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61 Intolerance

I love the drumming when it says you lie cheat steal its just straight out amazing

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62 Sweat

Really? If you haven't heard this song, really suggest it,...really? 50th spot?

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63 Hooker with a Penis

This song should be higher up in the list! It's a really great song to just get pumped up to for either gym or any other sport.

I know the name of the song might throw some people off but, you should never judge a song by its title and any tool fans wil know its classic tool.

This should be way higher in the list, it has the qualities in a song that I would like to see in every band with alternative lyrics and great beat, defiantly one of my favorite songs by tool

Great song, but 30th place? I know how hard it is to pick your favorite tool song, but hooker with a penis should not be all the way down here. this song shows that tool can get insulted and make a hit song about it.

Man, this is at least top 15

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64 Learn to Swim

This song is better than lateralus

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65 Maynard's D***

This is such a catchy song by the way. that isn't usually what I look for in a tool song, but it is good!

Does anyone else wish this song was like 20 minutes long?
(minutes... not inches :P)

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66 (-) Ions
67 Intermission

Can't have jimmy without this hilarious mid album break or "intermission"

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68 Die Eier Von Satan

It's not really a song I just thinks is smart to talk in I. German and make it sound like a Nazi hate speech when really he's talking about baking cookies x3

It' a song by a metal band about baking cookies without eggs in German. Can't get better than that.

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