Best Trans Siberian Orchestra Songs

A top list that reflects the majesty of Trans Siberian Orchestra (ex Savatage).

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1Christmas Eve Sarajevo

His voice is outstanding.

This is a great song and touches my heart.

3A Mad Russian's Christmas
4Promises to Keep.

This song is so beautiful it makes me cry every time I hear it.

This song is hauntingly Beautiful.

5Old City Bar

Such a touching Story about the magic of christmas

Great Story and message, A truly great song.

6O' Come All Ye Faithful / O' Holy Night
7Wizards of Winter

It really makes the Holiday season listening to an upbeat, good songs such as this one.

8A Star to Follow
10This Christmas Day

The Newcomers

?Ring Christmas Bells

Wow this one is my favorite because it was the first song listened to from Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This song is SUCH BLISS! This song is amazing for its electric guitar and violin-like instruments.

?The Prince of Peace
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The Contenders

12Night Castle
13An Angel Returned
15What Child Is This?

Absolutely. The last three minutes of their lyrics are even better than the beginning.

16An Angel Came Down

A truly beautiful song

17Dreams We Conceive
18The Safest Way Into Tomorrow
19There Was a Life
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