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21 Black

Really? 36? You people can do a lot better than that! Black is the best. By far the best! - Jetticus12

Most Underrated Trivium song, Awesome riff, Awesome Lyrics, Awesome Vocals.

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22 Until the World Goes Cold

This song is a masterpiece. A slow, chugging groove, with a hell of a consistent drum beat backing up the guitars. It isn't the fastest song in their catalogue, however, the lyrics are wonderful and the instruments build off one another.

Just an amazing song which will make you realize that metal bands can make a slow song which can beat all other singers songs.

Just what trivium was missing. A greatly vocalized song. Soft but well thought!

Love love love this song!

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23 Becoming the Dragon Becoming the Dragon

This song is just enourmous. It starts off like a surge of dragon fire and ends like the most powerful dragon roar the universe has ever witnessed. The thrashy verses, the heavy chorus and the absolutely bone-crushing bridge along with the thunderous bass solo at the end makes it such an amazing piece of METAL that it deserves without doubt #1 spot on the list.

24 Entrance of the Conflagration Entrance of the Conflagration

This needs to be higher! Way higher! This song is so thrash like and its amazing. The solos, the riffing, the vocals, everything is great

How is this song 34th? Its solos are amazing

How is this 27? the opening riff is a monster! and the hole song is an absolute thrasher!

25 Through Blood and Dirt and Bone Through Blood and Dirt and Bone

Awesome guitar work at the beginning! One of my favorites

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26 Anthem (We are the Fire) Anthem (We are the Fire)

Number 18 this song should be in the top 10, because when I listen to trivium I always seem to say (we are the fire). It is the number 1 song by trivium

Probably my favorite it reminds me of classic awesome 80's thrash

27 Suffocating Sight Suffocating Sight

Underrated. The screams toward the solo is chilling and epic. Should be at least top 10.

Amazing Breakdown, Totally metalcore, way better than Dying in your arms. This should be in top 3.

This is just a brilliant song, the speed and power of the screaming is tremendous!

28 Rain Rain

Awesome! I wake up to this song every day! Gets me up every time. YEAH!

I thought this song was WAY more popular than it is. JUST LISTEN TO THAT BREAKDOWN! NUMBER 1 SONG FROM THE NUMBER 1 ALBUM.

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29 As I Am Exploding As I Am Exploding

Really good song, deserves to be way higher. Enough said

Love this song. Deserves more credit. This whole ablum does actually

30 No Way to Heal

What a monster of a track - brilliant guitar-work, insane bridge, and one of the best choruses Trivium has made. Way better than more than half of the tracks above it. Real pity

This is an awesome song doesn't deserve to be this low on the chart

31 The Deceived The Deceived

This is one of the best songs of trivium... Awesome intro, stupendous chorus, mind blowing breakdown and the solo will literally give you goose bumps... The best...

How this Is 33?

It should be in the top 3

This has song has everything!

This song has one of the best Chorus' Of the whole album

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32 Unrepentant Unrepentant
33 Of All These Yesterdays Of All These Yesterdays

This song always brings tears to my eyes, so many memories! This is definitely top 10 material. Vote this up people!

This not fair for this song in 48th rank. This song is different one and nice one.

34 My Hatred
35 Requiem Requiem

Listen to it and you'll never leave this apart in your life.
This is the best song in ember to inferno and it definitely deserves among 7th or 8th place.. Dying in your arms isn't that good.. This song surely takes over it..

This is all time favourite Trivium song, it's so good and deserves a higher spot

It should be up on the list, still can believe it, it's a very rhytmic song just awesome

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36 The Crusade The Crusade

can't believe this wasnt already here
this song is a journey

One of the best instrumental song ever made.

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37 Declaration Declaration

Such an epic song, everyone should love this! - 8724Evad

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38 Watch the World Burn Watch the World Burn

Awesome riff! An quite a good balance between screaming and singing. I recommend this song! This definitely needs to be higher on the list.

THIS SONGS NEEDS TO BE HIGHER! The chorus is perfect, and the guitar solo is so AWESOME! 00

Just sbsolutely perfect performance in this! Brillant solo, rhythm that stays in your head. Minimum Top 5!

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39 Shattering The Skies Above Shattering The Skies Above

Best trivium and metalcore song of all time nothing compares to it awesome riffs, drum solo, and guitar solo also the clip is very nice

No one thaught this song would be so good because it was the first song with Nick instead of Travis, even I was worried. That all changed when the song really kicked in. It is by far their best song. And I think the reason that it's all the way down here is because people haven't warmed to Nick yet.

Holy crap, what the hell is this song doing in 32nd place? I've been a fan of Trivium for god knows how long and I can tell you with full conviction that this song deserves a much much better place. Honestly I think it's simply a case of people not having heard this song because otherwise this song would have long been in the top 10 without a doubt.

Give it a listen. I guarantee you will be blown beyond belief. And then you'll wonder what in god's name this song is doing here

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40 Brave This Storm

I think this song needs to be higher because its guitar solos and lyrics.

The intro just hooks you and you are in for a ride

This is the song that got me in to trivium, may not be the best but is definitely one of my personal favourites

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