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41After the Fall

Seriously, THIS LOW? Top 5 at least?

THIS and Blackheart is the two most sad and beautiful songs of TSFH.


Jump is just awesome! Definitely not the best song. (Archangels or Aura no questions) but this needs to get higher up on this litle unfinished list.

Really good war song. Try playing dodgeball playing Blackheart in your head.

Marvelous combination of string instruments and electric guitar.

One of the new era songs (Area 51... ) for the use of electric guitar.

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Incredibly complete and brilliantly orchestrated song the rhythmic motif in string arpeggios is complexly syncopated and suspenseful, and the sliding dissonances build drama raw, dark chant punctuates the explosive brass and percussion above it runs the haunting choral melody of the Bulgarian folksong Ayshenko, pilya shareno these intense passages alternate with those in brass, namely a soaring refrain and swashbuckling bridge in the finale, ALL of these elements are integrated into a scintillating climax the dying echoes of drums deftly complete the experience.

With its abundance of vivid motifs and masterful orchestration, Starvation is a MASSIVE snub at 40.

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44Sun & Moon

Yeah the atmosphere is very special indeed!

This has a really special feeling.

45False King

This song is easily one of their best! The first song that bought me closer to this band!

Best of Two Steps from Hell without a doubt

Thirty eighth? Are you kidding me? Possibly one of their best songs.

This is clearly one of their best. Should be placed in top 10 list.


This song is so stunning, beautiful, moving. One of the greatest epic songs ever made. Why is is not higher? Unlike some of the other two steps songs, it doesn't have the awkward intro. It's all gorgeous.

This song is just beautiful... you can imagine a princess named Cassandra escaping from the palace she was forced to live into for her entire life. That moment of elegant freedom.

The voice of that woman on in this song alone should put this on the top 3. come on. Enough with the jokes. Listen to this song and then vote.

A new beautiful variety of epic music. This could actually be my wedding song!

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48He Who Brings the Night

This song remind me the awakening of a great monster, or the boss battle, then it seems turning to metal.

Did you hear those awesome drums?!? And that guitar! Love a lot of the other songs too though

49ImmortalImmortal is a black metal band from Bergen, Norway, founded in 1990 by frontman and guitarist Abbath Doom Occulta and former guitarist Demonaz Doom Occulta.

Immortal is a great song, but don't confuse it with "The Immortals" (which, by the way, is another epic song)

This is amazing. One of the best in my opinion

...How on earth is Immortal #50?! There's no way! This is for sure in the top #5 Two Steps From Hell songs ever! So epic - JasonWolf727

One of their best work

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The best! I would place it number 1

This is my absolute favorite from Two Steps From Hell.

Would absolute have in top 10. A better end song to a movie I cannot find. It just sets everything right no matter how bad everything has been. Total forgivness, letting go.

Lovely sound absolute, raises the spirit...

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51Master of Shadows

What the hell has everyone's sense of music gone nutss this deserves place in top 5
If you don't vote for it I will find you and I will kill you and then I will haunt your ghost

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52Could've Been

Close your eyes and feel the soothing harmony elicit your mind and evoke inner emotions.

53Flight of the Silverbird

This flute used in this song is beautiful. The rest is awesome too.

This is a beautiful piece even if you don't feel it as much as I do.

Very uplifting and should definitely be higher

The best music I have ever listened to.

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54Free Fall

Battlecry is one of their best albums! Unforgiven and all of Battlecry has been cheated by this list!

57Cannon in D Minor

BattleCry was amazing, and Cannon in D represents the best the album has to offer. It's wonderfully energetic and even the name is clever!

I feel like as a general rule, Battle Cry's non Victory song go underrated. This may not be the best, but it is definitely fantastic. - NymeriaWaters

Is the best song, it's so beautiful and charge me a lot. Is the best cannon in D Minor I've ever heard in my life.

So underrated...

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58Dark Harbor
59Enigmatic Soul

Very beautiful Song. One of their best in my opinion

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