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121 Portals Over Earth
122 Rada
123 Red Omen Red Omen
124 Asimov Asimov
125 Corruption
126 Dreammaker
127 False Flag
128 Flameheart

Maybe not their absolute best song, but definitely one of the most epic sounding ones TSFH has. Should be at least in the top 30

Awesome song, although I don't understand why on YouTube it's linked with coffe

Aww. The Coffee song is so low. It's pretty good, should be a little higher. - NymeriaWaters

129 God of Lightning

Amazing song with a fast beat, gets really powerful towards the end.

130 Homecoming

This song is beautiful. The chior and orchestra blend seamlessly, and create a truly uplifting melody.

131 Ironheart Ironheart
132 Kronos
133 Nemesis Nemesis
134 Never Forget
135 Orion
136 Promise
137 Sonera

Not exactly Two Steps From Hell, but rather part of the independent album Illusions made by Thomas Bergersen, who is part of Two Steps from Hell. It's unorthodox compared to some of the stuff on their main albums, but the singing is phenomenal, althought I'm not quite sure what language it is. A truly epic song.

138 Wind Queen
139 Age of Gods
140 All the Kings Horses All the Kings Horses
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