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21Final Frontier

This song is awesome, calm at the beginning to become very epic, it reminds me the greatness of the space and its void.

This should've been in the Interstellar soundtrack, not just the trailer lol

25Remember Me

This song makes me feel like I am on an epic journey that is testing the strength of my body mind and soul. Such a good song, one that starts off amazing and builds to even more amazing. - NymeriaWaters

This song is one of the best songs... ever... You have to hear the whole thing from beginning to end to understand. The sample simply doesn't capture it's epic. - JasonWolf727

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Just fits very well its name, getting more and more powerful.
A very deep track.

You get "chilled" when you listen to this track. Best name for the song and best song for the name.

The song begins with a soft snow flurry and builds into the most intense blizzard imaginable. This is an absolute masterpiece and will forever be my favorite TSFH song. So sad to see it this low on the list.

Should have been top 15

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28Ocean Kingdom

Seriously? Is Nick Phoenix's most popular song only at #18? There's more to TSFH than Thomas Bergensen, you know; try some of Nick Phoenix's songs.

29Love Suspended
30Across the Blood Water

This song is so good, severely underrated. - NymeriaWaters


This is too far down for such an epic song. Should be in the top 10

The most epic song. When I hear it, I imagine myself fighting thousands of enemies in fantasy world. Drums are the best in this song.

This song makes me feel invincible

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33Star Sky

One of the most romantic song I've ever heard.

A great song that made me through my GCSE's. If you need one to motivate you in completing your last bit of course work.

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I always listen to this when I want to be inspired, I just feel as though it lifts my spirits

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35Magic of Love

Whoa! What two steps music have I been listening to forever? This song is so good. - NymeriaWaters

This song is amazing! Its so uplifting, I'm suprised it isn't in the top 10

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36Love & Loss

Really? This was the first song I'd heard by them and it has always been my favorite.

Heart-pounding. Two Steps at its best.

37Fill My Heart

Makes me nearly cry, I listened to this while reading One Piece when the Merry Go died and I cried so hard!

38Empire of Angels

Empire of Angels ought to be #1! It is an injustice! It is far superior to Heart of Courage (unpopular opinion, I know)! The melody is incredibly beautiful and it builds spectacularly! It may be repetitive, but that is one of the things I like about it. It doesn't stray from it's incredible melody while not failing to increase in energy.

The catchy pairing of melody and beat suffers from repetition, but it benefits from glorious orchestration and the rousing syncopation of the finale; it is a memorable piece (albeit an ear-worm).

'seriously, THIS LOW? ' should be at least top 5

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39Rise Above

This song is just song is just so amazing, with the mix of different instruments/vocals, great melodies and buildups, and all around very deep.

Great song, deep and catchy, should be in Top 10.

40Sons of War

Very underrated song - could potentially beat heart of courage, it depends on the person's taste.

Underrated, it could beat Protectors of the Earth in some ways. Really depends on your tastes.

Can't believe that tis song is in the bottom

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