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The Top Ten

Heart of Courage
The way this song builds up is just amazing. I first heard it on a living planet commercial and thought I it was awesome so later my dad found it and we bought the song (dad is a little hard to please with songs).
This song is great! Though, there is a lot of others I like... But sadly they are not on this list Still, Heart of Courage is awesome. I could listen to it time and time again. In fact this is what will be playing at my funeral. Two steps from hell rocks!
This song is perfect to what I like. It has a good, fast beat. The music is LOUD. The music is epic. It sounds like a hero, trying to conquer the hell this band is about. Gathering up courage for the eventually epic fight. Truly a song from the gods.
[Newest]One song the accelerates the adrenaline rush in veins

2Protectors of the Earth
This song just makes my heart go numb and broken. It feels as if I had got goose bumps. It always gives me the strength the hope the courage and the will of fire to go and face any problems and to be able to succeed them and fight them to the very end
When listening to this with my eyes closed, all I can think of is me, leading an army into battle, sword in hand, charging against Satan's army. I confront Satan, the battle still raging in the background, as our blades clash, causing a great and fiery twang sound, until my sword cleanly cuts his head, I catch it, and raise it to everyone. The fighting stops, and all kneel before me, forever knowing me as the ultimate protector of Earth.
It is best song ever. I for first listen it in Mass Effect 3 and it is best.
[Newest]Its to good to be just second

Featured in the PS4 commercial... Stunning piece! It starts off quiet and each version of the melody builds up, until it reaches an incredible climax of vocals and horns. One of the best pieces I have ever heard...
Gotta love Skyworld and this song is one of the best from the album.
This song gets me every time
[Newest]Blackheart is a piece which slowly builds up to the best song ever.

Its super awesome and epic at the same time its fast paced.. Makes me think of Avenged Sevenfold crossed over with Pirates Of The CARIBBEAN
Its a magestic song, wich express something that no every symphonic song can express, what I'm trying to say is that the song express that pure majesticness that people is looking on a song without being too complex.
Its such an awesome and the best energy releaser... Kind of gets you into such a real and different world... Mainly helps you to concentrate... You have to experience it to know it. Check it out
[Newest]Best of all time

5Dragon Rider
The best of the whole lot! It has so much power, passion, strength, and a great beat. Not that "Heart of Courage isn't good, it's excellent! But "Dragon Rider" will always top my list!
2 Minutes of glorious brilliance
I love this song! The first time I heard it, shivers went right though my body every few seconds. I was covered in goosebumps. I love them all, really, but this just has to be my favourite. Two steps from hell rocks!
[Newest]It just gets me so pumped up and happy!

What a epic song!
Best, no question. Archangel, do you even lift? This song really rocks, especially at the end of a workout.
I'm addicted to this song;). I love it, it's really fast and cheerful, magical... I can imagine a beautiful meadow, sunset... ^^
[Newest]This is one of those songs which make you wanna dance with those, closest to heart

7For the Win
This sound is really for the win. Great built for an ultimate finish battle. Amazing song.
Really is the best. go for the win it sound like heart of courage
This song is epic! It makes me feel awesome, whatever I don't know how to put it. Just too epic.
[Newest]Great song for a role playing game session.

8To Glory
This the ultimate epic song. There's just no other way to put it.
So epic you just can't take it.
Awesome epic battle music!
[Newest]The melody is legit

9Strength of a Thousand Men
An dynamic song with an awesome beat
If you're looking for the definition of epic, this is what you should be listening to! Awesome melody and tremendous rhythm.
READ: This song is by far one of the most amazing songs! This will make you push that last rep in, that last mile, or that last problem on your math test. I am telling you, this the reason why I love Epic Music! This song right here, is your ticket to epic completion!
[Newest]Turn up the volume while song goes and it's 10 times better than the others! God so epic!

10El Dorado
Great song from beginning to end. Has that south american feel to it, that builds into an epically paced blockbuster near the end.
It's just so awesome listening from two thirds of the way in. It's like you've just discovered a massive secret to the universe, somewhere on the planet from the movie Avatar.
Definitely agree that it has a South American feel to it (at least in my opinion). If I were about to embark on an epic treasure hunt or anything similar, this is what I would want playing in the background.
[Newest]Judging from the squeaky beginnings, I had low expectations from what the song would bring to the table. But Wow, After that first 20 seconds it is completely epic

The Contenders

11United We Stand, Divided We Fall
This song is intense. While other songs have a build up to the intense portion of the song and then fall off toward the end, this song gets you going from the 1-second mark. For example, Heart of Courage has a slow build up to an elating, yet simultaneously mono-paced, mid section before dying like a dog toward the end. When comparing these two - as well as comparing many others - United We Stand, Divided We Fall will almost always win because of its consistent intensity and ability to evoke a physical reaction within me like I'm getting ready to fight.
I've had trouble waking up to my alarm in the past, so I replaced it with this. Problem solved. It's hard to sleep when your whole body is convinced that the final chaotic battle for the fate of the cosmos is happening a few inches away on your nightstand, gilded with the crescendos of wailing angels. This needs to be number two behind To Glory.
The unrelenting intensity of this song is simply unparalleled. Tormented solos, heroic buildups, and defiant/relentless stretches of steady pacing all have their place in the genre of epic music, but this is not the song for them. This is the song for action.

12Norwegian Pirate
Tension, drama, momentum and joy. Epic dynamic piece.
Will conquer the sea alone without a pirate
Amazing mystery, wonder, and immense power in one song that I argue easily rivals Protectors of the Earth and Heart of Courage.

Not only is this song ' epic, it's one of the best motivational pieces TSFH has released. That's saying a lot considering some of the other awesome songs that have topped this list. It simply moves me in so many good ways.
The bass line half way through makes a flood of shivers charge down my spine. A truly amazing piece of music.
There is something magical about that song that makes it sound amazing

14Undying Love
This is probably the greatest Two Steps song ever.

15Freedom Fighters
Slow but unbelievably majestic. Buildup is super steady and the climax is prime. The loudest point reminds me of that last push in a competition that propels a team to victory. All around great song

16Ocean Kingdom
Seriously? Is Nick Phoenix's most popular song only at #18? There's more to TSFH than Thomas Bergensen, you know; try some of Nick Phoenix's songs.


This song is making its appearance everywhere lately and the music has a haunting and light-hearted quality to it. I've heard it in the trailers of Anna Karenina and Joss Whedon's film adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. There is a certain magic to it that you just can't deny! It is a perfect blend of epic triumph and refreshing innocence.
It's the perfect soundtrack for a special event the way it goes in crescendo. Nice and beautiful.
I instantly fell in love with this piece as soon as I heard it!

19Black Blade
Love the ending! Very fitting piece of art for a professional trailer. I have used it in my videos before, great piece of music, everyone should listen throughout the whole thing
Just the one. Simply a masterpiece in the all epic music world. I think the song is the more intense of the two steps from hell discography. The rising and the moment that the song explode is just... unbelievable. I have shivers each time I listen to it T. T
An amazing piece of music, gets your blood pumping and your heart pounding. I am surprised this piece is not further up the list. Also works very well in the Mass Effect 3 Cinematic trailer, well worth a view!
[Newest]The climax of this piece is very beautiful. Overall the piece is epic. This music is epic for putting into videos.


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