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1Made to Love

This song gets me up and going. It makes me remember that God is there to help you out along your path. I would recamend this song to non- believers to get them excited about God

This song is just so catchy. TobyMac is a superb and talented singer. And the message the song gives is amazing. I love it!

This song reminds me to look back to the rock from where I was carved every time I stray. To get back on track and to the purpose of my existence.

Best song. No contest.

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2City On Our Knees

City on our knees is dedicated to the slaves in America and I appreciate it

I like how it was first slow then goes a bit faster and it seems so cool...

Awesome! Makes me want to sing along.

I like the beat and the message of this song!

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3Me Without You

Simply best song. Listen it once you will surely thumbs up for this comment.

I am such a mess being me without YOU!

Most unique and modern of his songs

This is actually my second favorite song. First goes to Made To Love, but bravo, tobyMac! Pulls out another amazing song!

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4Lose My Soul

Mandisa and Kirk Franklin are in this one.

I think Lose My Soul should be higher on the list!

Great Christian rap song. Should go to # 1.

I agree should be number one

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5Steal My Show

I love your song I am your best fan

Let God take the show once in awhile... It's amazing! I love it!

I love this song I jump up and sing it all the time

Makes me want to let God show me the way!

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Great song, should be so much higher in the list, catchy beat, leaves you always wanting more.

You are really kidding right ignition have got everything from amazing chorus great vocal to incredible rap and drum beats 27 is not a rank 4 such an aming song

It's fine... Just annoying if all you do is shuffle tobyMac songs... Oh my gosh I just heard myself out loud. I'm such a loser.

Prefer his other songs

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7Speak Life

My god it's so awesome every time I hear it I can't stop singing it.

Speak life rocks! It makes me feel like there will always be people speaking out for those who are mistreated.

Makes me jump up and sing every time I here it

This should be the number one song, because it's so true

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8Extreme Days
9Get Back Up

This is the best song from Tobymac. It has awesome lyrics and music!

I really love this song. Highly inspirational

Its been my favourite song for so many years. It gets me pumped up.

This song tells me to get back up after I fall! Toby Mac is one of the best singers ever!

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10The Slam

One of the best songs I've ever heard. Got awesome rap and chorus. Makes me full of energy.

I like "Do You Know", too, but this one is better because it is a harder rock-type song.

The best TobyMac song of the last decade.

Best song of TobyMac ever.

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?Like a Match

Very high beat and exciting

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11I'm for You
12Burn for You

Easily my favorite song Tobey's solo career. Comes off to me as the perfect blend of classic dc Talk and modern tobyMac.

This song is one of my favorites. I can't say I like it more than made to love or city on our knees but I felt that it should definitely be up in the charts. We'll see if the new Eye On It cd can beat this classic Toby

This is my top favorite song!

And now that song is stuck in my head. - RiverClanRocks

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This was one of my favorite songs when I was younger, and it brings back some fond memories.

One of the top 5 songs of all time.

14Eye On It

This song makes you want to dance until you FALLOUT at dawn! This song is awesome!

This should at least be in the top 10!

This song is addicting! - RiverClanRocks

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The order should be...

1. Boomin'
2. Get Back Up
3. Lose My Soul
4. Made To Love
5. City On Our Knees
6. Phenomenon
7. Gone
8. Get This Party Started
9. Hey Devil
10. Tonight

Also should be very high on the list - anonymous1


How in the world is this song not in the top 3?

I love every TobyMac song I have ever heard. Great voice and awesome music. But I think that Tonight is notas good as Tonight ft. John Cooper from Skillet. It is an amazing song by itself but with John Cooper in it, it just makes it that much more amazing. I love it. Even the songs with his son Truett (Tru-Dog) are awesome.

18Lose Myself
19One World
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