "Written in the Stars" if Eric Turner wasn't in it, it would not have been as popular( not hating on it). - Frequent Music Listener's Opinion.

Wow I really do love the attitude so far! He hasn't shown this attitude in any other of his songs and that's why I'm so surprised. I am a new Tinie Tempah fan and so far I am really enjoying listening to him. I also like Till I'm Gone because that is very good as well and so is Written In the Stars and Miami 2 Ibiza.

Love it! 2nd favorite song! Miami 2 Ibiza is my favorite

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Best song ever kelly rowland is amazing and so is tinie tempah. Tinie always impresses. Best rapper eve - benq

Inspirational, Kelly Rowland does a great job and has a perfect voice to compliment Tinie Tempah's. Beautiful song and beautiful lyrics. Great job!

This is highly motivating...
No matter where we are, no matter just how far our paths may lead
We don't need no shields 'because love is the only armour we need
We're invincible (we are), Invincible (you are)
Awesome :-)

Awesome song

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Wonderful Song, I Love This Song. One Of The Best Songs Ever By Tinie Tempah

You stink Tinie tempah

Love this song and how it sounds so retro,one of my fave Tinie Tempah songs!


MUCH better than the annoying Pass Out, should be either first or second.

Awesome music and a great song overall

This one is really really better than pass out
This should be at least on no.3

6Miami 2 Ibiza

THIS SONG IS AMAZING! I love the way this song starts out nice and simple with Tinie Tempah singing and then the bass kicks in (and that's when you know this is a good song)and finally the awesome build up into the sexy beat by SHM. The video clip is also sexy as hell!

One of my fave tinie tempah songs! I'm one of his biggest fans, I love drinking from the bottle, with Calvin Harris, and til I'm gone with wiz khalifa. But, by far this is one of the most amazing songs he has ever performed!

One of the best build ups I have ever heard in a song in my life! Tinie Tempah's voice is just perfect for this song and I'm glad Swedish House Mafia chose him for this song

My favourite song ever! Love Pass Out too. Tinie Tempah is probably my favourite artist. Could listen to this song 1000 times and still not be bored of it!

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7T'ill I'm Gone

Him and Wiz are phenomenal, easily best or close to it on the album. Tight beat, ill lyrics, and a chorus that gets stuck in your head

This song is EPIC! The chorus is really good to sing along to and the versus are great. Its a new song but it should be in the top three but I can not stand that written in the stars (remix) is first IT SHOULDN'T BE FIRST!

Number 1 - I've listened to all of the cuts by Tinie and this is most definitely the best. His swag is tight and his lyrics confident. Represent.

BEST song of tinie

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8Children of the Sun

How is this not in the top 3? Everything about it is amazing, the chorus, the beat, the video and the lyrics. It's very catchy and impossible to get tired of. My favourite song, it has been on the top of my playlist for a really long time, and it's not going down anytime soon.

Dude this must on number 1 or 2...

Great Song Love It and Great Hook By John Martin

I love this song to bits! - sryanbruen

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10Lover Not a Fighter

Amazing song, so catchy. Should be in top 5

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?Turn the Music Louder

Best song in my opinion. Could listen to it for hours!

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Tinies best song by far. The problem is most people haven't listened to it. Earthquake so catchy and amazing lyrics.

Best song with the best artists, the best chorus and of course, the best beat. Has to be number 1 because it is just all out the best song by him yay!

Amazing beat that makes me feel like dancing every time I hear it. Labryith and Tinie are PERFECT together and I really hope they do another collaboration one day!

Earth quake is much better than written in the stars

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The best of Tinie Tempah.. Should be in 2nd place!


I really love this song. 2 chainz is beast in it.

14Just a Little
15Simply Unstoppable

This sing is so under rated because it has good lyrics and the remix sound awesome.

This song makes me feel more alive than ever.

16Love Suicide

New very great song of tinie tempah which highly deserve to be on this list

This guy really is unstoppable

17Game Over

It was laugh out loud

18Drinking From the Bottle

This is a great song!

This song deserves a much better position in this list. Do listen to this song and decide on your own.

19Eyes Wide Shut
20You Know What
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