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A. Combo of karate jujitsu Kempo Chinese boxing. Very street effective. Also known for being dirty and sadistic fighting

Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, Boxing, and Chinese Boxing.
Formed in 1947, it's the first traditional mixed martial art. Used to help train military and federal contractors, law enforcement, etc. This along with Krav Maga is what makes these guys such bad asses... Yet so low-key in public.

This is very good martial art I would like to introduse this type of art in india, shihan hasrat khan

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Sambo is a great form of martial art it uses throws, traps, and locks to knock down your opponent. There are different types sport, freestyle, and combat. Combat is more useful because it adds in kicks and punches also the stuff I listed above

Sambo is very useful for self-defense, it's way more useful than kwon do

Vladimir Putin does Sambo and Judo.

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The mother of all martial arts the most older and violent.


It has an unique style, which will consistently confuse your opponents. In consensus, capoeira is a dance and its better when its used as a synergy because it will complete that martial art more effeciently and faster! This makes unique because is a dance

Capoeira is by far the most acrobatic martial art and brings the most powerful blow the body can deliver. Kicks.

Incredible fusion of dance and combat. Nothing cooler than bringing down your opponent while dancing

Capoeira is best it uses every muscle in the body and also improves flexibility. I love capoeira

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Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the original/oldest style of Kung Fu so surly that's the true form of Kung Fu.

Shaolin (mi zong qaun) is a great system for a peaceful and clear mind ready for any attack without assuming- also deception plays a big part in this incredible art. I think it should be up there in the top ten most deadliest -especially if taught wright
Dane Tobias

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26Tai Chi

The basic idea of using the opponents strength to defeat your opponent. "nothing is softer than water, but nothing is stronger than water. All depending on the wind" & taichi is good for your health.

Great tipped of martial arts not the best but probera lay second best following kung fu

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It is an Indian martial art- one of the oldest martial arts in the world. No doubt it is the best, because-
1) Many ancient battles was won by the use of this martial art.
2) It is not only fighting- it is like flying fight
3) Various types of weapons like Axe, Bow and Arrow, sword, shield, sticks are used in this style. Even one can defeat his opponent ( who may be armed) only with a towel.
4) They chant mantras to increase their spiritual power.
5) Their combat techniques deals with flexible movements, jumps and pressure point strikes. No doubts they have the highest level of physical fitness and yoga is in their regular routine.
6) there is high level of medical knowledge of Ayurveda so their treatment do miracle.
7) More over all it teach us to always respect your opponent even if he is lying on ground.
For all these reasons, it is clear as daylight that Kalaripayattu is the greatest martial art in the world.

The origin of every martial arts it is an Indian art

Kalaripayattu tells you how to use any weapon plus how to fight against weapons and is the most deadliest

Best in the world

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28Tang Soo Do

Like Tae Kwon Do but much more emphasis on stances and power

My children have just started this class and they love it.

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This is very underrated and it's fun I love it - Sabbath


Kenpo is very underrated, and given very little credit at all. However if you study many martial arts forms you'll see if mastered, kenpo has a very well put together background, technique, and form. Compared to more popular martial art style's it is superb.

Very useful martial art for self defense, and self esteem.

I am a white belt in kenpo and I think it is the best! It is a very effective martial for self-defense and gave me greater self-esteem!
The techniques used in kenpo are best for street situation...On top on that I had anxiety
Before I started and now I feel much better!

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If you like samurai sword and would like to now how to new one well kendo will show you how

32Stick Fighting

Are you serious?
in first place you may think: this isn't a fightingstyle
but in second place it is (without all those power attacks)

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When we talk about combat and Indians, we start envisaging the Sikhs, powerful and raw power. Gatka originated in Punjab and features skillful use of weapons, especially swords.

It gives you total control over your body and brain
It's lethal
1 can handle much bigger no

The art of Sikh warriors! (samurai + karteka are cool though as well)

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In Shotokan the technique of fight is elosiveness, hit and back... Moreover the punches are so powerful... The kicks are based on full technique... So they are very powerful and safe... Take an example of muay thai where the shin bone strikes to other person shin bone... So there are chances you broke your shin bone or the other one but in Shotokan feet is used... Which has combinatiotion of bones... And feet is wider so the chance of break is less.

Shotokan is d best, it incorporates punches, kicks in to one fluid movement and is effective

You have clearly never trained may thai


This is Greatest martial arts in the would - (Jackie chan) said that

Wushu is one of the best style of martial art that a person can rely on, it teaches all the fundamental way of fighting without fear.

Wushu is the best and most powerful martial art in the world...

Put wushu in top 1

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Modified to fit American build


Focuses on targeting the weak areas on your opponents. Unparalleled, especially since it is used by the toughest special forces in the world, SPETSNAZ.

Russian martial art that focuses on mental state also...unlike your Hollywood karate and other belt oriented arts.

One of the best special forces martial art to kill.


It was swordsmanship style of the samurai it was used on the battlefield and older art than kendo. It meant the method or technique of the sword as ken means way of the sword.

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40Muay Boran

Muay boran is one of the best martial arts in history!

It's the deadliest fighting of the world. If used correctly it can kill.

Muay boran is the parent of muay thai. It is more vicious than muay thai. It uses head as the 9th weapon. I learn kung fu along with muay Thai and boran. Muay boran should be in 1st or 2nd.

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