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41Dusk Dismantled

I don't think this song is one of triviums best songs, but very underrated though! - Flav

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42Vengeance Falls

The title track to there best album and although it not the best one the album it deserves some respect! - Messej

43If I Could Collapse the Masses
44This World Can't Tear Us Apart

It's such an amazing song and means so much to me and my big brother

45The Calamity
46Wake (The End is Nigh)

"With my hands around your throat." Definitely in my top ten.

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47Falling to Grey

One of the greatest I have heard. The lyrics, the guitar, and the voice. One of my best songs

The song is really good, specially the intro and chorus. One of my favorites.

The intro to this song is really cool. Check it out and please vote up..

48Inception of the End

Brilliant. Heavy guitars, Metal Riffs, Amazing screams, Harmonic Solo, Great Vocals. One of my favorites of all time.

Great song, should be a lot higher up.

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49Tread the Floods

I love this song, its got such a great rhythm to it and the lyrics always get me pumped up. This is one of the songs we blast in the locker room before football games.

50A Skyline's Severance

HEAVY ASS SONG, definitely one of the best songs from In Waves.

Seriously? 51? This song must be number 2! The last 1:18 minutes of this song is enough to be in the second rank. Come on!

The heaviness will blow your mind. Easily one of my favourites, and perhaps Trivium's heaviest song. The only reason this song is 54th is that people haven't heard of it. Seriously, listen to it. You'll be glad you did.

Absolute banger of a tune! 2nd only after in waves!

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51And Sadness Will SearV1 Comment
52Washing Me Away in the Tides

I'm sorry but this is their best song. Why is it not even on the list?

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54He Who Spawned the Furies

Love this song awesome guitar riffs it defineatly deserves to be higer up on the list

55When All Light Dies

This song is amazing... The outro gives me goosebumps every single time... This is the reason that trivium are the only metalcore band I like.

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56To the Rats

Best Trivium song, amazing riffs, solos, vocals... Everything's perfect! The crusade is, by far, their best album ever!

57Like Callisto to a Star In Heaven

This song is truly underrated and even I took some to notice it over the other songs in Shogun.
Firstly the lyrical content is powerful and eery, really suiting the mythology it's based on.
Then the guitar throughout is really catchy and precise, with some good pace to the verses. The chorus is my favourite part and I always want to sing along.
Give this song a chance!

This song does such a great job at making the listeners live the tragedy behind Callisto's myth. Amazing and heavy riffs.

One of their underrated but very good song!

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The very first metal song I loved as a small kid and I still love this song. A masterpiece

Come on guys, this song has an amazing riff to it!
And the chorus is just majestic

59Chaos Reigns
60Blind Leading the Blind

So... This song has great guitar riffs and solos, and the vocals are amazing, and the lyrics too. It's just a fantastic song. And it is 68. on this list. Just WHAT?!

The chorus has been stuck in my head for over a month...

Had to vote up because way too low on the list

This is way too low. Lol gotta vote for this.

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