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Not just Best Toto Song. It's one of the best songs ever made. Amazing vocals, instrumental and live performance
Best song love it the start middle and end melody is lovely amazing


No Question - Best song of this group! Makes me want to go to Africa big time...! From a North American "oldster"...

[Newest]Just saw them live. Africa is still the best song and of course they saved it for the last because they know it too.

2Hold the Line
A song with all the elements to be a great song : guitar, beautiful voice, rhythm, piano,...
Unlike Africa, THIS is the song that best sumarizes what Toto is. Africa is excellent, brilliant! But has to be behind Hold The Line.
Their first single managed to be a great hit


[Newest]Great song so much better the Africa

Best song ever
I find it by listen some garage band in a park
My skin and the heart from all my body change when I listened it.
The only bad thing is that is so long
This song should be number 2 love the piano/guitar solo bit in the song the lyrics are amaizng and the druming and bass are amazing


I still listen to this song and feels like I'm hearing it for the first time! Never gets old!
[Newest]This song is everything Toto. Big production, unbelievable instrumentals, great vocals by both Steve and Bobby.

4Stop Loving You

5I'll Be Over You
This should be number two. Beautifully sad!
It stop man anger
I love this song!

6Make Believe
The heart of vice city: emotion 98.3

7I Won't Hold You Back
Greatest ballad of all time. Luke's vocals and songwriting at their best. Always was ironic to have one of rock's greatest Axe Men singing a live song like this one.
Everything about this song is great! The lyrics and Steve's voice move my soul!
A classic in my book, vocals are tremendous and soulful,.. Please put it on replay for me.

8I'll Supply the Love
It has a nice pop and rock beat to it that makes it a very good song to listen to. Definitely Toto all over this song.

9Stranger in Town
Great song they don't play many of their best songs live
Loved the video. I had this on 45 and played it over and over.

The begining of this song was brilliant

The Contenders

11Georgy Porgy
What to say, an excellent song, putting the emphasis on the wonderful rhythm section that characterized Toto from its inception. Possibly the funkiest, smoothest hit by the band.
The more funky side of toto!
They were better doing the blue eyed soul thing than the soft 80s pop rock thing. great tune.

12Only the Children
This should've been the 1st single from the seventh one album, It shows what Toto sounds like live in concert, Plus it's got "Hit" written all over it! But the record company made them release "Pamala" which sounded too much like "Can't stop loving you", The band wanted to do more then ballads!
Actually a really great song. Why don't they play it on stage.
One of the best songs! Everyone should use it as their ringingsound as I do :-)) I love it!

13Don't Chain My Heart


15Gypsy Train
One of their best tunes of all time. I lve Luke's axe work along with Jeff's drms. Very cool.

This is top 10, no idea why "I will remember you" din't even make your list?

When I close my eyes and listen to this song, I feel totally relaxed. In my eyes Totos best song.

18I Will Remember
This one should be in top ten, at least. Good text, great melody and arrangement, top production.

19Afraid of Love

20Child's Anthem

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