Top 10 Best Tyler the Creator Songs

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41 Window

Why in the hell is this not in the top 10.

One of the deepest songs

42 Splatter

This song is sick

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43 Rella Rella
44 B.S.D. V 1 Comment
45 Jack and the Beanstalk
46 Couch V 2 Comments
47 Keep Da O's Keep Da O's V 1 Comment
48 Okaga Ca Okaga Ca

Incredible beats with beautiful vocals plus flowing rap verses near the end. A work of pure genius.

This should be number 1. Outstanding musicianship in this song 10/10

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49 Analog Analog

Best song to me. Why is it all the way down here. It should b at least 10th.

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50 Slow It Down
51 Awkward Awkward

This Track Is The Most Soulful And Relatable Track By Tyler. Everyone Has Been Through He's Little Story in this track

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52 Fish

The start makes you feel that the rest of the song is going to be good
His flow I crazier than it usally is, shows his real rap talent.

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53 Old Toddlers

One of the catchiest, deepest, and most underrated songs he has made. Definitely needs to be top ten

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54 Session

Sickest beat out of the majority of his songs

Best song ever to me. It should be at the least top 15

55 Lone Lone

Definitely should be top 10. Really deep and very very catchy

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56 Trashwang Trashwang

How the hell is this not even top 20

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57 Pigs Pigs V 1 Comment
58 Wolf Wolf V 1 Comment
59 Deathcamp Deathcamp
60 Pigs Fly
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