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41Wir Sterben Niemals Aus

A list of Tokio Hotel's "best" songs is meaningless to me if this isn't in the top three. The fact that it has been completely overlooked is in my opinion completely wrong. Zimmer 483 is by far the best album Tokio Hotel ever put out, and this song is by far the song that should define who they are as a band. That about sums it up.

This is, literally, the song that defines the band. How the hell is this at 32? It's their best song by a mile.

42Jung Und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei

The best song ever! Ironically, it reminds me of my childhood. Besides, it's so catchy! Just love love love this.

43Freunde Bleiben

Absolutely amazing! Great to listen to when you're feeling down because of someone!

Let's please not be friends anymore) best line of insults for any of their German songs I love it, sing it my my prefoes

44Spring nicht

Best tokio hotel song ever

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46Girl Got a Gun

I think this is the best KOS song!

47Madchen aus dem All
48Hey Du

Best German song of theirs

50Zoom Into Me

When you can't breath ill be there zoom into me

51Forgotten Children
52Kings of Suburbia
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