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21 Hydra Hydra

The opening to what could have been a great prog concept album if they hadn't 'chickened out' after two tracks.

One of Toto's most Prog-Rock songs, Imagine a Metal version of Pink Floyd, Steve Lukather comes into his own on this classic, Even if it's a bit long it never feel's like it is, It takes you on this roller coaster ride! - michaeldouglaswright

22 Falling In Between Falling In Between

This song is just flat out awesome, it is the heavy side of Toto. Also it was amazing when they played it live at Chastain Park Amphitheatre.

23 English Eyes English Eyes

This is one of the best guitar riffs ever. I prefere Toto when they rock!

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24 Orphan
25 Straight for the Heart Straight for the Heart
26 Bottom of Your Soul Bottom of Your Soul
27 All Us Boys All Us Boys
28 All the Tears That Shine All the Tears That Shine
29 St. George and the Dragon St. George and the Dragon

Fantastic underrated song, great theme and melody plus brilliant guitar work. So glad it's going to be on the new live DVD.

30 Angela Angela

This song ends the awesome Toto (1) by rocking out.In fact the whole album rocks!

This song really rocks out...ending the awesome Toto(1) on a high note.

31 How Does It Feel How Does It Feel

Such tenderness from Steve Lukather in his word of vocals. It should've been his hit for Toto after Stranger in Town.

32 The Other Side The Other Side

One of my most favorite songs by toto of all time. Such hautingly great vocals by Luke

33 Home of the Brave Home of the Brave

It's a great song and I have no idea why it's not even on this list.

Toto rocks out big time...a really uplifting patriotic song!

Hey! Whats this... Not Even on the top ten...
This must be one of their best live-songs...

34 On the Run On the Run

This song is crazy good, It is a very difficult song to play on any instrument ( Believe me I would know). When I saw them live it was by far the best song that they played. Rock on Toto!

35 Holyanna Holyanna V 1 Comment
36 Caught In the Balance Caught In the Balance
37 Love Has the Power Love Has the Power
38 Could This Be Love Could This Be Love
39 Wings of Time Wings of Time
40 Only You Only You

How come so many songs of Toto are just hidden from people? There are so many of them that are truly masterpieces. - EdwardArtwood

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